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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I have been questioning Hobby Boss' accuracy so far in my second build. They seem to be off in a lot of areas. But, their kits are great for beginners, so I'm not complaining!
  2. No filler used, although I do have some available. I'm planning to practice using it on my next build. As for the weathering, that is still something quite far on the horizon in my mind. Still a few things I want to learn very well first. Thanks for the advice!!
  3. Hi everyone, Here it is...my first ever build. When I say first ever, I really mean my first ever plastic kit build of any type. As this is the case, I'm expecting lots of critiquing, but this is exactly what I want!!! Fire away! It is the easy assembly Hobby Boss 1/72 Mig 3. I attempted the white colour scheme for the first time build. Crazy right? For the light blue underside I used a brush and for the white I used a spray can. I used a white primer for the whole thing and also added a couple layers of varnish at the end. What I learnt during the process of my first ever build: 1. Canopies are a b*tch. 2. Long, big decals like the red arrow are a b*tch. 3. Painting is really hard to get right, but is enjoyable. 4. Getting the wheels into position is frustrating. 5. Keep cats out of the workshop. 6. I want to do more more more!!! Here it is:
  4. Hi everyone, I just got myself a 3M half face 6000 series respirator for all the primer, paint and varnish spray can painting. For all those here who do use a 3M respirator, I just wanted to make sure the following particulate filter and and organic vapor cartridge is suitable for spray can paints and varnishes. I have the P95 particulate filter and 6001 organic vapor cartridge. I don't really want to continue modelling until I have this sorted out. I did start by just making sure I had good ventilation, but the thought of those fumes still lingering and making me cough at times changed my mind. Thanks for any help!
  5. Coutinho

    Zvezda LA-5FN

    I think @Corsairfoxfouruncle was being quite conservative when he said this question was like opening a can of worms. I seem to have opened another dimension. A lot of info here for a newbie like me. Time to get reading!
  6. Coutinho

    Zvezda LA-5FN

    Interesting. Zvezda and those other profiles say Captain Likholetov and this thread shows Anatoliy Ruzin. https://il2sturmovik.com/news/368/dev-blog-183/ This post here shows Ruzin's plane. Number 5 on the list. The text is in white instead of yellow however! It is basically the same appearance as Likholetov's supposed plane.
  7. Coutinho

    Zvezda LA-5FN

    Hi everyone, my Zvezda 1/72 LA-5FN just arrived and I'm a little confused by how they represent one of the colour/decal schemes in the instructions. The box art on the back shows the following extra paint schemes in addition to the green scheme on the box front cover. The 159th Squadron scheme of Captain Likholetov is what I'm interested in. In the box art above, the scheme appears to have a sort of blue camo scheme to it. However in the Zvezda instructions for the same scheme, it asks for Olive Drab and US Light Green!!!! Both of these colours had no hint of blue to them. Clearly I am quite confused by this, because googling Likholetov's 1944 Summer Camo revealed the following: I can't really see any green to this scheme at all. But further research showed this scheme too: I don't really know what to believe anymore. If anyone has some sort of instructions pointing out the colours required it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all
  8. Dilute some regular PVA glue with water, then brush it onto the surface you want to apply a decal. Once it dries, it should create a glossy and smooth surface. Sometimes it takes a few coats to get it perfect. But from the responses here, it looks like it's probably better to just varnish the whole of the plane in a gloss finish to apply decals, than just the area of application itself.
  9. Hi everyone, this question is a mix of both paint/varnish and decal topics. The underbody of my plane was painted using a matt paint finish, while the top was painted with a gloss finish paint. To apply the upper body decals I didn't require any initial gloss finish obviously. For the underbody, only 2 decals were needed on the tips of the wings, so I used the diluted PVA glue trick to make a glossy finish. I did not coat the entire paint job with a gloss varnish. A side note, this method worked incredibly well. Now, I want the overall plane to have a matte finish. Do I need to coat the entire underbody with a gloss varnish, wait for it to dry, then apply the final matte varnish layer? Or can I just go straight into the matte varnish? As I understand it, because the upperbody was already done with a gloss paint, I can just use the matte varnish to coat the paint and decals and it's done? Thank you for any help!
  10. Oh man my confidence has just been crushed... Thank you very much for the advice. I am by no means looking to build up to competition standards. I simply love all Soviet aircraft, have read of their history, do have a Russian background etc... I just want to somehow recreate the planes I've read about and AModel seems to be the only company that makes them. I have made sure that they're recent releases.
  11. Looking at the numbers again, they range from 123 to 254. Joining a club is a great idea! I am in Sydney, so I'm guessing it shouldn't be too hard to find one.
  12. Thank you for all the extra knowledge. I may attempt other mass produced kits after the Hobby Boss ones before giving the A Models a go. Maybe even the Zvezda. All of the AModels look to have numbers above 70,000, so I'm assuming that's a good thing? When you say sanding, it's just sanding edges down so they fit comfortably right?
  13. This might not fill everyone with much confidence, but this Mig-3 I'm building is the first model kit I've ever built. I am 23. However, I am finding it extremely easy, as it probably should be. The kits I purchased in 1/72: - Lisunov Li-2P/T - 1/72 Ilyushin Il-14P "Crate" - 1/72 Polikarpov I-16 Type 5/6 - Zvezda 1/72 Lavochkin La-5FN - Yakovlev Yak-8 - Yak-18A My mistake earlier, it's actually 5 Amodels and 1 Zvezda Keep in mind though, I'm in no way thinking that I'll get through all of these models in a few months and rush them. I got them simply because once they are sold out or disappear, it's probably very hard to find them again!
  14. I just purchased six 1/72 AModel kits and I am a beginner modeller. Am I screwed? (I am currently building the Hobby Boss Mig-3 and have 2 other Hobby Boss kits to further improve my skills)
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