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  1. Hi there, as a break from my usual subjects I`m going to build the second sub in my modelling career
  2. Thanks Dave and John! You`re way too kind. The device is indeed a wind-driven power generator for the wireless installation.
  3. Yes, something went wrong They`re OK now...
  4. Thanks!!! ;D Nothing spectacular to show you. Some minor details are in place. I think I`ll try to make some beach and water base - seems like a challenge though...
  5. Thanks for your encouraging words mates! I`m on the final stretch with this one... Some 20 wires left, along with details, gun, trestles and the beaching trolleys. One of my quickest builds, thanks to the kit`s extraordinary quality.
  6. Many thanks for your kind words!!! I`ve got the same feelings towards the rigging part of the job My Caudron finally looks like a plane The engineering of the kit is very good - even with the floats and a rather overall complicated construction, it`s still easy to keep things well aligned and correct in shape.
  7. Thanks for your kind words!!! More than 100 wires done... around 60 left to go
  8. Cheers! The upper wing is ready to be fixed. Floats painted and weathered a little bit.
  9. Many thanks!!! Nothing spectacular but I keep on working. Around sixty buckles and lines prepared to be fixed to the upper wing anchor points... twice as much still left to be done.
  10. An interesting project indeed! Your way of representing the ribs showing through the linen is the good one. You won`t have any problem with pencil smudging. I use it for a long time (using an airbrush though). I would make the ribs and spars a little bit broader. You can use a dry brush to smudge the pencil slightly after you draw the lines - it`s a shadow after all. If you want to represent it on the top of the wings too you can cover it with one coat of the colour you`re using for the linen. Then paint the ribs with almost white (the same you did with a pencil) and overpaint it as you did with the bottom. Keep up the good work!
  11. Many thanks guys - you are too kind! So the rigging adventure begins
  12. I`ve managed to glue the nacelles: I`ve decided to instal the machine gun because there`s definitely something in the only picture of the Hydravion I`ve found online... I`ve weathered the engine nacelles to imitate some castor oil staining. I`ve added scratch-built oil pulsators. I`ve prepared the wing for the nacelles assembly. Once again I`m more than happy that CSM has prepared these great fittings.
  13. Guys, you are truly very kind and it keeps my level of motivation high. I keep on pushing with the build. Masking prior to spraying the upper wing surfaces: Upper surfaces done, only varnish and oil left to be applied. Horizontal stabiliser and elevators (something got sticked to one of them and has been already removed )