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  1. Yeah this sounds like a good idea. Thanks! Thanks!
  2. Perfect! Thanks so much. Hmmm.... interesting. I might try a dab of green here and there and see how I like it then.
  3. Hi all! I am working on an A-6E Tram in two tone gray. What colours would you recommend for the panel/rivet line wash? I am thinking that black will be too stark, especially on the bottom. Would you use dark gray? Thanks in advance!
  4. That is what I thought - thanks!
  5. Hi all! I am building an A-6E Tram, and the instructions tell me to paint the interior of the nose wheel cabin "interior green." Can this be correct? I would've assumed they should be white. I can't find any pictures anywhere that show this aircraft with green landing gear bays.
  6. Yes, that helps. That was one thing that I had trouble with. Once I had the roundels on, there didn't seem to be room for the serials. Maybe they can overlap the roundels? I could have slid the roundels over more, if I had planned more carefully. (Although there are lights there, so I am not sure how much more room I could have created.)
  7. Thanks for the replies guys! Up next: Academy 1/72 B-17G "Special Nose Art Edition." I am tackling another NMF right away so that I don't forget all the stuff I just learned.
  8. Hi all; This is my first post... go gentle! Here is my Academy 1/48 Spitfire FR. MK.XIVe. This is only my 4th completed kit, and the one I am happiest with so far. This is completely OOB, no aftermarket parts were added etc. This is also my first kit working with an airbrush. I certainly learned a LOT making this, and I am looking forward to the next kit. I think some of the weathering is a bit overdone, but some of that was to cover up mistakes I made etc. For example, at one point I sprayed a bunch of rubbing alcohol out of a stuck syringe while trying to clean it, and got a nice line of drops all across the bottom of the plane, completely dissolving the silver right through to the plastic. I welcome any critiques at all. I am sure there are flaws in the kit, but as I said this is OOB and I was mainly concentrating on learning techniques, mastering my airbrush etc. Thanks for looking! - phil
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