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  1. Slighty Larger Choo Choos

    Hi there, Any chance of a picture of your 37? Sounds like a interesting little (if that word can be used for a 37 of any gauge) engine. Nice S15 in your video as well Where was it taken? Jon
  2. My little railways

    Well, this is a really out of date thread. A lot has changed over the last few months with one project being cancelled, another started and a major project starting. Firstly, a few stock additions: Peppercorn A1 Tornado DCC Fitted BR Class 25 DCC Fitted LSWR T9 DCC Fitted GWR Hawksworth 94XX GWR 8750 DCC Fitted – Brought and run in at the Bluebell Railway’s 50th Gala explaining the Standard tank in the background. BR Diesel 04 Shunter Southern Railway Bullied West Country Modelzone TPO Limited Edition Maunsell full set of coaches, Mk2 BCK and limited edition Gaugemaster Truck Two BR Mk2s (TSO and BSO) Layout wise, my little 009 layout has been dismantled due to lack of space and a general lack of time to complete it. However, it has been replaced by something a bit bigger after its use for a school project was finished...... Namely a shelf Layout set on the..................Great Western Railway ! The layout itself Stock Likewise, for Christmas, I received a Bachmann EZ Command Train Set which has been intergrated into my main OO gauge layout. Here’s a picture of it before I added the controller into the layout permanently. Also, I’ve started work on a OO gauge working diorama which is based on the other end of the line to my main OO gauge layout. Its main purpose would be to run in new stock and to be a sort of test layout for newly repaired rolling stock to be tested on. Unlike my main OO layout, its been designed to have curves with a radius of less than radius 2 to allow a greater range of stock to be run on it compared to my main layout. Anyway, on with the pictures. As you can see, I’ve been a busy chappie since my last update. Until next time, Jon
  3. My little railways

    Evening everyone, Its been finished Here's the shots: Jon
  4. My little railways

    Well, after a couple of evenings work: here's Doveston at present. Just the main power feeds to the Track then we're ready to go again Now its looking like a proper Model Railway and is now perfect for filming use on Bullied Country. Well, once the Buildings are back on. For once, its a railway I can be proud of. Jon
  5. My little railways

    Evening, As I'm having to wait for some parts to arrive before I can continue work on the Layout itself . I have done some detailing work on the engines, namely adding headcodes to the front and rear of the engines I use the most . The Fronts: The Rears: Jon
  6. Two Short Planks that grew !

    That looks very very good You've done a fantastic job with that V. Jon
  7. My little railways

    This weekend, I've started a major scenic overhaul (aka Phrase 3 of the revamp) based on the current (and Final) track plan. This also includes the final stages of Phrase 2 to speed things up. This includes: Ballast, Grass, Point Motors on ALL points (2/6 done), full colour light signalling (completed) and a Scene Break. Also, there is to be DCC complatibily built into the set which will ease any transfer to DCC (this has yet to be designed). Anyway, here's where I'm at at the moment. Comments and Advice always and more than welcome Jon
  8. My little railways

    Hi, Sorry, I have done stuff but I've posted it over on 'The Permanent Way' Forums. Plans include DCC , grass, ballast, scene-breaks and maybe a youtube series based on it..................... Well, here's some recent shots of it: Jon
  9. Evening guys, Just wondering if anyone was going to the FREE gaugemaster open weekend either tomorrow or the day after? I'm going on the saturday personally. Jon
  10. My little railways

    Evening gents, A small update on this, no pictures I'm afraid but I'll have some on sunday. After being persuded to buy more of the Gaugemaster Signals and a pair of point motors by a 'friend' and after finding out that peco sell what I would need for a double track curved level crossing I've started a phrase 2 of the revamp of me OO. The first part has been done (no photos due to how the board's currently) which involved installing all power lines for the new point motors and colour light signals allong with adding a socket on the board and a adaptor to the controller allowing it to be removed easiler for storage while giving me more room for my switches Pics will follow later Jon
  11. The one which came in Airfix's Falklands Collection of aircraft. I managed to get down the Argentinian Aircraft (including the Skyhawk that needs decals) and here's a shot of them. Jon
  12. Evening Gents, As some of you may know (or have guessed from my sig), I'm building a collection of Falklands War Aircraft mainly from the RAF and FAA with a few Argentinian Aircraft as well. Even though a large percentage of them have either been started or finished, I've decided to do a general build thread for the rest. I'll be covering in this thread: FAA/RAF/RN My Sea Harrier FRS1s (Painting+decaling) My Harrier GR3s (Painting+decaling) My HP Victor K2 My Nimrod MR2 My Chinook HC1 'BN' My Vulcan B2 (looks finished but got a certain Pod to add to it) And about 4 assorted Falklands era Warships (HMS Devonshire, HMS Amazon, HMS Leander and HMS Fearless (Painting+decaling)) Argentinian My Mirage III (Painting+decaling) My Pucara My second Skyhawk which needs decals (Painting+decaling) And two shots of it so far: The built Aircraft To be built Aircraft/Ships and HMS Fearless Plus a unphotographable Mirage III, Skyhawk and Super Etendard due to the fact they're on the ceiling and hard to get too By the way, does anyone have a spare set of Argentine Skyhawk decals? I'm after a set for the second Skyhawk. Jon Note to Admin: Feel free to move this If its in the wrong place which I think I might be
  13. By pure chance

    Latest shot after painting. Both need touching up along with inside the intakes but overall, they've come out better than the last one so far(right shade of grey for a start). Jon
  14. By pure chance

    Thanks for the offers guys but I've looked at them this morning and only one is even remotely presentable (after a couple of quick mods) Those outriggers are what's caused it mainly. A couple of shots below (taken before any repair attempts took place). I'm therefore not to sure weather to even send that one as It would just look awful compared to the rest of the builds Your call weather you want them or not but I'm thinking maybe not...........This Time One will carry x2 Underwing Tanks and x2 Sidewinders while the other will have x2 Underwing Tanks and x3 1000IBs Bombs Jon
  15. By pure chance

    Evening Gents By pure chance, I started my two Sea Harrier FRS1s today. Both of which I said I'd do for this if I had the time.............. Both will be in 800NAS markings during the Falklands War. Hope they're still allowed to be entered even though I can't get to telford Pics Soon (most likely tomorrow). Jon