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  1. What would you like to see?

    A Convair Charger
  2. Douglas PGM-17 Thor IRBM

    Philip, thanks. There is a guy nearby who runs a one-man wood turning business and he gives me the run of the scrap bin and supervised lunch-hour time on one of his lathes for a case of Heiniken. You could try the Yellow Pages. This run I have 1/35th, Thor, English Electric Blue Water, Pershing 1 and Corporal. Enough for projects past,present and future. regards
  3. Douglas PGM-17 Thor IRBM

    Not as fast by now as I had planned.Couple of trips last month on family business didn't help. Still I will continue and maybe bring it to Telford. Thanks for allowing this in the GB and I am sorry it wasn't finished in time. Its been a pleasure to join in with you all and amongst such fine work. regards
  4. Douglas PGM-17 Thor IRBM

    It was Geoffrey Palmer's character that I was thinking of as I typed that but I couldn't remember his name. Thank you. regards
  5. Douglas PGM-17 Thor IRBM

    Sorry for the delay. Bit of a cock-up on the missile front. So whilst waiting for time on the machinery to make another I decided to start on the trailer. As with any largely scratch vehicle its mainly making the constituent parts and then assembly, just like any other kit. Marking out the trailer body in 30thou The forward cross-beam and rear springs Rear steering station I also managed to get the decal sheet ready. The Bomber Command crest and Doulas Logo are for the missile body,( that's an awful lot of appliance white) The rest are for the Leyland Hippo including the station crests for the cab doors. I am trying to get a move on but with this and the missile to make and the tractor to convert I may not get it all decalled/painted by the 2nd of next month.Anyway....... regards
  6. Douglas PGM-17 Thor IRBM

    WP, I found my drawing on this site Missile Plans ecardmodel.com also has a decent 1/48th drawing paper model for about 2euro/£1.50/$2.00. I also came across a free downloadable card model with some quite accurate drawings but I am now damned if I can find the site again. Hope this helps. regards
  7. Delayed for a while but everything now seems in place. Again I apologise for any breaches of GB protocols but I am new to this one. As this may be something of an involved build, I plan to attempt it in three sections, firstly the Missile,then the Trailer and finally the Leyland Hippo 19H tractor unit. Firstly the OOB photo; The 5/10 thou sheet is for panelling and the 6mm half round for the ducting that runs along both sides of the missile body. I picked up a set of 1:100 drawings over in the rocket building community, they have plans of everything over there, and enlarged them to 1/35th. The piece of 4x4 was chucked into a lathe and lots of flying wood shavings latter this appears; The figure below the missile body is ,by the way, a 1/35th scale US Marine figure. If I have time to use a figure I may go for an RAF Policeman and his dog. Plan A was to slice the wooden pattern on a saw and vac-form the missile.However the problems with that idea were, Too much like hard work and it was 2" too long for the vac-form machine plate.Natures way of telling you to go to plan B and do it the old fashioned way So panelling was the answer and it comes out like this; As of this morning its had three coats of white undercoat and the now numerous visible lumps and bumps and the resulting filling and rubbing may result in, as Capt; Oates said "My being gone for some time". regards
  8. GB Chat

    David, Thank you very much. This subject is clearly not as straightforward as I thought. More research is called for I think. regards
  9. GB Chat

    I hope that this query is in the correct section but as I am new to Group Builds on this forum please forgive me if it is not. Whilst I am waiting for a few small parts to be delivered before I can start the Thor missile buld it'self, I have been planning the conversion and build of the tractor unit. I intend to convert this Wespe Leyland Hippo Mk II GS Wagon into the RAF Hippo III 10T unit. I believe that the cab interior would be Eau d'Nil but what is the best brand for RAF Blue? Bit of a basic question I know but this is the first RAF vehicle , indeed RAF anything, that I have built in over forty years. regards
  10. A simple battered paint job, Humbrol kharki base with Tamiya Buff and pastel staining. The wood fittings were distressed with a sharp Swann-Morton and a paper nail file Added to a Lancia Armoured lorry, Henry St/ O'Connell St, July 4th 1921 Gentlemen, thank you for your kind words. regards
  11. Basically the build phase is finished. Pyro, yes they are from Mil Mod May 1980. please PM me if you want a copy.Vehicles of this vintage tend to be largely uncomplicated shapes and tend to be quite straight-forward to build, in my opinion. Next the paint shop. Thank you Sean. regards
  12. Rear passenger deck complete. Some of the smaller fixtures and fittings. Mudguards and the binicle. Drivers seat cushion, 60thou plasticard wrapped in clingfilm to give it a used look when painted and three evenly spaced dress-pin heads. Headlight and mounting bracket. ExRAF I think you are right, military vehicles of this vintage have lots of quirks and character. regards
  13. So far work on the drivers compartment floor and the rear compartment. The wood is ship modellers strip planking stuck onto 5 thou plasticard. I believe nothing looks like wood as real wood. thank you Robert but sadly no full load of constables, well maybe just one. regards
  14. This gallant band of men are from the Royal Irish Constabulary and they are patroling the Irish countryside during the Anglo-Irish War 1919-1921 in an early type of guntruck, a Crossley Aviation Wagon. This war was one of the first Urban/rural guerilla wars in which motor vehicles, ambush,roadside bomb and the gun truck/APC were common. By 1919 several thousand reconditioned and surplus vehicles from ex-RFC stocks were in service with the Crown Forces in Ireland. The Aviation Wagon, Staff Car and more well known, at least to devoted readers of the annals of Maj James Bigglesworth DFC,RFC, Crossley Tender were produced in their thousands by Crossley at their Stockport Plant,near Manchester.Every RFC and RNAS squadron had at least 10 on strength, I believe. As there is no kit, except diecasts, it needs to be built from scratch. Vehicles of this era had distinctive radiators and suspensions, so I started with them. If that was right, the rest should hopefully follow. The basic chassis. With gearbox,radiator, fuel tank and wheels temporarily added. The wheels are from a Resicast Rolls Royce Armoured car. They are 1mm larger than they should be but what the heck. Engine, transmission and drive shaft added. Finally the bonnet. regards
  15. V Force GB

    Robvulcan, If it helps, this is what I have in mind. I appreciate that this may seem a bit off the wall, indeed even taking the urine sample but I thourht I would ask. It is gloss white with big roundels all over it. But if you decide its beyond the Pale I will happily slope off back to the AFV section. regards