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  1. I looked at Tom Proberts build sequence, its inspiring, F-dcal is able to provide the decals for the Swissair Dc-8.
  2. Still working on the Mach 2 DC-8, however I have lost the clear plastic windshield part so this might end the build of this model. I was wondering if it was possible just to obtain that part without having to re-purchase the entire kit. I'm trying to re-construct the dc-8 nose myself but it's not going very well.
  3. I just received the Mach 2 1:72 scale Swissair Dc-8 model for Christmas and very excitedly opened it and examined the contents especially the decals. Well, there are no decals for the red part of the tail or the red stripe along the plane where the windows are or the black area in front of the cockpit. Am I supposed to mask it off and paint it myself? Or are there any decals for this model from another vendor. I was able to find any in Joydecals or some of the other vendors I have dealt with. Thank you.
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