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Stencil Decals for Spitfire Mk.IX - 1:72 Eduard

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Stencil Decals for Spitfire Mk.IX

1:72 Eduard




This set sees Eduard continue their line of stencil decals with a set for their superb new Spitfire Mk.IX kit. This is a generic set which should be suitable for all Mk.IXs. The sheet is very comprehensive and as you would expect, includes a full set of stencils for the airframe. The sheet is actually the same as that provided in the Profipack edition of the new kit, so you won't need to buy this set if you already have that particular version (good bit of Britmodeller consumer advice there)






As with their other recent sheets, these decals appear to have been printed in the Czech Republic by Eduard themselves. The sheet is well printed and details are crisp and clear. If you have one of Eduard's great new Spitfires and you have the patience to apply all of these stencils, then this sheet will provide you with a great finishing touch.




Review sample courtesy of logo.gif





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