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Found 19 results

  1. Time for a new project. The Sd.Kfz.222 I want to do a DAK diorama so i ordered some figures from Warfront to go along with the scoutcar. The part count on this build is quite high for such a small vehicle. There is also some PE involved. First look is great. Clean sprues, crisp detail, very little flash. I will add extra stowage so there will be scratchbuilding and the making of tarps 😁 Feel free to tag along, grab a beer or 2 and enjoy the ride. I'll keep you guys posted. Cheers!
  2. Been working on an old ICM Studebaker truck. I did this to learn some new skills regarding building weeled vehicles. The kit came from an old stash and it wasn't the best. The plastic had completly dried out so i broke very fast. However, i managed to pull of a decent vignette of a russian driver taking a break. Enjoy and all comments are more then welcome.
  3. So...... time for a much needed Tamiya build. After the Bordermodel Stug i want to start a new diorama with some Tamiya builds and some leftover bots and pieces from other kits. i think these 2 models will make an excellent scene. I still have some resin figures in the stash but i also ordered some new ones: I'm thinking France early 1940 or Operation Barbarossa. The kits itself look really good for their age. The krupp got new molds in 2003 i think and there is an excellent driver figure in there. Anyhow, i think these models are just what i need, simple oob, tamiya fit. So let's crack on shall we? Cheers guys 🍻🍻🍻
  4. This is the Academy models Sherman Calliope. You can find the buildlog here: It's not my best work but i wanted to finish the model and the base so i made the best of it. Comments are always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. On to the next one!
  5. My diorama..... a Flak Bergepanther making a final stand in the ruined streets of Berlin. Slapped together with parts scrouged from deserted vehicles and leftover factory parts. Thanks for watching! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ On to the next one.
  6. You've guessed it.... time for the next build. Got to keep the production line going 🀣 This Flak Panther never existed irl. It was a concept that never saw production. I think it's an interesting model and i can't wait to start the build. No vignettes or diorama's this time. I think i'm going for a wooden base with a little plaquette. However, first things first.... the build itself. It's a full box that comes with PE, NOT working tracklinks and a shitload of parts πŸ€ͺ So let's start the checklist. Spruecutter βœ…οΈ Sandingsticks βœ…οΈ Glueβœ…οΈ Glassesβœ…οΈ Cold beer βœ…οΈ Let's crack on! Feel free to tag along. It's always nice to have you guys around. Cheers! 🍻🍻🍻
  7. This is my Whippet vignette. I enjoyed the build very much. I took my time with the weathering and i'm happy how the whole vignette turned out. It depicts one of the first times a Whippet saw action on the battlefield during the German spring offensive in 1918. The buildlog can be found here: As usual all comments, tips, critique etc. Are more then welcome. Thank you for taking a look. See you all on the next project πŸ‘ Some close up shots.
  8. New project. After the miniart Su-76m i needed something "easy" This model offers alot in terms of color modulation and weathering. Feel free to tag along. Grab a chair, and a brew and enjoy.
  9. I'm calling this tank finished. you can find the buildlog here: This build proved to be a real challenge. The building part as well as the caunterscheme. The weathering went well. I think i managed to give the model a dusty, sandblasted look without going overboard. The figure is one of my best so far. I still got a lot to learn in terms of weathering the lower hull and running gear. For now i'll leave you guys with the photo's. Any comments, feedback etc. Is more than appriciated as always. Thanks for having a look. On to the next one! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. New project. this will be a more complex build. It has a full interior, a descent amount of PE and very tiny tracks that will have to be fully assembled. the number of sprues and parts: Nothing too overwelming. This is my first kit from Gecko models so i'm very curious. I've read a lot of reviews on the brand saying it is very good and that the level of detail on the parts is great. We'll see. I want to do this vehicle in the Caunter scheme placing it in Libia in 1940 - 1941. The kit comes with a figure: Looks decent. Maybe i'll order some panzer art figures in a summer dessert uniform. Since i know next to nothing about these light tanks it is also a good chance to learn a bit more about these Brittish AFV's. All and all looks like a lot of fun. Always welcome to tag along. Beer and snacks ordered πŸ‘πŸ«‘
  11. With the Jagdtiger finished i wanted to build something small. I found this Jagdpanzer 38T in the stash. I picked it up last year in a sale. It's nothing fancy buildwise so i want to go all out with the paint. Haven't decided on a scheme yet. There aren't many sprues and the first impression is that the parts are quite clean, little flash here and there but the overall look seems ok. The plastic is a bit soft so i have to be carefull when i'm cleaning parts. The kit comes with link'n length tracks. And the assembly went without any major problems. I made the entire running gear as a subassembly. 1 down, 1 to go.
