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  1. just making sure the turret floor would be able to rotate without fouling the hull. Not correctly orientated as the floor space would be on the loaders side. the kit doesn't come with a gun breech, so I'm making one out of plasticard.
  2. the turret has two baskets, on for the main turret and one small one for the commanders sub turret, the Tank commander can't access other areas of the fighting compartment due to the protective cage around his pedestal. Loads of scratch building to go in there. the engine bulkhead with a extractor fan from the fighting compartment to extract to the engine compartment, also has a access panel to go in there.
  3. with all the running gear assembled it's time to take a look inside the hull. typical of black label, it's an empty shell, I'm going to draw a few rough sketches of the inside equipment, such as the Mullens auto ejection system, the commanders position and the gun breech just so the open commanders hatch gives the impression that it's a tank not an empty shell. the lower hull will help me measure in the turret turntable/basket floor. but I'll start with the basics, the engine bulkhead and the floor under the turret basket.
  4. the track is flexible enough, and detailed enough too. That can get some rough treatment with brissle brush and rag to weather them without links falling apart. as the gun protrudes over 14 feet from the front of the tank, it's prominent enough to deserve the Aber gun, so I'll join the two halves together right now for a direct photo comparison between kit and aftermarket.
  5. My third black label kit after the MTB 70 and Saladin. So I have great expectations for this as they were great builds. Loved every minute of them. This is a kit I have long wanted to make as the subject matter is a great story, and relevant to today, with the Conqueror developed out of fear of the Soviet tank threat after the JS three Pike turned public and made Allied faces go white. My own interest arose when I joined the Infantry as a boy Soldier and fired a 66 law at one, and wondered later what the hell was that monster hulk on the range. So lets take a look in the box. Large parts count and typical of Black Label, 65% in the suspension, if I wanted to make this on uneven terrain, it would be possible. But a Tamiya T62 I recently made from the 70's has the suspension molded as one part with the hull, how far we have come in this hobby Gentlemen, it's a very grown up Business. two piece vinyl track, I'll be looking closer at that in a bit. No interior with Black Label, the Saladin didn't have detail on the inside surfaces of the hatches, They are external models. But looking at the list, what a list. ONLY DEDICATED ARMOUR FANS. see what I can do to add hatch open detail. So if you peek inside, it's not a empty shell like a Target hulk.
  6. the hull in OD, the running gear fitted after dry brushing with several tones of matt black the real tracks are two rubber bands bolted together with steel grousers the gun parts cleaned up, painted and ready to go on.
  7. gun parts torn down and re- built better. the drivers pane kit part is too big, so I cut out a fresh one that will fit flush in the frame far superior to the original piece.
  8. at this point, before the gun goes on it reminds me of a snow trac. different motor though, this has a VW Beetle Engine.
  9. Cheers for dropping by Guys, hope you're enjoying this blast from the past. checking the hull, building up the side frames and adding the broken off axle stubs using the physical fit to make good, strong contact points. joining the upper and lower hull sections, checking for contact and good welded joins. cleaning up the road wheels and tracks of seam lines, flash and sprue stub, coat of base black. the light brush guards are too thick so I replaced them with scale thickness pe frame, but the lights need moving further back. the hull in grey primer.
  10. using pe from the spares box, (never throw anything away) to reinforce the track guards as per the kit molding. Checking for Square. replacing the damaged front bulkhead, the three foot peddles are Gas, Brake, and the one on the right side is for opening the forward hull drain.
  11. welding this in from underneath to avoid any visible marks showing above, dribble the liquid cement into the joins using gravity.
  12. examining the upper hull, the track guards look pitted and rough. these will be replaced with styrene sheet. using sprue cutters for those tight angles. One side at a time. measure twice cut once, the new lengths dry fitted for size.
  13. The US Army M56 Self Propelled Anti Tank Gun is such an interesting vehicle, I'd like to make one in 1/35th scale, but untill one comes out, I'm stuck with the very rare kit of the 1/40th Revell offering from the 1960's.... Mint unmade examples are going for shedloads of dosh, for such an old and basic, by todays standards, kit. So this is the only game in town if you want to make an M56. Making a unstarted, mint boxed kit of this for a few hundred quid would be rather rash, so there are many made up models out there, little Jimmy with the Britfix glue is what you get, and lets face it, we all made them like that once, where welding the model together in such strength it would be enough to hold the QE2 together. So this is what I was faced with. easing this apart will require care. breaking it down did incur a few minor breakages, but not too bad. The whole lot submerged in DOT 4 Brake fluid for a few hours once the paint had softened and mostly swept off the model parts with a paintbrush, I was left with bare plastic, drained the fluid, and washed the parts in soapy water before being laid out for examination.
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