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Welcome to Titanic GB

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Well here we go with another GB, but at least I have a year to finish this one.

Please note the Titanic is the subject of this GB, the history of the Sisters is part of her history, but only added for further reference.

I've yet to Iron out the rules with the other mods on this, but i'm sure any Titanic (or her sisters) models will be welcome as will the usual fun builds that follow the theme, however please remember we are building to mark and respect the loss of what was a great liner, and over 1000 souls as well, that died as she when to the bottom of the Atlantic never to be seen again (well not for 70 years.

Time for a quick run down of the history and time line, of these three great giants and a brief (from memory) history of the ships. Olympic was the first of the three, and the Titanics keel was laid (IIFRC) 6 months after work started on Olympic, the ships where built at Harland and Wolfe in Belfast and laid side by side on massive newly built concrete slipways built just for this task. a massive steal gantry was built just for the task, and this remained a belfast landmark Right up until the 70's if I remember right.

The Titanic and her sister were built on a cost plus percentage bases, ie white star, would pay the cost of the build plus an agreed percentage, hence there would be no guessing at the real cost of the three ships. Olympic's keel was laid in 1908, and she was launched on the 20th of November 1910, one of my favorite pictures of this time is the near finished olympic stool next to a at work Titanic


Olympic set off on her madien voyage on 14th june 1911, note the date, a whole month than her sister would set sail hence the north atlantic ice would not be an issue for another year. Bruce ismay travelled often on the Olympic, and made notes and requested various changes and improvements to be added to the Titanic hence more work was needed, and her launch date was put further and further back. many visual changes were also made to the second sister, so it was possable to tell them apart, however sadly only one picture of the two massive ships was taken ie this one


when Titanic was moved out of H&W drydock because of Olympic broken prop. Note the bridge wings of the Titanic, and those angular ones of the Olympic, very different.

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many stories of the Titanic have been cloulded but time fact and story tellers, ie the case is actually a fact that Titanic wasn't a popular ship to work one, however if you had 8 people die whilst working one anything would get a bad name, however there is no truth in the rumour that her keel number was 390904 which reads NO POPE in a mirror or a muddy puddle is not true, but these ones are all true and confirmed.

Titanic was not a popular ship to work on

she was designed with double davit lifeboat stations, but only single ones where fitted.

she was never called unsinkable by Harland and wolfe (an engineering magazine of the time is quoted as saying she was practically unsinkable due to the water tight doors!)

Titanic has no big send off the pictures often shown as Titanics are actually Olympic's maden voyage

Titanic was underbooked and would have sailed with less than a 1000 passengers.

There, was a coal strike in 1912, so both coal and passengers where moved from other white star liners. (hence the death count)

The voyage was to be the last of Captain EJ smith's

The glasses case was locked, and the lookouts had no access to binoculars on that night

and of course the biggest one was, was she racing for the blue ribben on her maiden voyage? no one will never know, but is it logical to hurtle head long, full speed in to a icefield, well yes, it was common practice, for EJ smith just that night the weather, the lookouts, and everything else came together for the wrong result.

more history here,


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Everyone knows the story of the Titanic, So I won't bore you with it here, but there are events in all three ships histories that are well documented and some bearly mentioned. ie sometimes people even forget about Britannic (renamed so, from Gigantic after the sinking. ie olympics history was just as colourful and eventful, and britannic sank in less than 20 minutes dispite her sister staying afloat for 2 hours longer with a smaller wound?

I think I will now just point to the relevent wikipidia pages for each ship, colourful histories, and well worth a read, if I see any error, I'll point them out.

RMS/HMS Olympic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Olympic

RMS Titanic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Titanic

HMHS Britannic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMHS_Britannic

I hope this spurs you one to build something for the 100 anniversary of the sinking, 15th of April 2011


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