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Found 36 results

  1. Hi Everyone, At last ! after several hours of Windows 10 updates, I`m able to show some pic`s of my effort: My latest attempt at Hasegawa`s 1/48 `E`version, Warhawk kit Completed to represent an aircraft of the 49th Fighter Group, `Skeeter`, flown by 2Lt John D Landers based at Darwin, Australia in 1942. I`ve been hooked on `49er` Warhawks since getting a book `Protect and Avenge` years ago and have been replacing my old Revell P-40 `49er collection with the Has` kit. Apart from the dodgy seat belts, aerial wires, brake pipes and the `bead` gun sight ( which went `ping` into another dimension somewhere ) the kit is built from what`s in the box The decals came from Microscale set: MS48-900, which are very bright and took a lot of toning down to look `right` Got an `N` and some more decals to do for the future Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  2. Howdy Everyone, Just finished my attempt at Special Hobbies 1/48 Spitfire Vc kit from the RAAF Service boxing Finished to represent a Vc flown by Sqn Ldr Eric Gibbs, No1 Fighter Wing, 54 Sqn, RAF, Winnellie, Northern Territory, Australia, 1943 Actually built 100% OOB for a change Although I nearly made the mistake of adding aerial wire to the mast...... ...luckily I found out they didn`t have them just in time. Probably the easiest SH kit I`ve built to date with only the wing roots needing some attention ( chop loads of material off the bottom of the fuselage side walls and sand the top of the u/c bays) The only other issue being which option to do Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  3. Howdy Everyone, Just managed to get some pic`s before the rain started of my latest effort: Academy`s reissue of Accurate Minatures 1/48 B-25 Mitchell kit. Completed to represent a Dutch B-25D Strafer, N5-143, based in Australia at Batchelor Air Base, July-Oct 1943 Used the Sharkmouth B-25G boxing as a start ( I already new most of the parts were in the box to do a `C` or `D` version from my `Little Joe` build ) Mostly from the box but had to use the earlier style exhausts and modify the engine cowlings to remove the separate exhaust stubs and fill the dimples........ ........ make the rear most fuselage windows a bit smaller, add two small venturii either side of the nose and blast plates by the dorsal turrets. I also replaced the nose and package gun barrels with brass tube, added some brake pipes and re jigged the aerial layout to suit. Markings came from `Dutch Decals` and I used their `Dutch Profile` book as a reference. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Have a good Easter Cheers Russ
  4. Hi Everyone, Just broke my Tamiya 1/48 Thunderbolt cherry so I thought I`d share some photo`s Finished to represent a Razorback of the Pineapple Air Force ( so called because of their time spent stationed at Hawaii before they eventually got sent to the war zone ) Done as `Big Squaw` which was assigned to Capt John Vogt, 19th FS, 318 FG, based at Aslito Field, Saipan, 1944 Each Pineapple marking below the cockpit represents time spent with the group rather than a kill or mission completed Mostly built from what`s in the box but with some slight additions, including: different style rear view mirror and P-40 style tear drop fuel tank from the spares box Added some wire to the engine to represent the ignition harness and decals from Thundercals set no 48-004 Managed to find some photo`s of the actual plane on Google, so then had to recreate the very heavy weathering the aircraft had...... I actually believe I didn`t go far enough in the end ( just do a search for P-47D, Big Squaw, Saipan and you`ll see what I mean ) Really enjoyed building this kit and will have to get a Bubble top ( hopefully they`ll bring an `N` out one day ) Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking, Russ
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind me sharing some pic`s of my latest effort, Hasegawas 1/48 scale C6N1 Saiun or Myrt Completed as the second option in the box, an aircraft of: 4th Recon Squadron, 343rd Naval Flying Group Which I chose because it hasn`t got the black cowl and nose that you usually see. Built 99% OOB, with just some seat belts, brake pipes and aerial wire added The base is an Eduard Japanese Carrier Section, that you just paint up and add the lights to Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  6. Hi everyone, Thought I`d show you some photo`s of my attempt at Special Hobby`s 1/48 Seafire Mk XV Completed to represent an aircraft of No 806 FAA Squadron, 16th Carrier Air Group, aboard HMS Glory circa 1946 Built 99.99% OOB With just the whip aerial replaced with a bit of wire This has got to be the best, easiest to build, Special Hobby/MPM kit I`ve built since