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  1. Beginner

    Hahaha I'm pretty sure white primer exists, I saw some mention of a Tamiya white primer on the net. I guess I'll be trying the white gloss and I'll let you know! How hard can it be? I might regret saying that soon!
  2. Beginner

    Now you're scaring me! I'm assuming I'll need white primer.
  3. Beginner

    That's exactly what I was thinking of doing Vlad. Using an artist pen to highlight panel lights. My first model will be a Hobby Boss Easy Assembly Mig 3 in 1/72. So the basic white paint upper and light blue underside, I'm thinking of getting these colours in gloss from Humbrol.
  4. Beginner

    Wow....so much behind making plastic models!!! I would have never thought it. I guess all I can do now is take the helpful advice from this thread and try it out. Most likely with Humbrol paints and varnishes first. To improve the appearance of panel lines, is it recommended to try and paint them black or mark them with a pen? I'm thinking that the paint can probably get very thick like Vlad has said. Maybe sribe them with something sharp?
  5. Beginner

    Turns out I can also get a hold of Humbrol acrylic paints, how are they with the brush? I've seen good things from research. One last question. Let's say I apply paint that has a matt finish, I then spray a gloss varnish so I can place decals. Once the decals have been placed, can I spray on a matt varnish finish as a final coat to protect decals and sort of reduce the glossy shine? Is it possible to apply both a gloss and matt varnish on the same model? The varnish sprays I would most likely use are the Humbrol acrylic gloss and matt spray paints.
  6. Beginner

    Interesting, I will have to try them. Are they typically a glossy finish? With applying primer from a spray can, can I just spray all the parts while they're on the sprue after giving them a clean? I'm guessing that it might be easier to apply a glossy coat and a final varnish by spraying too.
  7. Beginner

    If there's still a case of smell with either type, at least I guess acrylics can be thinned with water and can be cleaned easier. Bad to hear about Tamiya acrylics drying so fast. Which acrylics do you all use/recommend with a brush?
  8. Beginner

    Thank you so much for the information! As long as I can do everything with the brushes, I feel like acrylics are the way to go. The smells and chemicals of enamel paints had already made me lean towards acrylics anyway. In terms of which company I'll have access too, my local hobby store supplies both Tamiya and Gunze acrylics, and probably any primer and varnish these two companies also make. I've heard some good things about Gunze paint, but would love some more opinions.
  9. Beginner

    Hello everyone, I am sure there are answers to my beginner questions all over the forum, but I feel it would be easier to have one thread to refer to as I'm building my first model. I've been googling for a few hours and have been finding mixed information all over on the advantages and disadvantages of enamel and acrylic paints, the method for applying them and the method for finishing them with gloss coats / protector coats. It should be noted that I will exclusively be using brushes to paint my models. I understand that for large areas to help have an even and realistic paint surface, I should use a large flat brush. However, what motion do I use to paint? How many layers/coats of the same colour? I also found conflicting information on whether or not you need primer before you add colour. Many say just washing the kit with soap before painting is enough. Can you add primer with a brush? Which type of paint is most suited to brush painting? Acrylic or enamel? I know acrylic is easier to clean, better to your health and can be thinned with water, but many say theyre difficult to apply and can give an unrealistic appearance when painted on with brushes. Enamels are said to be easier to apply with brush, but need many different chemicals to thin and clean the brush. The final coat to seal the paint and decals is also said to be necessary, but can this be painted on with brushes or must it be sprayed? If using gloss acrylic paints, I believe I can apply decals straight onto the final coat of paint, but if I needed to apply a gloss coat before decaling, can that gloss coat be brushed on? Sorry for so many questions!!! I guess building your first model really is the most difficult! Painting seems a daunting task at the moment. Thank you in advance for any advice and help, I really appreciate it!
  10. New Modeller

    Hi everyone! I've loved the idea of building things since I was a small kid. I built everything from lego and even worked on modifying my toy cars. I love the process of making things so much that I'm about to graduate as a civil engineer. Despite this love for making things, I never really got involved in making model kits. I was always enticed by them, but never took the chance. However, now I'm starting to get more time on my hands and am looking to get stuck in. Before I do so, I just needed some advice. I've heard and read of stories of first time modellers being scared off after they try to create a skill 5 masterpiece on their first go. I do not want to make this mistake. In terms of model building, I have an interest in both war planes and war/commercial boats, but feel that perhaps starting with a boat would be too difficult, unless opinions here say otherwise. I came across a cheap $10 Hobby Boss Mig 3 1/72 kit that is supposedly 'easy assembly' that I thought might be worth taking a shot at for a first model, however the thought of finding the correct paint and glue is a little daunting for the first time (not as daunting as other first time things). Would this kit be good for a first timer? Or is there another kit that might be suited to my skills? I appreciate all advice and look forward to meeting everyone in the forums! Happy new year!