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  1. Deleted - you know the rules, don't try to circumvent them.
  2. Thanks 'Nigel Bunker' Ha Ha Ha. I stand corrected, but it was a feature of the Jimmy Young radio show in the '60's (that's 1960's, not 1860's - LOL)
  3. No 'Ed Russell', although it may have a bearing on it! Just a phrase coined by Jimmy Young meaning 'ta ta for now'.
  4. Final comment - 'It certainly is sorted'!!!! 'TTFN - BYE FOR NOW'
  5. Can a moderator please close this topic, as there are photographs that could be copyright and should not be one. We don't want to upset anyone else!
  6. Hi 'bzn20'. You wouldn't believe it but after waiting for a response from Westair, I received an email just now. Hallelujah! The guy said he has passed my email onto someone called Jonathan. Unfortunately, he is on holiday at the mo, but will research the family archives for me when he returns. So I don't think there is much point me phoning them, otherwise the guy would have been able to give me the information in the email. Many thanks for your response and info. Best Regards Weeman Still no word from 'Westair'. 9 days lapsed now so not hopeful!
  7. Thank you 'emira'. Brilliant! I think with the photo's and information you have provided to me, and along with 'T-21's contribution, I have a great chance of achieving the model of the Westair DH-89 that I wanted. Plenty of help from everyone else. I'm a bit disappointed (actually a lot!) with Westair. Two emails and a letter and not even an acknowledgement. I know they are on Facebook, but I will not contact them again. Pretty disgusted really, but we seem to find this with a lot of web pages. They only seem to respond when we are 'shelling out' money to them or lavishing praise on them in their feedbacks. Not so with this web page though!. Many thanks to all who have contributed (so far!) Best Regards Weeman Just noticed that 'DVJ' and 'CZP' are DH-86's (not DH-89's), but thanks anyway. And thanks for the 'short lived' colour photo!
  8. Hi Graham. Yes, it does seem confusing. The main issue is definitely the lack of colour photos/illustrations. Me thinks if I don't get a reply from the letter I sent Westair, then it's 'Goodnight Vienna' for this project. Do you ever get the feeling of starting something you shouldn't have?
  9. Hi 'Rob G'. Thanks for your input and info on Facebook. I will make a note of your advice. However, I will still not bother with FB unless I need to PM someone, or get a PM back. I have got a bit tired of FB over the years, and Twitter is even worse! Many thanks for responding though. Best Regards Weeman
  10. Hi 'T-21'. Now I'm confused. The photo I have of G-AJKW has a triple cheatline!. And they look different shades. You may be right with what you say about the colours on your photo, but I think unless I get certain confirmation from Westair, I will abandon this. I know we have 'modellers license' but I don't think there is any point unless it's near accurate. Many thanks for your response. Best Regards Weeman
  11. Thanks for the reply 'Miggers'. I Didn't think anyone would bother anymore as I re-titled this post as 'closed'. Yes, I am aware Westair are on Facebook, as I am also a member, but I stopped using it months ago as I got fed up with the rubbish posts. I posted a letter to Westair this morning as a last resort before I abandon the project. You are welcome to try them on FB if you wish. You will probably have more luck than me. I guess I'm one of those who most people take no notice off !!!!!. Once again, thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Best Regards Weeman
  12. Hi. Not sure if this is the right area for this question. I have found a photo of a DH89 of Westair Aviation (Blackpool). As it was taken in the early '60's, it is in B+W. I have tried to find someone who knows what the colours / livery of this aircraft was, so I can construct a model. Is there anyway of identifying what the colours may be? Even a 'guesstimate' would do. I have emailed Westair twice now without response, so I am close to abandoning my project. I hope that maybe some of the guys and gals out in the 'britmodeller world' will be able to help. If I am in the wrong area, please let me know. Best Regards Weeman
  13. Well I think it's time to abandon my quest for Westair of Blackpool DH89 colour or livery scheme. Emailed Westair twice now with not even an acknowledgement. But I guess that's life. The Air Illustrated paperback I got gives no clues either. Thanks to everyone who responded to this post.
  14. Thank you for the information 'bzn20'. The photo of 'JKW' is better than the one I found. All I need now are the colours! Still no reply from Westair, so I guess they've 'binned' my email! I'll keep trying for and answer though. Regards Weeman
  15. Thanks for that Graham. I looked for the Air Britain book on Amazon. There was just one but the asking price is £59.94!!!!!. Far too much for me. However, I found an Ian Allen 'Air Illustrated Special' paperback on 'ebay' for £4.99 (It was £15.67 on Amazon!). Probably not got the same detail, but the reviews are good. The 'soul-less' comment I made was directed at commercial aircraft really, as they all seem to be the same aircraft with mods (bit like cars now). I know there are still quite a lot of the 'oldies' still maintained and flying. Indeed most of the Military airshows feature them, as the expense and security issues are meaning there is less Military aircraft present. But then again, Military aircraft are looking the same as well. Guess that's the cause of CAD design! It's good how we start with one subject and digress to another. It's a Great website! Regards
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