my Fulmar some time back With only a bit of filler and work at the wing roots Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  7. Hi Everyone, Just got some photo`s of my latest effort: Special Hobby`s 1/48 Il-10 to add to my `August Storm` mini theme I couldn`t find any photo`s or pictures in any books or on-line depicting Il-10`s in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria at the very end of WWII but I came across...... ...some images from a Flight/Combat Sim called `Shturmoviks over Manchuria and thought, in the absence of any thing else, one of those schemes would do. The build itself is mostly from the box, with just some wire brake pipes and a few bits of photo etch replaced with more user friendly materials here and there Replaced the resin gun barrels with metal tube too. Decals were made up from bits and pieces from the stash and a few of the kits. and I admitted defeat building the kit bombs and just modified some from the spares box to (loosely) resemble them Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  8. Hi Everyone, Managed to finish my attempt at making a Pe-2 that took part in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria in the last months of WW2 during operation August Storm Built from Zvezda`s 1/48 kit Pretty much out of the box, with just some dodgy seat belts and aerial wires added Had to replace a few smaller details like the boarding ladder with some made from wire as I broke a few bits cutting them off the sprues Decals were some from the kit and the red and white `19` was made from some red 19`s with some white decal strip from the stash Finished to try and represent an aircraft of the `Pacific Fleet` based at Nikolayevka AB, 1945 I confess to getting bored with this one half way through and if I did one again I`d leave a lot of the details you can`t see out to speed things along. Anyway, hope you enjoy, thanks for looking and a Happy New Year Cheers Russ
  9. Hi everyone, thought I`d share some pic`s of my just completed AMT, 1/48 scale P-40N kit Which I completed to represent a Kittyhawk MkIV of 18 Squadron, RNZAF, Solomon Islands circa 1944 The kit is pretty much as Mr AMT intended with just some wire additions here and there..... and.some paper seat belts The later style main wheels came from an Eduard/Mauve kit.... as did the decals. Hope you enjoy looking at ,Cheers Russ
  10. Hi Everyone, Had this kit lurking about unstarted for a couple of years, as I wanted to do a different scheme to the kit offerings So here`s Revell`s 1/48 Ventura done as an earlier aircraft in the two colour US Navy scheme and 1943 markings Finished to represent an aircraft flown by VB/VPB-136, Adak, Aleutian Islands, 1943 Built from a combination of the Octopus marked boxing and the more recent RAF marked issue The decals all came from the stash and used Steve Ginters `Naval Fighters Number 86` as main reference The `Grumpys` are a bit of artistic license as early Venturas often had factory applied Walt Disney Cartoon figures painted on them. Added a few blinds and curtains to the windows as quite a few photo`s seen to show. Lastly here it is with my earlier effort of the same kit in the markings of VB/VPB-135 also an Aleutians based aircraft Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  11. Hi Everyone, Just finished my attempt at making a Il-2 Shturmovik to represent an aircraft that would have took part on the Soviet invasion of Manchuria in operation `August Storm` at the very end of WWII. Built from Tamiya`s 1/48 kit, virtually OOB Finished to represent an aircraft of the; 967th Ground Attack Air Regiment of the 248th Ground Attack Air Division of the 12th Air Army Unfortunately I have been unable to find any photo`s and very little of anything else regarding this campaign, so...... .... this one is based on a profile of one marked `White 39` from the same outfit Only additions to the kit are seat belts and aerial wires, with decals from the stash. There`s a lot of passionate debate about Soviet colours and paint schemes so I just gave it my best shot. Anyway right or not I hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking, Cheers Russ
