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  1. "aircraft - ready for inspection" page four
  2. Hi Pete, i did post them last weekend. In the aircraft section. cheers Macki
  3. Thanks mates, i appreciate it! It's 1/87 scale or you also can say H0, a popular model railroad scale John. So long Macki
  4. All three are beautiful, congrats Steve! I built the same kit when i was about 12 years old Cheers Macki
  5. Hello, some pics of an older project WIP scratchbuilt Dingo Mk. III the whole bunch Shermans are heiser, carrier and 6pdr. from Artitec, Willys is Roco in Belgium 1944 i know it was a Humber Scoutcar in the movie, call it "artistic freedom" happy modelling and have a nice weekend Cheers Macki
  6. Thank you Steve and Tiger for your kind comments! The Gliders are 1/87 scale. Template was the old Italerie kit, except for the interior, which is completely fantasy, considering the original. Thanks again and Cheers Macki
  7. Thanks for your kind comments and the likes mates! Happy you like it Cheers Macki
  8. Hi, some older pics of the Waco WIP finished in action Cheers Macki
  9. Thanks mates, happy you like it! I will post some photos of the scratch built Waco CG-4As in the aircraft section sometime this weekend. Cheers Macki
  10. Thanks Francis!
  11. Thank you Stefan and Carius! HERE are some of the seldom pics of the real thing. It's 1/87 scale Carius. And now picture with details and almost ready for paint Have a good Weekend and happy modelling! Macki
  12. Hi All! Some pics from my recent project. As you can see, there are a few mishaps i have to correct before i can put on the details on the trailer Does anyone have some photos from the wiring, hosing between truck and trailer? Couldn't find much on the Internet. Cheers Macki
  13. Hello, some airborne topic. I used the 1/72 ACE kit as a template. Tires are from Rocos Jeep. and in colour Happy Sunday Cheers Macki
  14. Hi, happy you like it! Market Garden is one of my favorite topics, BlackMax. I opened a new tread with a 75mm Pack Howitzer. Cheers Macki