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  1. Howdy All. Finished this one last week and thought you wouldn`t mind if I bothered you with some pic`s My latest attempt at portraying an Australian Boston Strafer Built from Italeri`s reboxing of AMT`s 1/48 P-70 Nighthawk kit Mostly from the box except for the cowlings which are some resin aftermarket ( sorry can`t remember who`s ) Added exhaust made from plastic tube, usual dodgy paper seat belts, ignition harness and brake pipes from bits of wire Gun barrels are from brass tube Decals came from DK Decals set 48016 `WWII RAAF Twins` and the kit Didn`t bother replacing the wheels, just sanded the diamond tread down `til it looked ok to me Hope I haven`t bothered you too much πŸ™‚ Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  2. Howdy all Just put the finishing touches on my latest addition to the Pacific collection My attempt at Monogram/Revell`s 1/48 Kingfisher kit Finished to represent an aircraft with the USS Texas towards the end of the war Built from the box contents but with a couple of tweaks..... Firstly, cut the float in half and deepened it by about 3-4mm with a couple of plastic shims..... ....sanded the frames off the rear transparency to get them lined up . added ignition harness to the engine,... added armour plate pilots headrest, drilled out all the anchor points, gunsight and exhausts..... ...some bits of PE around the cockpit, seat belts and had to modify the beaching gear to fit the deeper float The decals came from the stash Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  3. Hi everyone, hope you don`t mind me bothering you with some photo`s of the latest addition to the Pacific collection My attempt at Hasegawa`s 1/48 scale `Oscar` Late Version Finished in the markings of Captain Yukichi Kitakoga of the 54th Flight Regiment Built from the box contents and just added the usual, belts, wiring harness, brake pipes and aerial wires For a simple aircraft, Mr Hasegawa managed, I think to make it a bit trickier than it needed to be, especially the 2 part undercarriage legs and cowling attachment Also the separate wing tips also include part of the ailerons which are tricky to clean up. I know the flaps shouldn`t really be deployed on the ground but I couldn`t be bothered to try and get them to fit closed....... ....and in any case I like the look of them as they are. Decals were the kits and weren`t any bother. Thanks for looking, hope you like Cheers Russ
  4. Hi Everyone, Had this kit lurking about unstarted for a couple of years, as I wanted to do a different scheme to the kit offerings So here`s Revell`s 1/48 Ventura done as an earlier aircraft in the two colour US Navy scheme and 1943 markings Finished to represent an aircraft flown by VB/VPB-136, Adak, Aleutian Islands, 1943 Built from a combination of the Octopus marked boxing and the more recent RAF marked issue The decals all came from the stash and used Steve Ginters `Naval Fighters Number 86` as main reference The `Grumpys` are a bit of artistic license as early Venturas often had factory applied Walt Disney Cartoon figures painted on them. Added a few blinds and curtains to the windows as quite a few photo`s seen to show. Lastly here it is with my earlier effort of the same kit in the markings of VB/VPB-135 also an Aleutians based aircraft Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  5. Hi everyone, Got a soft spot for P-40`s, especially from the 49th FG, for some reason. So thought I`d bother you with some photo`s of my latest addition to my Pacific collection My latest attempt at Hasegawa`s 1/48 P-40N kit, but from the Hobby2000 boxing Finished to represent an aircraft of the 49th FG, based at Gusap, New Guinea Built OOB as usual, with obligatory seat belts and brake pipes added Also drilled out the filter cover ahead of the exhausts and added antenna and whip aerials evident on later P-40`s Was originally going to do it as `Geronimo` in sand camo` but when I found the Keystone Kathlene markings new I had to do them Deviated slightly from the decals in the kit as couldn`t find any pictures of the stars and bars with blue surrounds and painted the spinner to represent how it looked in what photo`s I did find. The kit decals I used went on great and the alternate stars and bars came from an Eduard Airacobra set Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Have a good Easter Cheers Russ
  6. Hi Everyone, After much pondering of how to finish the 2nd half of my Zero Dual Combo, finally decided on this one....... ....mainly because of the interesting paint/scheme, so I thought I better share a few pic`s My 2nd attempt at Eduards 1/48, A6M2 Zero kit Finished to represent an aircraft of the 261st Kokutai, Saipan, 1944 It`s not clear from resources or the decal sheet (H-Models Decals HMD48055) as to whether the paint was a serious attempt at camouflage.. ...or some odd weathering effect or what the second camo` colour would have been. Anyway, OOB, just added ignition harness, brake pipes and aerial wire The H-Models Decals were no trouble and went on really well Hope you enjoy my attempt, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  7. Howdy all, Hope you don`t mind if I trouble you with my latest effort, fresh from the kitchen table........ Another go at Eduard`s 1/48 P-400 `Profi-pack kit Finished as an aircraft from 35th FS/8FG based in New Guinea Built 99% OOB Only additions being brake pipes and antenna Tried to improve the look of the kit a bit by thinning down the trailing edges of the wings and tail appendages and..... .....rounding off the leading edges of the same as they`re a bit blunt looking otherwise Decals are the kits and worked fine Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  8. Hi All, Just finished my second attempt at a `Grey Nurse` Squadron Spitfire, so thought you wouldn`t mind me sharing some pic`s Built from Eduards 1/48 Spitfire Mk VIII, `Weekend edition` kit Finished to represent an aircraft of 457 Squadron, RAAF towards the end of the war Built as usual 99% from the box, with just a few tweaks Including a slipper fuel tank, from the spares box ( probably from Special Hobby kit ) Scoured the internet for a photo of the actual aircraft and although a good selection of 457 Sq photo`s.... ...only found one of the real deal and this of it during it`s time with the 1st TAF where they performed support and ground attack duties' Then it had the Sky band painted out and the serial in black and very worn, so that was the look I went for. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  9. Howdy Everyone, Just finished the latest addition to my CBI theme and thought you wouldn`t mind seeing a few photo`s My attempt at a Royal Navy FM-2 Wildcat Built from Eduard`s new 1/48 kit Built 99% from the box contents Only additions being: ignition harness and brake pipes from bits of wire... ....and the decals which came from Techmod Set 48052 `Grumman Wildcat Mk VI` First time I`ve used this brand and they worked beautifully. Kept the weathering light, as apparently, they didn`t actually see any action as the war was over before they got there. Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  10. Howdy All, Got jealous of seeing all those beautiful Tamiya P-38 builds, but the wallet refused to open to buy one. So, armed myself with a tube of filler, some Eduard Decals and Academy`s 1/48 Glacier Girl kit so I could add one to the shelves. Finished to represent an aircraft based at Port Moresby, New Guinea, South West Pacific Mostly from the box contents, just a few tweaks here and there as usual, including...... ....drilling out the gun barrels and some of the smaller air scoops on the engines and cowling, drilled out the intakes under the propellers and.... ...added some wire mesh, actuators for cooling flaps and brake pipes from bits of wire, some PE seat belts from the stash and a few levers round the cockpit Painted up the wheels with hub caps at first, the found a picture of the actual plane which had spoked wheels, so painted up the spoked ones and fitted, but then noticed the nose one did have a cover. πŸ™„ couldn`t get it off, so it`s staying like it! Decals from Eduards Set D48047 `P-38F/G, which are the new sort that you can peel the carrier film off, needless to say my yellow streak appeared and I didn`t bother😬 Oh, and fashioned a rear view mirror for the canopy too. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  11. Howdy all, Finished this one and managed to get some photo`s between the showers yesterday My latest attempt at the Accurate Minature`s 1/48 Mitchell kit, this time from the Academy re-box Done as an Air Apaches Strafer based in New Guinea, 1944 Mostly out of the box but with a few tweaks The big one was to graft a Monogram forward glazing to improve the nose profile, which always looked a bit off to me in the A/M kit Replaced the nose guns with metal tube and added flash suppressors to the package guns Added guns and wind deflectors to the rear side windows, replaced the kits double machine gun with a single in the rear position and usual brake pipes, seat belts and headrest armour for pilot and co-pilot The decals were the kits and went on a lot better that usual Academy ones. ( I had an aftermarket set lined up just in case ) Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  12. Hi everyone, Just finished my latest Pacific WWII build, so I thought you woudn`t mind if I bothered you with some photo`s My second go at a Vindicator This time from Academy`s re-issue of the Accurate Minatures 1/48 kit Built completely OOB Only thing I added was the aerial wire Forgot to delete 3 of the guns and had to do it after almost finishing it πŸ™„ Apart from trying to close the fuselage round all that detailed interior went together a lot easier than I remember..... ..although I had to add some plastic strip to the engine cowling where I managed to sand of the the raised detail. Anyway I imagine I`ve bored you enough now, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  13. Hi Everyone, Thought you wouldn`t mind browsing a few shots of my latest effort My attempt at Airfix`s 1/48 Anson kit Done as an Australian Air Ambulance, which was the only markings I could find that fitted either my Pacific or CBI themes Not sorry though as it`s a little bit out of the ordinary and colourful too Built OOB with just control actuators, seat belts and aerial wires added Didn`t do anything with the interior as I couldn`t find any info` on modifications looking on Google etc and you can`t see all that much anyway Went together quite easily considering its complexity with only fitting the undercarriage legs causing any grief ( my fault for not opening up the holes a bit more 🀨 ) Decals from Xtradecal X48323 set Pictured out in New Guinea somewhere πŸ€” Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  14. Hi everyone, Me again, come to bother you with some pictures of my latest effort πŸ™‚ My second go at Academy`s re-issue of the Mauve P-40N kit Finished in the markings of Geoff Athertone`s Kittyhawk IV `Cleopatra III` which is an option in the kit Made a few improvements this time: replaced the kits cockpit with one from a recently culled Hasegawa kit........ .....also used the Hasegawa kits undercarriage, propellor blades and sliding canopy. The open cowl flaps came from an Eduard PE set ......... .........and the bombs from the spares box The decals were the ones from the kit That`s it, hope you enjoy the pic`s Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  15. Howdy All. Finally finished my RAAF Vultee Vengeance, so thought you wouldn`t mind if I subjected you to some pic`s Built from Dora Wings 1/48 kit In the markings of an aircraft of 24 Sqn RAAF Mostly from the box, just added ignition harness and brake pipes from bits of wire, antenna wires, also replaced the kit bombs with some from the spares box........ ......not because there`s any thing wrong with them, I just couldn`t be bothered with trying to assemble the etched fins and get them straight. Decals were the kits and behaved perfectly It`s a massive improvement on the old AZ kit which I built a long while ago and still have nightmares about........ .......but I still struggled with this one in places. Glad to have it on the shelves though πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy the pic`s Thanks for looking, cheers Russ
  16. New photo`s with corrected wing guns, thanks Jean. Hi everyone, Just finished my first attempt at Eduards 1/48 A6M2, so thought it only fair to share some photo`s with you πŸ™‚ Built from their dual-combo boxing, hence first attempt Completed to represent and aircraft based at Buin, Bougainville Island around 1943 Built OOB and only added brake pipes, ignition harness and antenna wire, Even managed to use 80% of the photo etch bits too πŸ™‚ Had to attempt the camouflage scheme on this one as trying to add more varied schemes to the collection among the grey and dark green ones ...... .....just hoping I pulled it off ok Hope you like the pic`s... ...and thanks for looking, cheers Russ
  17. Hi everyone, Finished this one just after the Invader, so thought I`d subject you to some photo`s My latest attempt at Academy`s 1/48 P-47N kit Finished to represent a Very Long Range Thunderbolt to go with my VLR Mustang I did a bit ago As usual, mostly from the box contents with a few embellishments here and there. The biggest one was to make the front of the engine more like a P-47N one....... .......so I chopped the front off the Academy engine and cobbled a new one together from bits and pieces from the spares box, stretched sprue etc smaller changes include: reshaping the propeller blades, replace gun barrels with metal tube, brake pipes, ignition harness and tank braces from wire The decals came from Super Scale International sheet 48-956 and went on beautifully Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  18. Howdy A while back, I was reading ( looking at the pictures ) in Osprey`s Tomahawk and Kittyhawk Aces book when I noticed something unusual about a picture of a P-40 on page 81....... The camouflage colours seemed to be reversed ie the dark colour was where the light colour should have been. ( Desert scheme ?? ) So after spending several hours on Google came up with nothing definite, so posted on BM to see if anyone else knew anything Luckily for me, Allan Willoughby and Robert Hagger, posted me some information and interesting photo`s of Kittyhawks in a Grey and Green scheme. ( thanks very much to you both ) So I thought I`d give it ago and managed to get hold of a Mauve 1/48 P-40M/Kittyhawk III kit. Did a bit of work to suggest a `K` version and some improvements to the kit along the way: filled the perforated plates behind the spinner, butchered the kit seat to look like a p-40 one and added the mounting frame from wire, seat belts, added the missing lower part of the instrument panel, corrected the scissor links on the U/C legs, brake pipes and added tie down loops,......... ......gun barrels from metal tube, fuel dump pipe and that little spikey thing they have midway down the underside the fuselage, anti collision light, pylon for drop tank and that little plate on the fin leading edge where the aerial wire attatches. Decals from Italeri kit, a Ventura sheet and the stash Apparently Geoff Fisken flew this aircraft on occasion instead of the Wairarapa Wildcat and gained 3 kills in it ( according to the book ) Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Hope I haven`t bored you πŸ™‚, cheers Russ
