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  1. Cheers for the reply Paul Was kind of thinking along the lines of halford rattle cans for primers etc then air brushing larger parts body work and the like and detailing with brushes after, luckily I'm just in the process of building a commercial spray booth with drying for work, I knew it would come in handy!! Acrylics I think is probably the way forward I may buy a few from various manufacturers and see how they go ... So more studying is required! Mike
  2. Really basic question...I feel foolish for asking So first model after 30 odd years, I initially started looking for a Porsche 996 cabriolet, but after looking at the kits available nowadays I fell in love with the italeria alfa romeo 8c 2300 roadster. So whilst waiting for its arrival I've been doing a bit of research into the car engine colours etc. Which now has led me onto paints.. oh dear can of worms! So where do I start? Is there a reccomend manufacturer of metallics for the engine, realistic colours brass iron aluminium colours? And the best general paint for the other bits? Adhesive recommendations? Sorry ultra basic questions I know... so the plan is so far to assemble the kit and spend some time researching and finding missing details that can be added. Hopefully that will tie in with my real day job as an antique restorer and keep me even busier! Any other advice things to avoid, buy, do etc would be greatly received... regards Mike
  3. As the title really I've been reading and following britmodeller for a while and in awe of the standard of all your models, they are all truly amazing. So after 30 odd years I've decided to have ago again, I went from plastic kits motorcycles and cars to rc planes. Wow how much has stuff moved on? 3D printing!! (I'm not computer literate at all) incredible So I'm off to try to find a suitable model, hopefully a porsche 996.1 (1999) convertible, only reason being is im lucky enough to own one, any recommendations? I'm sure I'll have lots of questions to ask! Regards Mike (from sunny London)
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