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  1. Oops, just spotted I stuck this in the ready for inspection rather than newbie forum... Well in that case, here are more of the latest Spitfire. Had a go at doing Stapme Stapleton's machine, to go with the Franz vin Werra airfix BF109.
  2. Hello everyone, Thought I'd best stop lurking and introduce myself after a while since I've now reached the heady heights of having my own space to model in! I'm not quite sure that my other half knew what she was letting herself in for when she decided to indulge my inner nerd last Christmas by buying me my first airfix kit in over 20 years... But a year and a bit later, and after moving from Manchester to Derby for work and ending up with a bigger house in the process, I didn't even face any objection in turning one of the spare rooms into what is basically a playroom
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