  19. Howdy All, Me again, come to bother you all with some photo`s of my recently completed Tenzan ( Jill ) My second attempt at Hasegawa`s 1/48 kit, from the `with folded wings boxing` Built as usual 99.9% OOB With just aerial wires, brake pipes and some seat belts added I realise the flaps and underside gun position probably wouldn`t have been deployed on the ground but I like them....... ....so just pretend it`s having some last minute maintenance πŸ™‚ The paint guide suggested that the undersides of Jill`s later in the war were painted silver, so I went with that.... and mixed the Metallic Blue for the wheel wells and wing folds from odd paints until it looked close enough Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  20. Hi Everyone, Me again, come to bother you with some photo`s of my recently completed Grumman Duck πŸ™‚ Built from Merit International`s 1/48 kit Finished to represent an aircraft based at Florida Island in the Pacific 1943 Based on a couple of photo`s found in Steve Ginters Naval Fighters book No surprises, built almost OOB as usual but with a few tweaks.......... ........opened back part of canopy and bodged together a rear gun and seat, added a few instrument panels and missing details to cockpit..... Attempted to correct the windscreen by sanding off the frames, reshaping a bit and adding the centre frame, looks OK if you squint Decals cobbled together from the stash and rigging done with painted copper wire from a flex Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  21. Howdy Everyone, thought I`d subject you to some photo`s of my latest effort My latest go at AMT/Ertl`s 1/48th, A-20g kit Built almost completely from the box contents Small improvements include: ignition harness, covers over the shell ejector chutes under the nose ( which I noticed looking at various pic`s of Pacific A-20s )........ .......crew step ladder under port wing root, pitot on fin, antenna wires and seat belts. Also replaced all gun barrels with aluminium tube. Decals were from the kit and silvered horrendously, so don`t use Micro Set and Sol on yours if you`ve got one....... ......I normally use Klear/Future on them, why I chose to be different this time, I just don`t know? πŸ™„ Anyway, hope you enjoy the pic`s Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  22. HI Everyone, Finished this one about the same time as the VLR Mustang so thought I`d share some photo`s My latest go at Eduard`s 1/48 Airacobra kit Built from the latest Weekend Edition boxing Finished as `PAT-RIOT II` of the 46th FS, 15th FG, 7th AF Built from the kit contents but with a few small additions and tweaks Namely: brake pipes, splitter plate in the dorsal intake, some wiring for the radio in the rear cockpit and aerial wires Also drilled out all the gun barrels and exhaust pipes Decals were from the kit Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  23. Thought I`d put some sunny photo`s up to counter the rain and coincidently show you my latest completion which kills two birds with one stoneπŸ™‚ My attempt at Eduards 1/48 VLR Mustang from the `Tales from Iwojima` boxing Built almost completely OOB ,I did leave some bits of PE out and some pinged off into the carpet monster ( which is weird, as there isn`t a carpet in the kitchen ? ) Had a hard time choosing from the many colourful options provided and in the end just went for the first one in the instruction booklet. So in the markings of `Annie Lee` which was flown by Lt Col John W Mitchell who has fame by leading the mission against Yamamoto, April.... 1943 which resulted in his demise. Only thing I had to add was some wire brake pipes Suppose now I`ll have to pick up some weekend editions so I can make a few of the others on the decal sheetπŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy the sunny pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  24. Howdy All, Thought you wouldn`t mind me showing some photo`s of my latest effort, hot off the kitchen table My second attempt at HobbyBoss`s 1/48 Avenger kit Completed to represent a New Zealand Air Force TBF-1C Built almost completely from the box contents, only additions being brake pipes, seat belts and radio antenna wire The previous HB kit I did with the wings folded and I expected a bit of hassle doing them open but in the end it was no trouble at all Decals came from Ventura Decals set V48101 and I was torn between this and the Donald Duck option....... ........but in the end opted for the indigenous artwork Paints were Xtracolour enamels and my first attempt at brushing a feathered edge with them just hoping it looks OK to your discerning eyes😬 Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  25. Hi Everyone, Thought I`d share some pic`s of my latest effort, hot off the kitchen table My attempt at representing an early Pacific War Wildcat with the over painted smaller markings peeping out Built almost completely OOB as usual.... ...from Hobbyboss`s 1/48 F4F-3 (Late) kit Additions include the usual: Brake pipes, Ignition Harness and Seat Belts Improved the canopy sit by sanding down the fuselage until it sat comfortably on the rails Decals are a mix of: a Yellow Wings Decals, some from the stash and some from the kit and finally a group shot of my trio of Early Pacific War builds, thought there`s a Vindicator in the stash to join them one day Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
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