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  1. Hi Folks, some pics of models from different brands, Studebaker is ADP, Jeeps and GMC are Roco, the GMC became a scratched tank construction, ambulance is Trident and fire truck is a converted Wespe kit. Cheers Macki
  2. that's right Whofan. I don't use flash, so exposure time is longer and you get more depth also Regards Macki
  3. Thanks F-32! That looks more complicated than it is Mike, you just need some Evergreen or Plastruct, some putty, sanding paper and a little patience. Thx again Cheers Macki
  4. Hi Guys, thanks for your positive feedback, it's a reward for the efforts You lucky son of a gun, i am a little jealous i twisted the blades a little and then blew them with my airbrush, approx 45° from the front left, so the airflow would hit both rotors. Cheers Macki
  5. Hi, some pics of Airpower87's Choctaw practicing outside landings Have a nice weekend Macki
  6. That's right, H0 is very popular in Europe, for example they did build a whole airport in that scale in Hamburg MIWULA - click here to watch
  7. Thx Steve and Mike! I corrected the angle of the "nose" of the wing root, as you can see on the pics below - is it this what you meant? and now the corrected angle Cheers and thanks again for your kind comments and likes! Macki
  8. Thank you John and Squarehead! As far as i know are the old Roco Brownings more 1/72 than 1/87. The .50cals are from ArsenalM They used to have resin ones, which were much cheaper, a few years ago, but not anymore Cheers Macki
  9. Thanks again, These are very old resin kits from Trident with lots of additions and detailing Regards Macki
  10. Thanks guys, Yes they are Jean, they used to be made by Walthers Cornerstone from USA, nowadays they are made here: ArsenalM WIP pics you can find here: WIP Regards Macki
  11. Hi Folks, some Pictures of my finished P51. the B model is a conversion from the D model. Cheers Macki
  12. Hi Gimme Shelter, happy you like it! The trees are homemade, little twigs, seafoam and special autumn foliage Cheers
  13. Thank you Badder, it's supposed to be a sunny November day this is only one diorama, about 12" x 20", scale is 1/87. Regards Macki
  14. Thanks Dennis! Oh oh, my mistake English Cheers
  15. Hi there, some pics of my "Bundeswehr" diorama, autumn in northern Germany Youtube Video hope you like it, cheers Macki