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  1. SU-35's radar

    I have both the Kitty hawk and the GWH's Sukhoi, and I'd like to show a radar in one of its, bur which manutafture's Irbis-E is accurate? Thers's many difference from KH and GWH, I also make research in google and there's also many versions of this AESA's radar in the airshow. The idea is to make a russian camo and the other the chinese's Sukhoi. Many help?
  2. AMK is a small co compare to Tamiya or Trumpeter, but their kits are awesome so I prefer waiting for their Tomcat and not to buy other company's F-14. The waiting is a little bit long, but I have a lot of models to finish as many modeler of you, and the release is near.
  3. Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    Any news for the kit? I still waiting for that, don't want to spend my money for the expensive Hobby boss' Sukhoi with after market thing to fix the wrong nose.
  4. That's right and I don't think Trumpeter can make an accurate M-4000 too because the market for this kind of aircraft is to small. Bravo Modelsvit for that kit.
  5. Awesome, do you have any idea about the release pricing?
  6. I understand the prototype aircraft donesn't have a lot of fan, and the 48 scale is also expensive for the production, we have exemple of the Y-23 from Trumpeter, also the F-20 Tigershark. I go to preorder the Mirage 4000 as soon as possible and hope that help the production begin .
  7. awesome, this is the must have model for my rafale's collection, and the 48 scale must be great.
  8. Finaly the release is near, but why ther's the Mirage 2000B/D CAD picture? the N version should be great.
  9. I can't wait to buy one. the cockpit looks really amazing, and the rest too.
  10. I'm not really interest for that aircraft but the CAD looks so awesome, can't wait for the release and I will buy one...or some:) Bravo for the good job GWH
  11. I'm sure that Syhart is on the way to design some exotic decal.
  12. Great news but I hope REVELL will update parts as the cockpit and the panels lines par exemple. In fact the kit is bases on the Rafale M-01 and there's some minor exterrior difference with the actual F3 standard. The AASM bombs and Talios should be very welcome too.
  13. Nice kit, the 35's scale isn't my scale but I will get one, some figurines to complet the diorama?
  14. THis is a very good new, I'll wait for it. I don't think Zverda will release the '!'s scale Yak-130 in short time. By the way if Kittyhawk guys is reading here, I'm stille waiting for the Su-34, a Viggen familly projects in the futur is also welcome. The special hobby's Viggen isn't bad but not perfect and the price is so high. you also need the Tarengus aftermarket resins to add awsome details.