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  1. Hello This is my last project, Poland schneider 75 mm cannon in harness horse cannon itself is a Polish model and the horses and the military is casting resin companies Mmmodel scale 1/72 I invite you to watch
  2. Hello recently released a new model of our "Spark", he is very good, has a lot of parts, vinyls, version, and a large photo - eadhed
  3. TonyTiger66if you need materials to the hypothesis of this I have a lot of plans and a lot of liveries We are happy to help you
  4. Dmitry I'm pretty well versed in Polish models, if you are interested in something that I will help Regards
  5. CliffB , very nicely done purely model, my resin model was perhaps easier to build than the short run
  6. nice to know that they are cool Potez, unfortunately I not photographed my bonding Gill is in the model I'll take the model from my colleague and photograph if your model Potez is somewhere in the forum?
  7. hello friends present model Potez XXV, Polish Aviation This aircraft was produced in Poland under license in the years 1928 - 1931. In the end they produced a total of 300 pieces in two versions: the classic finding Potez XXVA2 and combined reconnaissance bomber Potez XXVB2 at 47 aircraft Potez XXVA2 after minor remodeling of the front part of the fuselage in 1936 Lublin Label Aircraft. They combined into one engine PZL Bristol Jupiter VIIF My model is Potez XXV A2 version reconnaissance planes were used in Poland for the outbreak of war in 1939 in flight schools, aircraft painting comes from the aviation school in Deblin. The model itself is a resin company MMmodel, additionally photo-etched plate. some photos
  8. Hello This is my project done echelon of the German railway, it will be several covered wagons, several platforms and one a coach officer, a long time ago skliłem wagon officer his photo the car is still 10 figures tankers, boxcar with soldiers, type "opellen" boxcar type "Kassel" even without the "host" next in preparation
  9. model is not high quality, you have to use a lot of putty, the hull is badly fits because I did not do valorisation
  10. Cant 506b, in November 1937 years staying in Italy a delegation of Management of the Navy started talks in the factory CRDA on the purchase of aircraft for the Marine Air Squadron. Italian side accepted the conditions and agreed to the introduction of equipment Polish production. On 30 July 1938 an agreement was signed to provide the Polish 6 planes CANT Z.506B, while supplies were to be held in three terms after 2 planes from 26 June 1939 until 26 July 1939 year. Polish to reach only one of the planes that flew on 27 August 1939 from Italy to Puck, through Yugoslavia, Hungary and Slovakia. The aircraft was armed, but according to international regulations during the flight over foreign countries had no ammunition on board. On September 1, 1939 after the bombing of the Marine Base Squadron Air Puck, it was decided to evacuate the aircraft into the country. It started on 2 September 1939, going first to Modlin, but was forced to launch the Vistula near Kozienice. Then, on September 6, it was ferrying the lake Siemień near Parczew, where on 11 September 1939 was destroyed during an air raid German planes. Model Supermodel- done with the box, and the same painting is presumed that as not been preserved photos
  11. Electra in painting a civil airline LOT, curiosity is a red and white stripes have been painted at the outbreak of the war 1939 years as rapid identification This processing model Airfix Hadson
  12. more photos so it will look at the diorama car is a Fiat 621 and a model of the Fokker 1 motor also Vacu this plane who p withdraw from the civil service went to the army
  13. Jest to model Fokker produkowane w Polsce na podstawie wersji licencyjnej bomby Były one wykorzystywane do początku lat 30. wojnę w 1939 roku momencie wejścia do użycia PZL - 37 "Łoś" używany jako transportu. Broplan model biznesowy Vacu formy Pozdrawiam
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