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  1. 3 hours ago, beefy66 said:

    Slowly is the best way looking good with all the little steps  👍


    Slower at times, juggling the kit instructions and then 2 sets of the PE instructions certainly makes you think a lot more about the build sequence and what is sensible vs what will makes things much harder. All a learning processes.

  2. Vision express has delivered a solution to one of my problems, now I can see the fine bits in great clarity, however my first attempt at putting some PE on the funnel is less than stellar.


    The walkway has gone on ok'ish with a few supports needing reattaching, but the ladder ... well you can probably see the trail of what was supposed to be holding it away from the surface not quite being in the right place. One by one they dropped off until I decided enough was enough, the ladder will be ornamental and totally impractical to climb.




    I am working on the assumption that either this will get easier with practice or I realise my manual dexterity isn't up to the job. I am hoping the former becomes true.

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  3. Now I know my eyesight isn't great, hence waiting on some new glasses for close work to turn up at the opticians, but I have hit one of those moments.




    According to Tamiya there should be 3 capstans(?) part number D15 in picture here and it wasn't unti I had glued in place the two outboard ones that I realised that sprue D only had 2 of the little blighters.




    I am probably going to have one of those Holmer Simpson moments when someone points out it is hiding in the picture above, but for the life of me I cannot spot the 3rd. has anyone else with this kit seen the same ?

  4. 37 minutes ago, Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies said:

    her ship's log records that her decks were darkened a week or so prior to intercepting Bismarck.

    I am taking the cop-out here that she is going to be the unlikely dockyard fresh, without the scars of the Luftwaffe's visit. First time on a model such as this, getting my head round building it and using the PE patrs on a scale I have not tried before. Weathering and getting closer to realism is part of the journey for the next few models after this.

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  5. The first part of the wooden deck has gone in without too much drama, some fettling round the edges to do to get it completely flat and only a couple of points where I need to trim a bit. The eagle eyed amongst you will have already spotted where I have failed to remember to drill holes before fitting the deck, but at least the the wooden deck gives me a good reminder of where they should be. The turret and superstructure only there a quick check that there is nothing majorly amiss.




    The forcastle is still at the stage of removing various parts and rubbing down. I decided to give this end a bit of a go first to see how to fitted and whether it was worth going further with the cheap deck on this model.

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  6. Having spent a day being driven to distraction in placing the PE tops on 38 (so far) bins/lockers, I decided to have a bit of fun and try out folding the PE for the first time for a bit more of a challenge. Happy with the results so far, but this was a rather more basic bit of folding to do, lots more fun to come.



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  7. Just having driven home from a week in the wonderful Northern Scottish Highlands, it was a nice welcome home to see that the postman had delivered he Eduard photo etch sets and a wooden deck. Deck was rather cheap on ebay from a Chinese company CorMake.com - no sure whether it will end up being pain in the bottom but we live and learn.


    A quick dry fit of he deck and superstructure to remind me of things to come



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  8. Thanks for the comments, being able to share the build experience and learn from more experienced members is a great driver to do a little bit better each time.

    I dread to think what my parents used to really think when I threw together a model over a weekend, painted and  presented it as the best Spitfire/Hurricane etc.

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