  12. Hi Everyone, There I was with a Tamiya Buffalo with a broken canopy, no decals, no aerial mast and no instructions, Mmm what to do with it? So I searched the spares box and found a Navy type canopy so started looking at US Navy Buffalo to add to my Pacific collection. I eventually came across a few profiles on line ( but unfortunately no photos ) of a Marines Corps F2A-3 with markings I could cobble together from the stash. So I chopped the nose off, added some rectangles of plastic sheet and extended the fuselage by about 1/4" Sanded the frames off the sliding canopy and drew some lines to try and represent where the bits were bonded together Modified the propeller hub slightly with plastic tube, painted, decalled and moved aerial to the wing, to represent a........ ...worn out at the end of its life, F2A-3 of VMF-221, US Marines Corps, Midway, circa 1942 Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  13. Hi All, Not posted for a while, since the old faithful Packard Bell `threw a seven` about three weeks ago. Back up now on the new computer now I`ve got the hang of it (mostly). Just finished Monograms 1/48 scale Black Widow that I bought at the Hinckley Show in March of a nice bloke called Daryl. Done as P-61A Midnite Madness of the 548th NFS based at Iwo Jima, April 1945. Built 99% Out Of Two Boxes as I wanted to do one with both engine cowlings the same, as the kit....... .... gives you one cowling with cooling flaps open and one closed and I wanted to make it a bit different. So I chopped and grafted the end of one boom onto the other and using the one piece engines had some more space for weights. Decals were from Print + Scale set 48-035 and were incredibly thin and stretched and rolled up and caused lots of swearing and some hand painting here and there. Otherwise just blanked the wheel wells off, made some seat belts, catches to the open canopy panel and added aerial wires. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking. Cheers Russ
  14. Hi all, Thought I`d show some photo`s of my latest effort; Italeris reboxing of the AMT 1/48 P-40 N Done in the markings of Netherlands East Indies, 120th Squadron, Merauke around 1944 Which makes a change from the usual USAF, Australian and New Zealand markings but still fits with my Pacific Themed collection Made a few improvements to the kit including; boxing in the wheel wells fully, added retraction links and brakepipes,...... ... breather on fuel tank, transparent gun sight, fuel vents and aerials on underside rear fuselage...... and usual seat belts, bead gunsight and some canopy rails. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  15. Howdy all, Thought I`d show you some pic`s of my latest effort; B-25G Mitchell, Little Joe, 820th B.S., 45th B.G., Marshall Islands, 1944 Academys reissue of Accurate Minatures 1/48 scale B-25G, from the Sharkmouth boxing Built almost completely OOB Only made a slight alteration to the Aerial Masts and layout Found the kit to be a lot better than the Italeri re issue which had lots of warped parts and shrink marks Apart from getting the fuselage parts to close round all that wonderful detail that you can`t see ( even includes a toilet !) the only bit I had trouble with was the dorsal turret which sat to high and wouldn`t locate without a battle Still got there in the end. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  16. Hi All, Thought it was about time that I attempted an early `Grey` Zero for my collection. So here`s my attempt at Hasegawas 1/48 Zero from the `Rabaul` boxing Built almost completely OOB with just: brake pipes and seat straps added. After much searching for colours tried mixing my own as references varied, ie; not quite grey, not quite white, not quite light caramel. Which sort of goes with the background; not quite Rabaul Anyway whatever colour they were, I hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking,Cheers Russ
  17. Hi Everyone, Finally calling this one done, after starting it nearly 4 Months ago. Italeris re-issue of AMTs 1/48 Nighthawk kit Done as `Dusty` of the 6th NF Squadron Detatchment `A` at Port Moresby, New Guinea, 1943 Made a few small changes to the kit to match photo`s I found on line, including; A wheel hub transplant, deletion of the rear gun and fitted a few boxes and radar scope in its place, no d/f loop or gunsight and ..... some brass tube to represent the longer blast tubes apparent ( to eliminate flash I suppose ) Had a bit of a disaster when a final Matt Cote lifted the weathering, so had to clean up and re-weather it. Hope you enjoy looking at Cheers Russ
  18. Howdy all, on a roll with two completions in 7 days, so here`s some pic`s of number two: Hasegawas 1/48 Val dive bomber In the markings of an aircraft from No 1 AC. 21st Section 1st Squadron, Aircraft Carrier Soryu............. 8th December 1941, Pearl Harbour Built 99.5% OOB, only additions being some seat belts and aerial wire The dreaded Hasegawa decals behaved quite well on this one, with only a bit of silvering on the fuselage stripes although I did cut them into two bits to get them onto the tail fillet. Hope you enjoy looking at Cheers Russ
