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  1. Here is a video link to a Bandai 1:850 Voyager model built with the Inner-Light customisable lighting & sound solution from scalectronics.com https://youtu.be/YKPJqvLBIrI Some images below:
  2. To celebrate the launch of the Inner Light lighting and sound system, I am offering a £10 discount relating to any orders of the 'Base Lighting System Starter Kit' purchased through http://www.inner-lights.com To qualify for the offer, you must contact me via the Britmodeller forum (so I know you are a Britmodeller forum member, and have been one for at least a few months) within 24 hours of purchasing and mention the promotional code: BRITMODELLER10 The £10 refund will then be sent to you immediately.
  3. Hi - this topic is for general comments, questions and suggestions relating to the Inner Light scale model lighting and sound system. I'll do my best to answer any questions in a timely manner! Cheers - Andy
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Andy from Scalectronics, and I've spent the last 12 months developing a new lighting & sound solution for scale models called Inner-Light. I believe it is the most advanced and flexible solution currently available, and has several cool features, namely: It is suitable for any model. The LED lights used are interlocking, so you can add as many as you need for your build. Each one can generate any colour. Only 3 wires are required in total - no matter how many lights you use, they are simply daisy chained. Colours and effects
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