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  1. OK this a photo I had only before in low res B/W, did not know the original was in color and in hi res till a few days ago

    First it looks to me to be clearly a photo on the Curtiss factory floor

    It also looks to be a an RAF Tomahawk based on the following:

    Black Prop (US US P40cu/B/C were silver at this time)

    A "SKY" / light gray spinner (looking for your input on that Nick)

    It does not have the gun sight reflector mounted to windscreen as seen on US P40cu/B/C

    It has "squareback export seat with straight tube mount " (not roundback seat with curved tube mount as seen on US P40) ... Note the seat color is green

    And it also looks to have a black headrest , not brown as seen on US P40

    (I made a previous post on the Google/Life photos of the P40cu/B/C & Tomahawks that the headrest colors look to be different between the Tomahawks and US P40’s)


  2. I was just able to down load a copy of the "1943 P40 Pilot traing manual"


    and "P40 M & P40 N parts list

    from http://www.ww2aircraft.net/forum/other-mec...ual-7478-2.html

    On page 38 on of "1943 P40 Pilot traing manual" - Seating "safety belt and shoulder harness are attach to the back of the seat"

    (Drawing of medal seat from "P40 M & P40 N parts list" )


    There is also a wood seat use in late P40's

    Image from manual show later wood seat on tube seat frame seen in some later P40 (but not the N this is not the N seat)


    It similar to the wood seat seen in the some Mustang's and even T6....(Seat photo below is from a T6)


  3. Rather than attaching to the seat frame they attach to the "towel rail" bolted to bulkhead (frame) #5 which is below and behind the seat at "floor" level - not to be confused with the "towel rail" higher up and visible on the P-40N!

    Hi Nick, are you sure on that?

    I believe the seat belts and shoulder belts are not attached to the airframe directly but attached to the seat/seat frame so whole seat/seat frame with belts could all be installed and removed as a unit for service (SOP on most US built miltary aircraft of the time)

    The P40 seat is mounted to the tube seat frame and the seat frame mounts to the aircraft at just four points, two socket for the seat frame "poles" on the floor/wingtop and two above the seat bolted to the bulkhead behind that you can seen in the cockpit photo (excluding the N and the integrated seat/ armor setup)

    NOTE: However I very well could be wrong as I'm doing a major computer clean up so I have my references stashed in backup and at a disadvantage right now to double check so will defer to a better references then my memory

    HB Bates

  4. Hi Nick

    Question on the Tomahawk ... do you have a date went the factory's got the order to start paint RAF spinners Sky?

    In the book "Curtiss Aircraft, 1907-1947" bottom of page 265 there a B/W factory floor photo of a mostly unpainted H81 Tomahawk with a light color "Sky" spinner

  5. Did the ww2 RAF spec a color for fighter headrest leather to US builders?

    I ask because I noted sometime back in the Life color P40/Tomahawk photos a difference in headrest color

    The USAAF contract P40 seem to have a brown leather headrest

    The RAF contract Tomahawk’s seem to have a black leather headrest

    Oddly while this might sound “off the wall” (very off the wall)

    I wonder if a service might order headrest leather that matches it flight jackets leather?

    The service would already have a contract for that leather stock and know it durability vs comfort for there needs

    The prewar USAAF leather flight jackets were a brown horsehide …very hi durability and great in the field life

    The prewar US Navy leather flight jackets were a black goatskin …very comfortable but higher maintenance then the Army horsehide

    Wasn’t the RAF leather flight jackets a black leather sheepskin?

    Besides military services like things to look sharp and match.

    So if you going spec every paint and finish on your aircraft order anyway, you probably are going to order what leather and color the headrest will be.

    So why not match it to your flight jackets leather so it will look sharp and match

  6. Photos of Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.1 original camo paint colors (RAF & AVG)

    (I posted this on Hyperscale but want to share here also)

    Thank to Paul H, Project Manager North East Aircraft Museum Sunderland, UK www.neam.org.uk

    He has provided photo of original camo paint colors of their Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.1 wing..


    This should be Curtiss original camo paint colors used on both RAF and AVG (Flying Tiger) Tomahawk aircraft including the somewhat debated underside colors

    >>>(Also please note in first pic the CORRECT upper gun bay access doors arrangement that no kit or drawing seem to get close to right (Save for my "Long Nose Hawk article at Hyperscale;)<<<<










    OK So I made a sample strip from the four underside side color photos in the same order their posted and then took two color chart from two different sites and matched it



    From color chart at http://amair4raf.blogspot.com/2009/05/earl...40-colours.html



    From color chart http://www.ratomodeling.com/articles/AVG_cammo/

  7. Hello ..

    Well it alway's sad to make your first post on an board a request, but...

    An member near North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland, UK ?

    North East Aircraft Museum

    Old Washington Road, Sunderland, UK, SR5 3HZ

    Im looking for info on the Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.1 AH744 exhibit


    Im hoping to get some photos /ideas of the original camo colors bottom wing and interior (the display plaque seems to show they might have some of the cockpit interior )

    Any sliver of aircraft components from these two area with original paint intact that I could get a photograph of would be of invaluably help.

    PS Im aware of the ongoing post by Bruce, Nick and Steve on the P40 and RAF colors... and it part of the reason I was hoping someone could get some eyeballs on a bit of orginal airframe/orginal paint

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