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  1. Hi, here are the links to some vehicles i posted a few years ago Eighth Air Force Ground Vehicles Autocar U-7144-T & F2A Fueltrailer Fire Department Eighth Air Force Cheers macki
  2. Hi, some fire engines for my Luftwaffe airfield Cheers macki
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback! It's about 1/82 scale Harold Thanks Kenny, the generator and the oxygen tank are scratch build because of the lack of such models in my favorite scale, 1/87 or "H0" @Andy Dyck i am from Verden Cheers
  4. Hi, the very old kit from Monogram, converted it from a "A" to a "B" model Cheers Macki
  5. Made some ground equipment and a Faun refueler Cheers Macki
  6. Thanks for your comments and likes! I was lucky to find two manufacturer who were so kind to scale the decals down from 1/72, Peddinghaus and HaHen. Cheers Macki
  7. Hi there, i was glad to got hold of some very old kits and tried to make the most of it WIP pics you can find here: Link Cheers Macki
  8. Thanks Badder and maudesman! Badder, i agree, The internet is a great source for information about historical stuff! This diorama is almost fictional, because there is so less evidence of the original. Most of it is imagination, how it may could have been. I am very proud, that a gunner, like maudesman, calls it realistic! If someone has more information about the airborne RA in WW2 or related stuff, please let me know! Thanks again and cheers Macki P.S. excuse my bad English
  9. Hi, thanks for your comments and likes! The pollard willow trees are made by MBR, here is the link: MBR. All other trees are homemade. Some pictures and a map of the original Oosterbeek church in the background and how it looks recently: Kerkpad Oosterbeek Cheers an happy weekend Macki
  10. Hi John, thanks - that's an issue with Photobucket, changed to another host. Now they should be in focus again Cheers Macki
  11. Thank you very much for your kind comments and likes, i appreciate it! Cheers
  12. Hi, a H0 scale diorama about "E" Troop, 1st Light Regiment RA Hope you like it and happy modelling Macki
  13. Hi all, the finished Morris and gun Pictures before painting you can find here: WIP Cheers Macki
  14. Hi all, some pics of my recent project, nearly finished - a few ammo boxes missing Cheers Macki
  15. Thanks for the positive feedback an likes! The Diorama is 60 x 60 cm (about 24 x 24") Ratch. Some "daylight" pictures i took last saturday Cheers Macki
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