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  1. Thanks I’ve done that so I’m hoping to get a good result
  2. Thanks there seems to be some very mixed feeling round Italeri I’ve sent them an email so I guess I’ll just have to wait and hope to get a reply.
  3. Yes sorry I wasn’t clear I was wondering if italeri replace parts you have lost like Airfix does
  4. I bought it of a model store on Amazon I don't know if that counts but I’ll have a look
  5. Thanks for the reply I have heard that italeri has awful customer service and that if you email them you have to wait for months just to get a rude reply saying they can’t help you. I also probably can’t make the piece due to its shape but I may have to give it a go thanks for the suggestion
  6. Hi I somehow lost a front landing gear door for a italeri 1/48 Saab jas 39 A Gripen anyone know were I can find a replacement
  7. Thanks for the help the label of the thinner doesn’t say what is in it but I suspect your right.
  8. Sorry I’m new to the website Thanks for the heads up
  9. I usually use Vallejo model air so im Not to experienced with thinners for airbrush I have thinned tamiya x-10 with Vallejo colours before and had good results but does anyone now if it works on their other paints?
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