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Airfix Vulcan final coat - gloss or satin?


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Just finishing my XH558 rendering of the Airfix 1/72 kit - will post to RFI when done. It's had numerous coats of Humbrol Clear before decaling and a couple after and it's got quite a nice deep lustre about it. I'm about to do a quick panel line wash with Flory Models 'Grime' and then a final coat of varnish, final assembly and et voila!

The question is should that final coat be Humbrol Clear again or Xtracrylix Satin?

I've looked at loads of pictures (including the VTTS publications actually of the contemporary XH558) and it seems pretty shiny to me so I'm of a mind to stay with gloss but could be persuaded otherwise ......

Any thoughts before I commit myself?

Many thanks,


BTW, it is the Falklands War 25 years edition so based on the Vulcan Display Flight I guess rather than the XH558 we know today - the moulding was the old 1980s one, which was pretty shabby compared to modern kits and the decals weren't the best but I've had fun and learnt loads!

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