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  1. another update, undercarriage, machine guns and so on "D" "B" have a nice weekend Macki
  2. Thanks Hans and bar side! I got infected by Market Garden from Cornelius Ryan and Sir Richard Attenborough when i was about ten years old Cheers Macki
  3. small update, almost ready for paint, just to add some details Cheers Ralf
  4. Thanks Crossofiron! The cockpits got some colour and the new "malcom" canopy is also ready for assembling Cheers Macki
  5. Thanks Hardcastle and DWC1968, the diorama is made out of two modules, approx 24 by 24 inch (60 x 60 cm). Without glasses and loupes i can't see a thing if i redecorate it (changing road signs etc), it can be used for scenes of Nato exercises in the 60s and 70s in northern germany Cheers Ralf
  6. Hi All! Two P51s, one will be an conversion from a D to a B model. First the cockpits, lots of detail to add The "B" and the "D" Now they need some paint Cheers Macki
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind comments! Two main reasons why i prefer 1/87, you can have realistic distances in the dioramas and i love to upgrade the old Roco Minitank models from the 60s and 70s Like for example the Dragon Wagon: I should stop smoking while taking pictures Cheers Macki
  8. Happy New Year and thanks for adding me. I just want to introduce myself as a new member. One of my main topics is western allies of the ETO in the slightly unusual 1/87 scale. Market Garden Dragon Wagon And pics from my recent project, Eighth Air Force Cheers Macki