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  1. Thanks Derno245 for the help. Pics are amazing! Roy
  2. Many thanks JeroenS. I've used rattle spray cans over the years for DIY repairs. It took a while but it was something I got some success with every so often so I should be ok. Thanks for the thinning advise too. Roy
  3. Good question. I have no idea, but hopefully somebody will chime in.
  4. Thanks for the tip Spiny. Got a pale imitation of Halfords not far from here. I don't have to use primer on all parts, do I?
  5. Thanks Old John. Time will tell how I get on. Just waiting for the glue and paint to arrive; hopefully early next week.
  6. I've read many times how difficult this model is, even for the experienced. But I feel it's the right one for me purely for nostalgic reasons because, being a Londoner, it's the bus I used to get to school and into town, (didn't like school, but liked the ride, especially upstairs where I could smoke). When I was looking for a model it just kept calling, so I gave in. I'm going in open eyed and am certainly going to give it my best shot but I know it's going to be hard. Going by the information you and others have given me I'm pretty sure I'm going to use a spray can for the outside body shell and brush for everything else. Thanks again. Roy
  7. Thanks IanJ, That could well be the answer.
  8. Very informative video. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. Thank you Old John. My build (and it's my first) is a Revell London bus 1:24. I'm not keen on getting an airbrush because if I don't keep the hobby up it'll be a waste of money. So for that reason do you think just using a brush will work on such a large model? Also, how much water to add; is there an easy formula? Thanking you in advance. Roy
  10. No worries Jenko. I guess you're referring to availability? To be honest that was one reason why I chose to use Revell Aqua instead of their enamel, because they are not allowed to deliver internationally as it's flammable. I'm new to modelling but I hope I'll find a Spanish supplier, but they seem to be like rocking horse p**.
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