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  1. Spray booths

    I am a newby to air brushing and have read this thread with interest. I've had my airbrush for a few months but so far it hasn't been out of the box other than to ensure it works. I don't have a spray booth yet as funds don't allow, it which is part of the reason I haven't used it. I do have a mask though which has the correct filter in it for spraying. I won't be spraying in the house for obvious reasons but am in the process of setting my garage up to spray in. Will I be ok using the mask and then bailing out after I've finished for a while or should I hang on until I can afford the booth? Also, I am working on a 1/100 scale HMS Victory I started 37, (yes 37!!) years ago but kids and work got in the way of finishing it. I am now retired and have time to finish it.. I am using Humbrol enamels as this is what I started the kit with. Will these spray ok? I know they will need thinning but by how much? Does the A300S-D really take every bit of smell and over spray out of the house?? Is it quiet? Colsom
  2. Which paint???

    Thanks for the replies. Very helpful. I purchased a Sparmax GP-35side feed airbrush with a Sparmax TC-501g compressor. I got it from a show so did get the opportunity to have go first as I'd never used one before. The seller was recommended by local club so hopefully my choice was good. It has 2 different size side pots and a pistol type trigger rather than the more usual trigger on top. I found it much more comfortable to use. The paint flow is controlled fully by the trigger. If you think I've made a bad choice please be honest. If I have then it's too late and I'll have to live with it! Cost me £90 + £130 for the compressor.
  3. Which paint???

    Hi all, I've just purchased my first airbrush. Whilst I appreciate that paint choice is, to some extent is based on personal experience, I have never used an airbrush before so would very much appreciate any advice please. Having read quite a lot of posts on painting I get the impression that Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics seem to be the most popular with fewer people favouring enamels. I have read that acrylics can clog airbrushes up quickly. I can live constant cleaning with that if it's the norm. What is the difference between Vallejo Model Air paint and ordinary Vallejo paint? Do I use matt Acryllics and then follow up with a clear varnish or do I use a mixture of gloss and matt as I did in my teens? One thing I have noticed in all the posts I've read is that nobody has mentioned Humbrol Acryllics. I haven't touched a kit for the last 40 years so, apart from the glue and Humbrol enamels, everything else is new to me. For the time being I will be working on aircraft, I might venture into other types of kits at a later date. Thanks for looking, and for your replies which, as always, well be gratefully received. Colin.
  4. Hasegawa instructions

    An even better result. I've only just realised that not only were the instructions in Japanese, I only had instructions for the catapult and not the plane. Now I have both!! Colin
  5. Hasegawa instructions

    . Hi Dave, That's another site consigned to favourites. Thanks very much. Got exactly what I wanted. Colin.
  6. Hasegawa instructions

    Hi all, I went to my first model show at Hinkley today. Having not touched a plastic kit for 40 years I was very impressed with the quality of the completed models on display. Like a child in a toy shop I wandered round and round looking at the kits on sale and ended up buying a few, as you do! Well my stash has to start somewhere. One of the kits is a Hasegawa 1:72 Catapult with ALF Kawanishi Type-94-1. I did look in the box first to ensure the bag was unopened but never thought to check the instructions, which are in Japanese. Does anybody know where I can get Hasegawa kit instructions in English? Thanks, Colin.
  7. Old Airfix Kits

    More good advice thanks. The more I delve into eBay the more I realise that the prices are ridiculous as the kits can be had much cheaper from other sellers, Kingkits to name just one. I agree with your opinion about time and effort. For me neither are an issue. I'll put in whatever effort is needed to get a good result.
  8. Old Airfix Kits

    Thanks everybody for all the excellent advice. Since I started the post I have looked at many outlets ad most of the time eBay is false economy. I also never realised there were so many companies making kits. Also discovered the IPMS website and found 2 or 3 shows close by in the next couple of months so will have a wander round them and hopefully pick up loads more advice and maybe a couple of cheap kits. Wife doesn't want to so got a free reign as well :))
  9. Old Airfix Kits

    Ask my wife. She'll give you a long list lol. Many thanks.
  10. Old Airfix Kits

    I've been hunting around eBay for kits. I'm relatively new to this fascinating hobby having not touched a kit for nearly 40 years so need something to practice airbrushing in particular along with all the other skills I keep discovering here and on Youtube. I have 4 large Airfix kits that I don't want to ruin. I keep seeing kits that are 30 and 40 years old most of which are ridiculously overpriced but every so often there's what appears to be a bargain. Are these kits, which are marked as unopened, any different to the equivalent kits available today or am I going to find them poor quality? To be honest the quality wouldn't worry me too much as all I need is something that won't matter if it gets messed up. Thanks, Colin.
  11. Newcomer

    Thanks for the welcome Richard. I enjoyed the site the first time I visited it. Col.
  12. Newcomer

    Thanks Adrian. I've been concerned about that for a while now. It's now made my paint choices easier for my existing kits. Col.
  13. Newcomer

    Many thanks to you both for the advice. You've confirmed what I was thinking. I'll look for a model show Eric. It would make choice much easier. Gonna be a while before I get to the Airfix kits so there's no rush. Checked out the conversation John. Lots of good tips. So glad I didn't just dive in head first with the acrylics. The more I read the more I'm looking forward to learning all the different techniques. I've already started downloading close up pics of the Spitfire which has already given me ideas. Watch this space as they say. It may be several months before I get round to the Airfix kits but I'll keep the forum posted on my progress. Col
  14. Newcomer

    Hi all, I'm Colin. I retired recently and decided it was time to finish my 1:100 scale model of HMS Victory I started 37 years ago then put aside when the kids were born. Also dug out a 1:12 scale kit of a P34 6 Wheel Tyrrell which got started over 40 years ago and was put to one side as I struggled with one particular bit. I have also just acquired 3 x 1:24 Airfix kits....A Spitfire Mk. VB, a Hurricane Mk 1 & Messershmitt BF109E and 1:48 Airfix Augusta Westland Merlin HC3. Having not touched model kits for such a long time I thought I'd have a few minutes looking at the Airfix site for bits and pieces. One thing led to another and lots of reading and several websites later I realised that glueing a kit together, slapping a bit of paint on and hanging it from the bedroom ceiling has long since gone out of the window. The detail that serious modellers put into their builds is inrcredible. Rather then put me off the builds it has given me massive food for thought. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist with things and as such I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. I have a million and one questions to ask so please, everybody, be prepared to be pestered. I have decided to finish off the part completed kits first. I probably won't go to great lengths to make them look weather worn or anything like that. I have one question I would like answering though. I started the kits with Humbrol enamel paints. I am curious about acrylics though which I've never used. If I finish the kits off with acrylics will they look odd or is the difference negligible? Can acrylics be brush painted without leaving lines or should I bite the bullet and buy an airbrush? Do I thin them first or not? Do acrylics come in gloss and matt like enamels or do I need some sort of gloss covering? Which brand acrylics should I use. Oh dear. That was more than one question. See what I mean. HEEEEELP!!!!!!!! P.S. Does anybody do any relate counselling?? Thought I'd better make a booking early before my wife progresses from being a fishing widow to a fishing and modelling widow.