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Found 23 results

  1. Hi BM'ers, Here is my first completion of 2020 and a slog it was too. First some detail. The Caudron racer was a new racer that was designed to participate in the Deutsch de la Meurthe Race of 1939. The new design had the wing of a C.560, the fuselage of a modified C.712 and fitted with a new Renault 12-cylinder prototype engine to develop 900 hp. The new racer was going to be called a C.712R but propaganda and wanting to prove that the aircraft descended straight from the C.714 fighter, the aircraft was called a C.714R. Once the 714R was completed, it was to be transported to
  2. Though I'd dip my toes into a resin kit build, haven't done that in a very long time. I recently purchased a number of Caudron racers from Dujin and thought I'd start off by looking into the 714R. First of all... ...the box, looks innocent enough. Open the box, open the box! A PE fret, a vac canopy and some nicely printed decals...looking good. Aaahhhhh!!! I dare not look too closely at the moment but it looks like I've got my work cut here with lots of cleaning. And three pages of stuff that only a Google translator
  3. A build from 2 years ago. Where to begin... I am not easily scared by a kit. Any kit. That's not the same as to say that I like a bad kit. I don't. I never had a tête-à-tête encounter with a Dujin kit before. I knew about them, I knew that Monsieur Dujin passed away some time ago, and I have seen some built models of the kits on the Net. Nothing that I saw enticed me, in the least, to go and get one. And now I know, by own experience, why. A dear friend and fellow modeler and artist from Yorkshire, Fogland, Andrew Nickeas, had a very kind gesture and bestowed upon me
  4. A build from 2 years ago of a very elegant plane. The WIP is here: And so I don't have to repeat here what is written somewhere else: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darmstadt_D-18
  5. A build from 2 years ago of a very elegant plane. And so I don't have to repeat here what is written somewhere else: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darmstadt_D-18 My luck dictates that many times fellow modelers gift me Dujin kits. I accept them with a sigh of resignation. Then I start having nightmares about building them. I think I finally end up building them as a sort of exorcism. But not all Dujin resin kits are created equal. And in this case, that is good! The 1/72nd Darmstadt D.18 I got is a better kit than the Breda 33 that I
  6. FSC Dujin has just released a 1/72nd Morane-Saulnier MS.474 Vanneau resin kit - ref.FSC 012 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/liste-des-kits-fsc-dujin/morane-saulnier-ms-474-vanneau.html But also a 1/72nd Morane-Saulnier MS.474 Vanneau resin kit - ref.FSC 009 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/liste-des-kits-fsc-dujin/morane-saunlnier-ms-475-vanneau.html V.P.
  7. After the R-36 (link) FSC Dujin has just released a 1/72nd Renard R-38 resin kit - ref. FSC035 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/renard-r-38.html Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-renard-r-38.pdf V.P.
  8. FSC Dujin has just released a 1/72nd Renard R-36 resin kit - ref. FSC033 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/renard-r-36.html Instructions: V.P.
  9. FSC Dujin is to release soon Caudron Caudron C-362, 366, 430, 450, 460, 461, 530, 560, 561, 660, 690, 712, 720, 714 & 860 resin kits. Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html [/center] [/center] [/center] V.P.
  10. FSC Breuning is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Blériot 125 (Bl-125) resin kit. Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html Box art V.P.
  11. New by FSC Dujin - ref. FSC 014ME - Messerschmitt ME-208 Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-nord-1101-ramier.pdf Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/messerschmitt-me-208.html - ref. FSC 014A/ FSC 014M / FSC 014 CIV Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-nord-1101-ramier.pdf Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/nord-1101-ramier.html
  12. FSC A.Roy has just released a 1/72nd Guerchais Roche GR.70 resin kit - ref.FSCR 004 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-a-roy/guerchais-roche-gr-70-1.html Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-guerchais-roche-70.pdf V.P.
  13. FSC Dujin is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Wassner WA-30 Bijave resin kit. Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html Box art V.P.
  14. FSC Dujin is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Centrair C-101 Pégase resin kit - ref. FSC802 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html Box art V.P.
  15. FSC Dujin has just released a 1/72nd Centrair C-201 Marianne resin kit - ref.FSC 802 Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-centrair-marianne.pdf Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/centrair-c-201-marianne.html V.P.
  16. FSC Dujin has released 1/72nd Morane-Saulnier MS880 Rallye resin kits Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/morane-saulnier-ms-880-rallye.html ref. FSC 501 ref. FSC 501-B ref. FSC 501- CIV Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-ms880-rallye-1.pdf V.P.
  17. FSC Dujin is to release in 2016 1/72nd Grob G-120 resin kits. Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/exposition/exposition-de-bron.html Box art V.P.
  18. Based on the original JP Dujin 1/72nd resin CAP 230 kit (to be re-release this year), JFR Team (http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/?version=desktop) is to release in 2015 a CAP 231 - ref. FSC 502 1B - and a CAP232 - ref. . The CAP 231 is already available and the CAP 232 will be available late February 2015 For a better understanding of the differences between the CAPs see here: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/notice-speciale-cap-23x.pdf ref. FSC 502 1B - Mudry CAP 231 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/liste-des-kits-fsc-dujin/mudry-ca
  19. Based on the original JP Dujin 1/72nd resin CAP 230 kit and after the CAP 231 & 232 ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975864-172-mudry-cap-231-and-cap-232-resin-kits-by-jfr-teamfsc-dujin-released/), FSC Dujin has released a 1/72nd Mudry CAP 230 resin kit - ref. FSC 502 Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/liste-des-kits-fsc-dujin/mudry-cap-230.html V.P.
  20. Facing the soon SBS kit ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981515-172-loire-210-resin-kit-by-sbs-model-release-2015), FGMmasterdujin is to re-release Dujin's 1/72nd Loire 210 resin kit - ref. DA7204. Source: http://fgmmasterdujin.e-monsite.com/pages/loire-210.html Provisional box art V.P.
  21. FSC A.Roy has just released a 1/72nd Microturbo Microjet 200 resin kit - ref. FSCR 002 Instructions: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/medias/files/plan-de-montage-microjet2.pdf Source: http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-a-roy/microjet-200.html V.P.
  22. FGMmasterdujin (http://fgmmasterdujin.e-monsite.com/) is to re-edit the Dujin 1/72nd Potez 566 T3 resin kit - ref.? Source: http://fgmmasterdujin.e-monsite.com/ V.P.
  23. FGMmasterdujin (http://fgmmasterdujin.e-monsite.com/) has just released a 1/72ndANF Les Mureaux 190 C1 resin kit (ex-Dujin) - ref. DA7245. Source: http://fgmmasterdujin.e-monsite.com/pages/a-n-f-les-mureaux-190-c1.html V.P.
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