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  1. Cockpit done! A bit of matt varnish needed to talk the shine off the red handle to the right of the pilot's seat since I have only just remembered to install and paint it. Not sure what the handle is for, hopefully someone can enlighten me?
  2. Quick dry fit to check that things are more or less in the right place. [
  3. To find a gauge that looked reasonable, I ended up cutting a bit of brass picture wire holding up a mirror, then unravelling it and using a single strand. I think it has worked out rather well.
  4. This pretty much finishes off the cockpit, I got stuck in the cycle of endless tweaking and decided enough is enough no-one is going to see these once installed other then the very top and I have got to the point where I am happy enough to leave it here.
  5. Too much work gets in the way of doing more interesting things so slow progress. Started working on the QuickBoost seats this morning and rapidly run up against the problem of how do I get those pull handles (for want to the real term) out of the resin encasing them without breaking them. After loosing the first as it pinged off into the distance when I cut resin and forgot to use some retaining force, I gave up and reached out for some fine wire to recreate them in what I hope will end up as being rather more realistic than the perfect circles that the supplied bits give.
  6. Quite right, it is the knowledge that something is not quite how you want it that ends up wasting so much time which could be spent on the bit's that people do see.
  7. I have reached the end of my patience with tiny little bits, flying left and right then playing hide and seek and winning! So this is as as far as I can go (a few levers missing in action), onto the seats next before this can be finished off. Although I say that and look at the images and see all the flaws .....
  8. Whilst some filler dries on the wings, a bit of a play with the self adhesive photo etch. Easier to put on that I expected but very easily chipped at the edges, some touching up required at an appropriate point. Must remind myself not to enlarge the image, all the flaws leap out
  9. Thanks guys, finally found that Light Admiralty Grey is available in the Lifecolor range (UA633) so just waiting for that to arrive. However, this weekend I need to pull my finger out and get back to moving this forwards.
  10. Lovely model, makes me want to add a Sea Vampire to my shelf.
  11. Yes, the challenge now is to make it look suitably grubby! Does anyone know what colour the surface of the wing fold is painted in, light sea grey ?
  12. Lovely job there! I love the Buccaneers shape and having heard of the trials of the old Arifix kit, I am awaiting the long promised Tanmodel 1/48 but great to see such a nice job done.
  13. I have been watching yours for a while as inspiration so I am looking forward to it being completed ! Hopefully Friday if the weather is good, will head over to the Midland Air Museum at Coventry to have a look at theirs.
  14. Next step some filling and sanding of the wing surfaces as Airfix have kindly left some raised areas as well some dimplesĀ·
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