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  1. New for 2021 - the 10mm circular LED array is now available from www.scalectronics.com - each of the 8 nano LEDs can be controlled individually to produce many different lighting effects. Fully configurable with the InnerLight lighting and sound solution. mix and match several of these with the standard RGB LEDs used in the solution. Particularly useful for sci-fi applications, eg Star Trek Enterprise Bussard collector effects, or Klingon D7 photon torpedo launchers etc. For more details please visit http://www.scalectronics.com
  2. Here is a video link to a Bandai 1:850 Voyager model built with the Inner-Light customisable lighting & sound solution from scalectronics.com https://youtu.be/YKPJqvLBIrI Some images below:
  3. To celebrate the launch of the Inner Light lighting and sound system, I am offering a £10 discount relating to any orders of the 'Base Lighting System Starter Kit' purchased through http://www.inner-lights.com To qualify for the offer, you must contact me via the Britmodeller forum (so I know you are a Britmodeller forum member, and have been one for at least a few months) within 24 hours of purchasing and mention the promotional code: BRITMODELLER10 The £10 refund will then be sent to you immediately.
  4. Hi - this topic is for general comments, questions and suggestions relating to the Inner Light scale model lighting and sound system. I'll do my best to answer any questions in a timely manner! Cheers - Andy
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Andy from Scalectronics, and I've spent the last 12 months developing a new lighting & sound solution for scale models called Inner-Light. I believe it is the most advanced and flexible solution currently available, and has several cool features, namely: It is suitable for any model. The LED lights used are interlocking, so you can add as many as you need for your build. Each one can generate any colour. Only 3 wires are required in total - no matter how many lights you use, they are simply daisy chained. Colours and effects (flashing, fading, scanning etc) can all be configured and controlled after you install the lights, and changed whenever you want. You can control the lights with physical buttons, or via WiFi through iOS / Android apps, or Amazon Alexa / Google home. You can include multiple sound files to enhance your lighting effects. The solution is upgradable via firmware updates, which will be partially based on suggestions and comments from you all. I'd recommend you watch the demo video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4b2t-StXLc The video features an AMT Star Trek Enterprise 1701-D kit, though there is nothing in the solution which is specific to Star Trek, or Sci-Fi for that matter - the solution is entirely generic and customisable. You can find more information at http://www.scalectronics.com - any questions or comments please let me know!
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