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  1. Sorry. I was Greedy .
  2. That's REALLY helpful - thanks!
  3. Accuracy in terms of general shape is good - frankly I'm not getting too caught up in it beyond that. Not a big fan of raised panel lines, which probably rules the older heller/smer kits out? I know RAAF Vcs had both wide & narrow cannon blisters. Beyond that, no idea. TBH, the Tamiya sounds easiest after the Sword - I'll just add the cannon / blisters.
  4. "May Not Ship to Australia" I've flicked him a message, but no reply as yet.
  5. As per original posting, I was talking about modding the Tamiya Vb
  6. If you look at the pics here, of Box / kit No: SW72037 you can see the Voles filter is missing from the sprues. I don't know what other boxings it is missing from. I nearly bid on this kit before I realised. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sword-1-72-Scale-Supekrmarine-Spitfire-Mk-Vc-2-Complete-Kits-/172729348608
  7. Thanks all - I think a few have you have missed the "Easy to build / Out-of-the-box" criteria, though i'll continue to watch out for the Swords; Does anyone have any experience with the Tamiya kit? No-one seems to have mentioned it so far?
  8. I'm guessing neither are tropicals, with the Vokes filter, though?
  9. Which Kits? I'm far from a Spit expert & not aware of which other marks had the same wing? As I'm wanting 2-3, it would prove an expensive exercise to buy 2-3 kits for each build.... After the Sword, I think the most straight-forward is the Tamiya Vb Trop plus aftermarket cannon & blisters.
  10. Yep, I'd overlooked that too - although having built a few of their kits, it's definitely not likely to be an 'easy build'. But as you say, it's available!
  11. I think Aeroclub wings (Or anything else 'Aeroclub') are pretty much rocking-hose poo these days.... And by the time you buy that Pavla conversion, the Revell kit, plus the Pavla VB tropicalising kit (I did consider it), it's adding up..... Esp for 2-3 kits.
  12. Hi All, Sorry if this is a re-hash - I did a search & could only find more general 'best kit' threads. I'm looking to build a couple of Tropicalised Vc Spits in 1/72 - specifically those delivered to the RAAF for use in the Pacific. I know Sword makes a ?good one, but I'm having trouble finding them. My other option is the Tamiya Vb Trop & convert with aftermarket cannon blisters and cannon. I've also seen a few older Airfix kits, but they seem to cop a bit of criticism for a bad wing? I assume the PM kits are basic / terrible? Not looking to build show-winners, just a straight-forward build out-of-the-box (mostly). Cheers all
  13. Sorry, mate, not trying to be difficult but I'm just not interested in using 3rd-party hosting sites & the mucking about that entails - having to log in there, upload, then log in here, changing camera settings & then having to change them back to my normal settings, forgetting to change them, etc, it's all not worth the hassle for me. Certainly not for the amount of pics a build thread entails. I'd spend more time doing that than I often get to spend building! Not trying to offend anyone - it's just not for me. Sorry to anyone I've upset. I'm not worried about it - no-one else should be on my behalf
  14. Yeah, I know how - but the inconvenience & time is a pain in the backside. Re-sizing, then uploading to one site, then writing the HTML codes, pasting to another site, etc..... I used to do this in forums 15 years ago..... I'll watch from the sidelines guys, enjoy!