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  1. This is the second build - Late one... The box contents:
  2. Thanks to the CSM team I have a huge pleasure of building the brand new F.K. 8 kits. I must admit that the number, as well as the quality of details, is breathtaking and if the fit as good as in the case of the Caudron model I`m expecting a pure joy. The decals have been designed by Melius Manu - you may probably know them since they produce high-quality custom made decals - and printed by Cartograf. There are two sheets - the main one with cockades etc. and a tiny one with an absolutely gorgeous prop logo and a nameplate (printed using metallic colours). The prop logos are pieces of art in my opinion! What`s more in the premium edition you get a resin Beardmore engine and superb metal exhausts. Both kits represent different versions of the plane: Mid and Late. The most visible difference between them are the huge radiators and Oleo undercarriage in Mid version. The nose in the model is designed as PE - so taking engine covers is super simple. Due to its complicated nature there are spares in brass PE sheet!!! In total there are three separate sheets of the PE! The wire fittings are there (yeah!) The instruction sheet is very clear and printed in colour. I think the most colourful schemes are already in both kits, so I`ll have a problem with choosing which one I want to build The overall quality of the kit seems superb so it`s high time to build both of them right away An inbox contents:
  3. Have you read my mind? I think I will build LIM 2 which is currently set as a monument in front of my old primary school...
  4. Many thanks for your extremely kind words gentlemen! When it comes to the rigging - I simply like doing it maybe slightly more than others The kit is superb and I can only say that it`s not my last Caudron G.4 the next one will be on floats. But I need to build something with a little less rigging...
  5. The model is finished! Link to the completed models section: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235020077-caudron-g4-copper-state-models-148/
  6. So my great adventure with the best kit I`ve built so far is over. I think Edgar and the whole CSM team has done a great job. My model depicts the G.4 used for artillery spotting in C.74 Franco/Belgian unit. Several modifications have been made such as Chauviere propellers, Colt machine gun, different gun mount. The superb quality decals with cowling numbers and different serial were painted by Melius Manu. As far as I know all these will be available at CSM soon. The colt gun is greatly detailed with a small PE. The whole building process can be seen in under construction thread:
  7. Many thanks Martian! I think it`s the last update before I finish her. I need to fix the gun and the rest of the decals. I must admit it has been a lot of fun. Those of you who work with WnW and Tamiya kits - ow I know how you lucky sweethearts feel when everything just falls into place. Definitely one of the best kits I`ve ever had a pleasure to build. I promise to provide you with more pictures of the details in completed models section...
  8. Thanks for your kind words! The kit just fell together - no jig required - can you imagine? The tail section as I thought would be the tricky part but it just went together like a charm - that`s what I call good engineering. Bravo Edgar! The majority of rigging done. I`ve scratched the alternative gun mount. Not much work left. I expect to see her finished pretty soon.
  9. Gee it`s hard to believe that it`s been almost one month since the last update... Nearly 100 turnbuckles and wires done, some more to go Now I`ll finally be able to see the beautiful silhouette of the G.4 since I`m planning to fix the tail section this week!
  10. Hello, I`ve decided to show you some of my older models, so here`s the first one. The kit is well known oldie goldie. I mus admit I really enjoyed building it. There is a lot of things that have been replaced and altered... I thought this one would be a rather quick build but it turned out to be something longer for my standards... My model depicts or is rather inspired by the Deperdussin from Oslo Teknisk Museum. I`m aware that there are plenty of errors and flaws in my build, but I`m relatively happy with the result.
  11. cduckworth I use the cotton bud tubes stretched over the flame.
  12. WoW! I really like what you`re doing with this kit!!! When I was a kid I`ve made dozens of these... Keep up the good work!
  13. Great thread! I wouldn`t even think about thinking to do it your way - to complicated and it requires a lot of skills Even though I`m a WWI aviation fan the Mig 15 is one of my favourite planes ever, due to the fact that there`s one in front of my old primary school: I`m planning to build this particular plane using the Trumpeter`s kit - it`s licensed built MIG 15bis - LIM2 (Polish built) counterpart to be precise. It has been painted totally wrong recently (the tactical number and the fin) but I simply love it... Should you need some good quality pics of the real thing just let me know. Keep up this extremely interesting work!
  14. Many thanks for your kind words guys! As you probably know already rigging is one of my favourite parts so I just couldn`t wait. I`ve fixed the upper wing and attached the first 40 wires. Thanks to the PE fittings the rigging is much easier because in most cases there is no need for turnbuckles but simply using a piece of tube you can make them in the process if you know what I mean
  15. I`ve managed to paint, put the decals on (they work like a charm - Cartograf - and everything is clear ). I`ve also fixed the fittings and made the stitching. I was trying to figure out how to do it painlessly and reached the same conclussion as Jorgo that the best way is to drill holes and thread the fishing line through. Now I need to fix the upper wing, no worries though since everything fits well.