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  1. Purchased a detail up kit (Hobby Design) from China, worked out £5+ cheaper than purchasing in the UK. Only problem is that is doesnt include tow eyes or door hinges which I really wanted for opening doors. Along side Bare-Metal foil - aluminium and SMS 1/24 carbon fibre twill weave. Started to build the footwell/floor to match up with the interior..
  2. Thanks a lot, the only photoetch kit I could find in stock was at Hiroboy, its £17.99 +£3 postage though, which is quite a lot?! Already purchased Tamiya TS-17 which it recommends for the body and a few additional acrylics.
  3. Thanks Warren, Slow progress.. Bought some 2mm copper tube (almost perfect scale) to make a roll cage for the car, as per the original. Snug fit.. Using the only photo on the web of the chassis I started to make the front part of the monocoque. Then corrected the front nose to make it correct to the later cars.. Scale Carbon Fibre purchased, need to buy a photoetch detail up kit for it!
  4. Hi everyone. My first ever build, the 1989/90 spec Sauber C9 by Tamiya. Never build a proper model before, but I love this car, so it was a good place to start. Will hopefully end up as below, with some photoetch parts and carbon fibre/kevlar decals.. Firstly separated the front panel from the centre section, then also removed the front spoiler from the base. Whole front end separated. Only isse is on the later spec cars, they used a larger front spoiler lip which looks better, so custom making a new piece to fit out of some old plastic. Thats it for now, need to get some paints and order the p/e and scale carbon fibre.
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