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  1. On 4/29/2018 at 7:04 AM, mackem01 said:

    Thanks for the heads up Phil. Unfortunately I'm a confirmed 1/48th man. It does lend some credence to the colour scheme though, so that's a positive.

    Also can any of you SE5 officianados tell me what engines would have been fitted to those particular aircraft?

    The particular SE5A decaled by Pheon is D 3459, from 61 HD squadron in 1918. It was powered by a Hispano Suiza engine. The Pheon website has more info and reviews of their sheet may include more information. Much of it is speculative, though based on input from authorities like Ray Rimell. 

    Those profiles you found are speculative as well. Without documentation, tread lightly.

    In 1/48 you're talking about a lot of masking. If worst comes to worse . . . (Wrong engine, and probably color.)


  2. On 1/10/2018 at 4:15 PM, Smithy said:


    it's also the reason why the Vintage Aviator has concentrated on British and German replicas.

    But not exclusively--and none more eye-catching that this:


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  3. On 9/9/2017 at 6:56 AM, Jeff.K said:

    The boxes were damaged. Some vandal wrote, in big black letters, WD on them. I am very happy. 

    Reportedly the WD stands for Warehouse damage, and it's to keep them from being resold at full retail. But like you, the box on mine was the only thing marred.

  4. Aviation artist John Ficklen painted one of the 4 Camels flown by David Ingalls while he was attached to 213; he worked with Ingalls, who autographed the print edition. He'd said that all of his planes were 'plain, very plain'. The Osprey Naval Aces book shows another, even plainer--one pair of serials on the vertical stabilizer in gray.


  5. In honor of Von R.'s 125th birthday--and the kit's 58th(?)--there's yet another reissue:


    but at least there's a brand new instruction sheet for it.


    incidentally, Von R's choice of red, according to Ray Rimell, may have been the same reason for many other pilots' color choices; red was the facing color of his old regiment.

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  6. 12 hours ago, HMSLion said:

    Peter Jackson clearly has a lot of input, but I'd also like to see some French aircraft.  That being said, WNW has a strong habit of going for the lesser-known but still important types.  Something like a Hanriot HD.1 would be right down their alley - used by several Allied air forces in significant quantities, but nobody's heard of it.

    I think it's an ideal choice. Very good at its intended job in  two theatres, a simple build and relatively easy rigging, and an array of colorful schemes--or Italian monotone schemes, with colorful markings. A simple extra sprue for the floatplane version, with French and US markings. 




    And it's a very good looking airplane, from any angle.

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  7. On 2/2/2017 at 4:54 AM, dekenba said:

    WNW are not an ordinary company. They produce whatever Peter Jackson fancies. He underights the operation, so they are not driven by the market or sales in the same way as other model companies. 

    Which may explain the hint of the irrational in the lineup. One French aircraft modeled? The old story was that the Hobbycraft Spad and Camel (the good ones) prevented a WNW release of same, but that's hard to believe, based on the overlap of WNW/Roden kits, and now the WNW Camel. A Spad would be monster--certainly more so than a Roland DVI. Apparently the French and American and Italian, (and half the postwar air forces in Europe) market have been written off.

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  8. As  a whiffer, you can paint it any way you'd like, but the ideal is to make it look almost real. Over on one of the flight sim boards, someone proposed  a squadron marking for Biggles' squadron: a hollow square between the roundel and serial rectangle, a little larger than the solid square of 28 Sqn. So far as I know, no other squadron used this, and it has that basic 1918 RFC/RAF minimalism. 

    The serial could be from an unbuilt order; B & P had the full F9496 - 9695 canceled. The letter? B, of course--it's a high flight leader's letter anyway.

    And if I was doing it, all of the above on a worn, weathered Camel, based on actual pictures or a good profile--no cowlings so polished you could use as shaving mirrors, no wood that looks like antique cherry. 


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