  19. Hi everyone .....so there I was, with a Tamiya Corsair F4U-1A and a set of Ventura Decals, ready to do a RNZAF Corsair to go with my Gloria Lyons Kittyhawk I did a bit back and intending to do the tri-colour option with the nose art, when along came Peters and Ians brilliant builds. Ah well, might as well do the other one then, so here`s my very latest attempt at doing one of the RNZAF`s highly weathered Corsairs. After doing a bit of research I found on Pete Mossongs site that `Tutea Wera` NZ5614 was a `D` which explains the overall dark blue scheme even though it has still got the earlier canopy with the two frames at the top Had to be daring with the weathering as the electric blue roundels stood out like a sore thumb but luckily nearly all the pic`s I could find ( and there wasn`t many )...... show them in a very weather beaten condition. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  20. Hi Everyone, Just completed my Fine Molds 1/48 D4Y2 Suisei (Comet) or Judy Finished in the markings of 523rd kokutai, based at Tinian Island, Northern Marianas, 1944 Built OOB with just aerial wire added Been after one of these at a reasonable price for years and managed finally at the Hinckley Show in March this year Was a bit surprised to find lots of cast metal parts in the box but they hardly needed any clean up and fitted perfectly. Here`s two shots of it with my previous Judy build from the same manufacturer Which was the D4Y4 Radial engined version. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  21. Hi Everyone, Finished this a day or two ago, but been waiting for some sun to take some pic`s Italeris boxing of Accurate Minatures 1/48 A-36A Apache Completed to represent an aircraft of 328th FS, 311th FB, 10th Air Force, USAAF, CBI theatre Flown by Lt. William Creech, Burma 1944. Built almost completely OOB, with a few wire embellishments, seat belts and thinned the prop a bit. Also thought I might as well show you some of my previous Mustang builds.... Tamiya 1/48, P-51B with aftermarket decals, CBI Theatre Tamiya 1/48th, P-51D, CBI theatre Also with aftermarket decals and rocket launchers (Academy I think) from the spares box Hasegawa 1/48th, P-51D with prop from the spares box to represent a `K` In the markings of a Pacific bird Hope you enjoy looking at, Happy modelling.. Cheers Russ
  22. Howdy everyone, Seeing as I`ve painted myself into a corner, yet again, I hope you don`t mind me posting some pic`s of probably the oldest build surviving in my collection, but one I stripped down and refurbished a while back. My attempt at the Revell/Monogram 1/48 Pro Modeller Helldiver, which I built but was never happy with and which languished in the loft insulation... until I felt inspired enough to have another go.( and was too tight to buy a new one ) So; Dusted it off and evicted the spiders, off came all the delicate bits, repainted bits I wasn`t happy with, painted around the off-register decals..... re-feathered the camouflage edges and tidied up the weathering...... and slapped it back together and gave it a few coats of matt varnish. Hope you enjoy looking at, Cheers Russ
  23. Hi Everyone, Here`s some pic`s of my attempt at Special Hobbys 1/48 Boomerang that I finished last night Done as `The Grim Reaper` of No4 Sqn RAAF, flown by Squadron Leader Walliker, 1944 Built mostly OOB and even managed to use some of the photo etch although some of the smaller levers eluded me Found this one a bit of a slog, especially trying to get the interior to fit between the fuselage halves and the delicate resin tail wheel was replaced with something from the spares box as I kept breaking it Tried to give it a very sun-bleached appearance and hope I succeeded Hope you enjoy looking at, have a great weekend, Cheers Russ
  24. Hi Everyone, at last I`m calling it finished My attempt at Special Hobbys 1/48 Firefly, from the home fleet boxing but done as an aircraft of 1772 Sqn, British Pacific Fleet, Schofields, Australia Used a combination of the kit decals and some from the stash 98% OOB with just some antenna, seat belts and rear view mirror added I`m afraid I don`t know too much about the hybrid markings but I presume they were in the process of being changed to the theatre markings Nearly went in the bin at one point due to a Matt varnishing disaster which dried frosty white but managed to pull it back Hope you enjoy looking at, Cheers Russ
  25. Howdy all, Just beat the rain and got some pic`s of my latest effort that I`ve just finished; Tamiyas 1/48 Birdcage Corsair Done as an aircraft of VF-17 aboard USS Bunker Hill, which is an option in the box Tamiya don`t leave you much to do, but I added a few wire embellishments, including; ignition harness, brake pipes,........... ....some springs I spotted on the undercarriage retraction links and a throttle lever that you can hardly see. Made life a little more difficult by raising the flaps and added some paper seat belts I attempted to try and weather the manufacturers logo`s on the prop` but I`m not sure it turned out too well Hope you enjoy it, Thanks for looking, Russ