  12. Here she is, the little Jagdpanzer from academy models. It was a sort of a quick build. Fun to do. The buildlog is here: And here are the photo's. Comments are welcome as always. Tnx for looking πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. So, here she is.... my take on the Sherman M4. A really fun build that i enjoyed putting together. It's mostly OOB apart from the figures and the tracks. The build itself was as expected from Tamiya, they go together pretty much by themselfs. No issues what so ever. With the paint i kept it simple. Just a baselayer of OD with highlights and shadows. After that i did some color modulation with oils, added rust, dust, stains and spots. All the chipping was kept very light. The figures are aftermarket from a certain chinese webshop. They were a real pleasure to paint. Tarps were made with Tamiya epoxy putty. Towingcable was scratch build. Anyway, my goal with this build was to keep it simple. Nothing over the top. Work on my paint and weathering skills and work on my patience ( i tend to overdo things ) I'm happy with how she turned out. A dusty, battlefield used Sherman. So here are the photo's. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment. Tnx all for following my buildlog and for taking the time to read and write. On to the next one!!! Cheers! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  14. And now for something completly different..... I found this little kit from Das Werk in an online sale so i picked it up together with the Zvesda KV2. After spending hours planning, building and researching the RFM StuGIII i needed a bit of a breather.... something not to fancy so here she is.... i will call this one "my little tankie" ( Just because the full name sucks monkeyballs to type out everytime 🀣 ) Only 2 of them were build by Reihnmetal. The production process was slowed down so by the time the 2 prototypes were ready for field testing both the armor and the PAK38 gun were absolete so the project was abandoned. There is no known history of battle deployement. The boxart of this kit looks nice and the box itself is realy sturdy. Only 4 sprues in the box!!!! After the StuG this looks like heaven to me! 😁 This will be a fun little build. Since this was a prototype i think of doing it in a panzer grau. Keeping it simple and subtle. As always feel free to tag along, comment, shout, do whatever you want. I always enjoy the interaction with you guys! I'll keep you guys posted! Cheers!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  15. So here she is, my KV2. The Russian Juggernaut. If you are interested you can check my buildlog where you can see pictures of my various mistakes 😁 always nice for future reference. It was a nice build. I like Zvezda, they produce good kits for a good price. Nothing too complicated, just a straight foreward ootb build. I gave myself the extra challenge of adding figures and i really liked to learn new skills. I'm far from an expert but for a first time they look descent. Anyway, here are the pictures. Comments, tips, etc. Are more then welcome as always. Thanks for watching! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  16. And on to the next build. While i'm gathering resources for my Tiger project, i started with this Russian Juggernaut, the infamous KV2. This is a kit from Zvezda. Never build one of their kits before so i really don't know what to expect. First impressions: the parts look fairly clean, little flash or excess sprue. The plastic feels a bit the same like Italeri kits. It's sturdy but soft enough to work with or clean up. Altough the instructions are in Russian, the pictures are very clear so building this kit is pretty straight foreward. Today i started with the assembly of the hull and there were no problems. Lot's of small parts that add detail to the model. i'll try to work in segments as much as possible. So that i can paint up certain parts before assembly. Downside to the kit are the link and length tracks. I need to come up with a method to soften the straight upper track part to create sagg. Maybe work it with a blowdryer. I haven't decided on the direction i will take this kit. I found some pictures of a winter camo so maybe that will be the theme but as i said, i'm undecided.....we'll see... As always, feel free to tagg along, comment etc. All input is more than welcome! I'll keep you guys posted. Cheers! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  17. Here she is. The pak38 auf gp.mun.schlepper from Daswerk. You can find the buildlog in the work in progress section. ( still don't know how to direct link it 😡 ) It was a fun little build. I struggled with the link and length tracks but the rest was a welcome breeze of fresh air after the StuGIII. In the end i didn't do a pinwash. Just some light streaking and a dustcoat. Anyway, here are the pictures for you to comment on. All feedback, tips etc. Are more then welcome as always! On to the next build. A KV2 from Zvesda. I'll keep you guys posted in the next buildlog. Cheers!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  18. Here she is, my finished StuG III Ausf. G. with full interior. If you want you can check out the buildlog. ( i don't know how to add the link 🀣 ) I'm very proud of her. I spent alot of time building, painting, correcting mistakes, learning, researching, weathering etc. Anyhow, here are the pics. Enjoy and feedback is more than welcome.
  19. This is my new project. A vehicle i don't know much about so i have some research to do. The kit itself looks good. Italeri even added some PE parts. The kit comes with a basic interior. Verry exited to start with this one. I'll keep you guys posted.
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