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Hi there. I've recently started this kit and thought why not share it.
This is one of MPM's boxings of the DC-2. The kit has been released under various options, and I chose the Finnish one as the serial code is the same as my initials. This kit has also been built there.


First up box art, which doesn't show the one I'm doing. :fraidnot:
As this is basically a short run kit, get ready for a lot of planning/test fitting/filling/sanding. You get 3 plastic sprues, a sprue with clear parts and a bag of resin and PE. The PE is only for the bombs for a different version. The only resin parts I'll be using are the exhausts, the rest again for the bombs. The parts are basic but look really good, except for the clearparts. The hard plastic has nice detail, but very shallow panel lines which I fear will dissappear under a coat of paint.
I decided to build the kit as various sub models starting with the cockpit and interior. The cockpit only exists of 2 seats, 2 yokes, an instrument panel and a floor. I added a few strips of Tamiya tape for seatbelts. The clear parts aren't very clear so that is enough detail for the cockpit. The fuselage has no interior except a floor and a few bulkheads. As this was a transport aircraft it would have had 2 rows of 7 seats. I made the seats and curtains out of spare plastic. Again as not much will be seen once the clear parts are in, so I kept it basic. Also as the clear parts are to be pushed in from the outside, hopefully the curtains will add as backing and prevent me from pushing the clear parts through into the fuselage.
As all the parts are butt joins. Test fitting is key. This indicated the tail and fuselage didn't match up, so I had two choices, either follow the instructions and do fuselage first or to glue the tail onto the fuselage halves before joining the fuselage. Either way I would have to putty and sand. I decided the latter as this would mean less filling/sanding. This had the added bonus of being able to add a piece of strip to help strengthen the bond.
Next up the undercarriage. This is basically two sub-models, the undercarriage and wheel wells. I glued the undercarriage together to get the correct angles using the wheel wells as a template, then put them to one side, so that after painting it will drop into the wheel well. The wheel well is just the centre section of the wing, with two pieces acting as the top of the well. I also made a start on the engine, which is just one piece.
Right now I have the main parts together, I will take some pics shortly. (Got to keep my audience in suspense, right :waiting: ) Almost every part so far has required test fit/fill/sand. The butt join didn't help with the correct dithperal (or spelling :blush: ). I had to redo the port wing as it didn’t match up with the starboard wing. More on that and other issues with the photos. For now I hope you like/enjoy what you see and any comments/criticisms are welcome. Sorry about the quality of the photos. :weep:www.ilmasotakoulunkilta.fi/IlmaSK/ilmaskmma.nsf/sp?Open&cid=ContentE9451

That is a link to the restoration of the real deal.

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