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  1. amazingly clean PE work Si, are those solder joints as strong and permanent as they appear?
  2. using pictures cut from old publications and pictures in the public domain, I'll decorate the base with King Tiger themed images. with the glass trial fitted on the model. Note I did the red edging to the cuts after this trial fit.
  3. Spoke to the Veteran drivers and they all remember the clips being exactly where you have got his SMG laying, on the battery box lid.
  4. you've done an amazing job on the crew and stowage, there was no right or wrong way to stow a FV432, nothing ever suggested as each vehicle was kitted out differently and there are so many variations of role, even within one Infantry Battalion, so yours is just fine. as I mentioned, with the hatches constantly open at the top rear (Mortar Hatches, even if it's not a mortar wagon) our driver would cover everything in the sponsons with a kip sheet to keep the dust of Soltau out, when I was with Rifles, we had a L37 Turret so dust wasn't an issue and the stowage was like your model. The driver had a SMG stowage clip right up front on the forward right of the driver. But I can't remember if it was on the forward slope glacis plate or the right upright armour of the side. I'll ask my driver on facebook, see if he remembers...
  5. Of course a model like this could never survive unprotected, the household dust alone would write it off in months. And lets face it, people can't keep their fingers to themselves. So glass is our best defence. I order mine in 3mm from my local glass cutter. using the assembled case to mark out the cardboard underbase. Glass, adds class, but the green base looks a little bare, it needs some historical context.
  6. the cut edges picked out in red to highlight the sectioned hull and turret. the uncut side
  7. Thanks Colin, it's coming along. Here is the tressle made from plasticard to support the cut side of the hull the same height as the uncut side.
  8. the instruction sheet showing the gun trunnions. dry fit of the turret. view upward from the hull
  9. pleased with how the kit has gone together so far. Gunners sight and turret COAX
  10. turret floor painted, started on the main armament.
  11. you're making another masterpiece Si, and what a subject too, there's an old saying that if something looks right, then it is right, that applies perfectly to the Centurion. For it's time, the best tank in the world.
  12. good idea, it's always a question of how far to go, I want to show them but you know there are people out there that take advantage of people's helpfulness, I'll remember your Idea in future, cheers.
  13. couple more of my colleagues over on Tanks, couple of view that may give you some inspiration Nick.
  14. not a great picture of my oppo Jack, but you can just see the cages and stowage on the sponsons behind him.
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