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  1. Hi DJ,

    I have seen this build now for the first time and it's looking good so far. I have seen that you have painted the wings already. Now I have a little suggestion about those. The paintline on the engines were a bit lower. The line was under the exhausts (see link for this) and stopped where the engine pot met the wing (breakline in the kit).

    In the paint drawings from the kit was the upper colours even putted further back, but this is wrong and was only used on later models. To confuse things further, on some pictures it looks like it is painted further, but that's sut from the exhausts.


    I hope this will help a little bit.

    Cheers Arnold :cheers:

    thanks arnold will adjust the painting, i was going to take it further back, thanks for the comment


  2. thanks darby for the heads up regarding the fuselage and not used enamels for over 20 years

    steve if i have any build tips then i will share but so far its going nicely

    anyway, spent a few hours this evening painting the engine cowling and adding the rear aileron's.

    paints (i only use acrylics) so far are Revell dark green and nato olive for the upper wing camo(i did buy the RLM equivalents by tamyia but i couldnt get on with them) and left to dry for 12 hours, the underwing is being painted with Vallejo pale grey/blue 70907 which goes darker slightly when humbrol matt cote is applied then darker still with flory models dark dirt wash.

    the splinter camo is being masked with electrical tape,which has a low tack

    underwing drying note the bottom of a can of caffreys irish beer being used as a palette! the fixed widget makes a sturdy base




    thanks for looking

  3. not a model you see much on here

    so here goes

    firstly its big and secondly the detail is amazing for £30


    as its cheap im using the paint and weather as you go method

    going about this back to front,and starting with the wings due to its size


    how big??


    thats a su 29 1/72 to the left

  4. well finally an update!!!

    got the figures yesterday

    my gf got me the Black Dog US Special Forces,but unfortunately i never received the afghanistan women set as my brother never got the email! oh well

    the black dog figures are very detailed but a bit of flash and some air holes are evident but nothing major,also the weapons are very fragile.

    these are the first figures i have painted in 20 years and as they are special forces anything goes 'uniform' wise





  5. Looks good, but I'd warn anyone clicking on the links back to the original pics - there's some pretty NOT SAFE FOR WORK popups that sneak onto your screen while you're trying to view the HUMVEE pics :shocked:

    sorry about that,never had that problem before :undecided: i have rehosted the photos so should not be problem anymore

  6. after watching 'Generation Kill'

    i have gone mad and tried to replicate the main humvee in the program :analintruder:

    so over the last few days i have

    taken off the CIP panels

    changed the bonnet engine vent

    completely stripped the main colour paint

    re-painted the humvee

    th_338646167_gk11_122_131lo.JPG th_338649470_gk1_122_444lo.JPG

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