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  1. Hi all Well it's been a really long time since I updated this; in the end I varnished between the coats of paint and rubbed it back to get a decent finish. Looks ok to my eyes! It also had the added bonus of weathering the look of the aircraft - toned down the white too as it looked a bit stark. Correct decals for his aircraft are on too. Still not finished, lot of tidying to be done (looks rougher in the photos) - actually took a backward step today when my daughter broke the 0.5 browning off the nose cone - could have been worse - have to have the reflexes of a world class keeper when my daughter has a balloon! Anyway onto some more photos:
  2. Hi all Sorry if this is in the wrong place! Looking for a case to display my 1/72 Halifax in. Anyone got any good suppliers? Thinking of a square or rectangular glass or acrylic (acrylic probably safer) case with enough space to display a name plate. Need a supplier for the name plate too! Can you get logos etched onto the name plates? Thinking of the RAF crest for the relevant squadron. Thanks in advance Adam
  3. You are completely right - the moan above was written in anger at the time, now I have had time to cool down overnight and had a look at the paint job in the cold light of day? Well it still looks terrible but possibly if I put a second coat of the paint on and then rub it back it could save it.Otherwise I would have to strip the model but that would mean repainting the white too - Sorry for the rant - maybe like a lot of things in life it is operator error. Stand at ease all Adam
  4. Problem is due to the cutaway I had to brush paint them, would have preferred to airbrush but masking the cutout would have been a nightmare Aww wouldn't have bothered if I'd known that
  5. Hi The Xtracrylix I have used (RAF dark slate & RAF Extra Dark Sea) are acrylics - the Vallejo primer was an acrylic - have I made a schoolboy error? Thanks Adam
  6. Yeah to be honest I had only heard good things about them - hence me buying them, just very frustrated to see them react with the Vallejo primer - my earlier post was written when I was very much annoyed. Oh well.... Off to google what's new to strip Acrylic pain now...
  7. Hi Thanks for the sympathy - just very annoyed at the moment, will try to strip I think and go back to Vallejo equivalents... Thanks Adam
  8. Hi all Had a bit of a nightmare with Xtracrylix paints, see post below: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234999888-xtracrylix-paints-rubbish/#entry2310007 In short I am now thinking I need to strip it completely and start again with paints that actually work (for me at least!) so does anyone know the equivalent Vallejo numbers for: XA1005 - RAF Extra Dark Sea XA1025 - RAF Dark Slate Thanks Adam
  9. Hello Sorry for the rather short title but I'm a very annoyed! I have spent the last few months building a tribute to my grandfather - a flight engineer in a Halifax with Coastal command including correcting many of the mistakes in the original revell kit, fitting the correct props and finally buying the correct paints from yourselves. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234995148-building-my-grandfathers-halifax/ Imagine my annoyance when I start to use the paint and they totally ruin the finish of the aircraft! The paint on bare plastic is translucent so I used a Vallejo primer, the Xtracrylix paint has 'picked up' the primer and so ruined the finish. If this was a 'normal' build this would be annoying enough but to have this happen on a very personal build is incredibly frustrating! I already emailed you directly but have yet to receive a response so am not expecting one here but I needed to vent. Adam
  10. To say I'm massively annoyed would be an understatement! Tried to paint the xtracrylic paint over the top of the dark Vallejo paint that I have used for primer both colours seem to have reacted badly! See pictures below: Any ideas? My current thoughts are to either: A) find some way to stop the Xtracrylic paints from reacting, maybe a coat of varnish? do what I think I should have done in the first place and buy Vallejo equivalents? Any ideas on the numbers? Any other ideas appreciated! Thanks Adam
  11. Hi all - little progress - after the (feels like) dozen coats of white I was hoping the grey would cover far better - unfortunately I was wrong! The xrtracrylic paints for some reason are terrible at covering! Shaken and stirred for quite a while. Anyway resorted to priming the wings and fuselage top with Vallejo black grey: Looks to be turning out alright
  12. Hi all Just a quick update - this is moving along I promise! Masked up the cockpit and turrets - what fun! Now remembering how bad painting with white paint is! Think I have now put on about 7 coats... At least a couple more needed, then need to rub a couple of places back as they are a little thick. Anyway - a quick picture of where we are now: Thanks for your patience Adam
  13. Ok so do we think that 176/177 are the parts I should be using? Had a look in the merrck book & the picture on page 96 is of a very squashed aircraft, so I must have a different issue to you - thanks for the answers though. Photos taken in Jan 1945 if that helps? Thanks again
  14. Hi all Quick question about Halifax exhausts, the aircraft I'm trying to replicate is shown below: Revell give me the following options: Which one do people think it is? Thanks in advance Adam
  15. Hi all Thanks for your patience - this is taking such a long time with having to fit it in between family time / work / building a playhouse but I've finally made a little more progress: Engine nacelles are now together: Filler looks a bit rough in places but this is the camera, looks better in person - hopefully will look if I ever get some paint on it.... Couldn't resist dry fitting the wings (in fact couldn't do a lot more as my daughter found my glue that I'd left out (my fault!) and dropped the bottle in the kitchen while bringing it in to me!)
  16. They are pretty good to be honest, had to fill a little & fettle the fit but that's to be expected.
  17. Hi all Bit of a small update - the update kit from Aeroclub along with the new propellers: And then I got very excited to cut a lot of the bits out!
  18. Hi all Quick update, thankfully the idea I had been cultivating about the cockpit area has come together and I'm pretty happy with the results: Photos aren't the best, iPad camera, but you get the idea. Just need the engine update & propellers to be sorted and I'll be able to crack on again. Thanks Adam
  19. Hi RossM That looks great - perfect - and thanks again for the decals too!
  20. Hi, thanks for the quick response - already have the 'Aeroplane' one (weirdly the best copy I could find online was in Russian!?) anyway this gives me enough detail on the fuselage but the wing root area (because of the angle) isn't shown clearly. A top view would be perfect - in the meantime would anyone have details of spar construction? How would these look viewed from the side? Plate metal? Plate metal with holes for weight saving? Or 'angle' construction (made from 'L' shaped metal)? Thanks again Adam
  21. Hi Anyone know where I could find some technical drawings of the Halifax? Ideally showing the internal structure of the aircraft in the body and the wings? Thanks in advance Adam
  22. Wow "Cees Broere" Wow that cockpit is amazing! Do you have more photos or details?
  23. Progress has somewhat stalled on this due to: 1) being away with work for most of this week but mainly... 2) I am really struggling to find the correction/update set from Aeroclub (as they have the correct props) so if anyone has any ideas that would be great. Have PMd John Aero direct - just waiting for a reply.
  24. Hi, thanks for all the interest all - hope she can live up to it! Finally managed to crack on properly with the cockpit areas, overall pretty happy with the results - especially as its the first cockpit I've ever done. The wash is a bit heavy on this one - may tone it down a smidge...
  25. Perfect! Thanks for the confirmation - the bench is really nicely done so I'm glad I can use it!
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