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  1. Hello I'd like to make a civilan french Hornet Moth so i'd like to know what could be the interior color ? I can imagine that it was a customer choice but me be one of you know what was the colours proposed by De Havilland ? Light grey as for the Tiger moth (but in this case what was the leather seat color ?), red as we see on restored Moth ? I am perplex Thanks a lot for your help Best regards Matt
  2. Hello Oh Thanks a lot John & Carlos. So i'll go with RS kit ! @John Aero, i only have very bad drawing (i think coming from the one you send). If you have better it will be very very sympathic Best and thanks again Matt
  3. Hello everybody I would like to do a Miles M.11 whitney Straight in 1/72... but i am not very sure for my base... Is the miles magister could be a solution for wings or M.2 Hawk major from Plastic passion ? I am full of doubt :-) Thanks for your help :-) thanks Matt
  4. Thanks a lot Martin ! For the fun, how drawings cans fit with planes sometimes... Even if i know that there are no perfect pic ... we are far from reality...
  5. Hi everybody ! That's my first message on this forum ! I recently discover that French AF used in 1940 Hornet & Leopard Moth. This planes cames from civilians and were take by AF in 1939 at the beggining of the war. At the moment, i'm still searching in what kind of unit they were used (school or communication it seems), but the most important is that i'd like to make this plane in 1/72... In fact i am searching good drawings of this two planes... I recently buy the Stuart Mc Kay Book but no drawing in it For the Leopard i had the "awful" Vami model kit wich needs a lot of works. I also have (found on web) the old "Flights" drawing wich seems to be faulse in many points... For the Hornet, no kit exist, but i hop to make a conversion with the new airfix DH 82... but for this i need a good drawing... Does anyone of you can drive me to a good source for making a godd work on this two marvellous little planes ? Thanks a lot !! Best Regards Matt
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