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  1. Thanks @Mark_1984 it’s just my first build so everything could be not so perfect as like experienced builder. ^^
  2. Hi @Mark_1984, sorry for the attachments are not displayed properly. I fixed the image links. That would be okay for now. By the way, it would be nice to share a little bit of how things are going. Applying decals to some parts after the paints have been dried out. To be honest, that would be a nightmare to work with those decals for the first build ever. But yeah, in the end, the results are more than great. Enjoying
  3. Hey @Mark_1984 maybe it's an issue of vbulletin when surfing on mobile view, on desktop view, it's fine.
  4. Attached all the parts of the handle bar, that looks gorgeous compared to the original handle bar from the kit itself.
  5. Thanks @Sabrej. It is also a bit tricky to build using Top Studio. But in the end, the result is great! Here are some more updates: - After attaching the magnets to the cowlings and frame, I tested it out. Super cool stuff. Now I can snap on the cowlings without using the screws. More parts are painted. Frames, cowlings, pipes, wheels... The engine is on its shape
  6. So guys, I’m the fan of details then I decided to start build this bike RC213V cause it looks gorgeous. I know this bike has been there and being built by many amazing builders so want to experience how when you finish a build. my stack is of course, Tamiya Honda RC213V, Top Studio Super Detail-up set, Top Studio chain. Here are some images of the on going build.
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