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  1. That’s the one yes, there is an inbox review on here actually but no build review. I may take the plunge and buy the kit anyway
  2. Hi All, Has anybody built the 1:72 Skale wings IDF F-16? Can’t find any build reviews online at all! Cheers Alex
  3. JX-I it is! Thanks for your help! I’ll get a photo up when done
  4. Thanks very much, just as well I checked before cutting up the decal sheet! Ive painted up a hobbyboss kit in a basic day fighter scheme, ocean grey/dark green on top, medium sea grey underneath with sky prop & fuselage band. Assume JX-I will be accurate?
  5. Hi All, does anyone know anything about Hurricane Mk.IIc ‘JX S’ (BN964). I believe it was with No. 1 Sqn during 1942 but I can’t find any more info on it. Its one of the options on an xtradecal sheet I’ve got. Cheers, Alex
  6. Thank you all - great response as always! I think I will look to try a water/clay based wash after an enamel gloss varnish? I assume this will allow me to wipe away areas of the wash that I don’t want using a damp cloth or cotton bud? Would I then be able to apply an enamel satin varnish over the wash? Im brush painting by the way. Cheers, Al
  7. Hi All, Ive come back to the hobby after a fan of about 7 years! Previously I’ve always built models as ‘neatly’ as a could and then finished off with a satin/gloss varnish. This time round I want to try and add a bit more depth to my models. I found a technique on YouTube where you run a 4B pencil along the panel lines of the model, then smudge the pencil using a cotton bud. On the topside of the model the effect looked ok, but on the lighter underside of the model it looked awful! So I’ve sanded back the paint and will start again. There’s a huge amount of
  8. AlexM19

    Damaged decals

    I called creative models who I actually bought the kit from, they’re sending me out a new sheet. Great service
  9. AlexM19

    Damaged decals

    Hi - thanks, I actually bought the kit through creative models so I’ve dropped them an email. It’s the ‘Y’ on one of the ‘NAVY’ decals, it looks like it’s been scuffed.
  10. AlexM19

    Damaged decals

    Hi All, Ive been working on the 1:72 hobbyboss F4U-4 Corsair (80218) for a couple of weeks now. I’ve gone to start applying the decals today and one of them is damaged beyond use. I’ve tried to contact hobbyboss for a new set of decals but Im not holding out much hope! Bit of a longshot but does anyone have the decal sheet that they don’t need? Or is anyone able to photocopy the sheet for me onto decal paper? Cheers Alex
  11. AlexM19


    Hi All, Returning to the hobby after a 7 year gap! I mainly build 1/72 WW2 planes, but may build the odd modern jet or Tank! In terms of projects on the go, I'm just about to finish off a MK1 Hawker Hurricane which I'll try and upload some pics of, and I have a MK1a Spitfire about 50% finished. I am based in sunny Kent Cheers Alex
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