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  1. Compare and contrast: https://modelingmadness.com/review/w1/tc/tmcpd3.htm https://modelingmadness.com/review/w1/tc/tmcpfalz.htm Same reviewer, same plane, different kits. He lays out the differences well.
  2. Apparently the bonus in the Aoshima 1/700 HMS Cornwall kit is a old S-class DD--HMS Tenedos. http://https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10633864
  3. A little background on a squandered airplane. http://www.dingeraviation.net/henley/hawker_henley.htm
  4. Anyone remember this?
  5. Charles Pears' painting--probably from life--of QE in 1918. Only one platform.
  6. And a little farther back, Mervyn Johns (R.E.8's) Bob Cratchett was Biggles:
  7. One option, but not for the faint of heart: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234982308-1350-hms-storm/
  8. tomcervo

    Aoshima Norfolk

    Not all that surprising, really. More news here: http://www.modellmarine.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5463:spielwarenmesse-nuernberg2019-bericht&catid=185
  9. tomcervo

    ICM 1/32 Gladiator

    Clear your workbench . . . https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-32040-gloster-gladiator-mk-1--1191383
  10. Mine arrived two days ago. The one piece hull is one of the most complex sets of shapes ever, and the molding is beautiful. The finish as well. I'd be afraid to try modding it to make a Group II. Maybe Pit Road will think of reissuing theirs--or someone else will copy it in injection. I'm so far planning on a Far East boat. Every pic I've found of them out there shows a dark overall color--any clue if it's blue or grey?
  11. And now it's in stock. https://starling-models.co.uk/gb/2_starling-models?orderby=price&orderway=desc
  12. No, it's not WNW level of detail, but as originally marketed, it was a long way below the WNW price. Even today I think a new issue would sell for less than half the WNW lowest price. It's a kit that can be built right out of the box as a fine representation. And as we see here, in the hands of a master, a masterpiece.
  13. The Hobbycraft molds for this kit seem to be in the same warehouse as the Lost Ark.
  14. That picture of Rhys Davids: Rhys Davids himself wrote, "Isn't it comic? He did me wearing my flying kit, a flying cap and burberry, sitting down in a chair and looking nowhere. I didn't think it was like me, but I'm no judge." Upon viewing it after her brother's death, Rhys Davids' sister Vivian wrote: "It certainly grows on you.Painting him like that with his cap on has made his face look so absurdly long, but I was more reconciled when I discovered that quarter smile; an expression in which he seems to be just sucking in his cheeks, so as not to laugh, and saying, 'Lord , what futile rot this all is.'"
  15. http:// https://airfixmodelworld.keypublishing.com/2018/05/21/royal-navy-delights-from-starling-models/ Royal Navy submarine fans are in for a treat, as the second release is the T-class Group III vessel HMS Tabard, which will be available in 1/350 as a single kit, and 1/700, the latter supplying sufficient parts for one full-hull and one waterline model. These will also be accompanied by PE and turned brass accessories and are planned for the third quarter of 2018.
  16. There's even a model: http://www.imaco.com.hk/cgi-bin/prod.pl/id/IMA01192 Pix of their Gannet here: http://www.imaco.com.hk/cgi-bin/prod.pl/id/IMA02192
  17. About the most honest and balanced assessment of the man I've read. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4397566-bader-s-war
  18. It was in A Good Clean Fight (his best, I think) that DR thanked Bob Spurdle for his insights. I started out recommending it as the best Mel Gibson movie never made--now I say Tom Hardy.
  19. One of DR's sources was Bob Spurdle, who in his own memoir described (without naming) the actual Moggy. When he had a fatal crash on the runway, Spurdle mentioned the pleasure it gave him to walk through that area and think that bits of "Moggy" were still underfoot.
  20. Your wish came true. The colors are still up to debate. https://www.hobbysta.eu/se5a-night-fighter-148-p-68387.html
  21. There's also that disreputable couple that came with the Encore Blue Max Pfalz.
  22. The particular SE5A decaled by Pheon is D 3459, from 61 HD squadron in 1918. It was powered by a Hispano Suiza engine. The Pheon website has more info and reviews of their sheet may include more information. Much of it is speculative, though based on input from authorities like Ray Rimell. Those profiles you found are speculative as well. Without documentation, tread lightly. In 1/48 you're talking about a lot of masking. If worst comes to worse . . . (Wrong engine, and probably color.)
  23. Why not go for broke and start praying for Mannock's Nieuport 17?
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