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  1. Hawker Hunter T.8B/T.8C - Mark1 Models 1:144 scale

    if anyone is looking for a different colour scheme or markings, go here, i have done 170 profiles, all genuine, well researched, use this as you wish no restrictions on downloads.
  2. Aircraft profiles

    most of the Halifax were done as commission work, all printed on A3 , same with the Fairey Battle, i do the profile for myself but if anyone asks for a larger version, they are very big, i do charge. all these on the Flickr account will print nicely on A4 and they are free, i do commission work when asked, but at the moment the A-4B is an obssestion . 332 and counting. hahahahahahahhahahhahah
  3. A-4B fuel tank emblem

    found a better image so here she is with the emblem
  4. A-4B fuel tank emblem

    another thing of interest, most images of VA-81 A-4B show wing cannon's removed
  5. A-4B fuel tank emblem

    and here is the first one, tank emblem omitted until i get better info, i don't like guesswork. modified Bobtail centerline tank and sidewinder fitted
  6. A-4B fuel tank emblem

    yes that would explain the emblem, only on ESSEX can they be seen, all other images show them without, also the Forrestal cruise they had the front section of the rudder painted white, so it's all good fun, i should just say part of the time
  7. A-4B fuel tank emblem

    hi learned gentlemen, could anyone shed some light on this fuel tank emblem worn on VA-81 A-4B aboard USS ESSEX det 45 1961, i can find no reason for it , it looks like a Knights helmet
  8. VA-81 A-4B Skyhawk

    thank you sir, that is just what i needed
  9. VA-81 A-4B Skyhawk

    i am trying to confirm band and rudder colour for these aircraft, i have two stated opinions, orange from one and red from the other, anyone with a colour image to confirm which it is
  10. Aircraft profiles

    another 15 gone up on the A-4 skyhawk folder, thats VA-76 out the way, VA-81 next
  11. Aircraft profiles

    the photo on there are for public viewing, i have thousands more that will never be posted, the wife and i vetted them all, all the profiles are from photo proof, , no photo, no profile, the Spearfish is only one small part of the drawings i did in collaboration with Ian Huntley who worked on the original factory drawings, so the other views completed will remain private, one i have not posted is the Vultee Vengeance, i spent 6 years getting all the info to get the correct side view, then passed it on to Richard J Caruana who finished it and published his work, so when you see it, you now know it is my side view. hahahahaha, a lot of the Battle profiles were done from private photo provided and they have never been shown in public in hires, the photos that is. all profile except the Singapore are 1/3 size, the Singapore is full size, this was done to prevent the gentleman who commissioned the work from making any money. the A-4B skyhawk is a major task that will probably take me to the end, i will do every one that a photo is available of, and this will include ALL versions.
  12. Aircraft profiles

    hi guys, just to let you know here is a full list of profile i have completed up to now, total is 681. Hunter 151Boston 33Battle 88Halifax 21 Bolo 34 Provost 13 Singapore 8 Su-2 7 B-66 7 Spearfish 7 Hudson 5 Chipmunk 5 Balliol 3 PV4 2 XF6B 1 Seahawk 1 EE P.1 1 A-4B Seahawk 294 all can be seen here now, https://www.flickr.com/photos/22448264@N05/albums there is no restriction on downloading, but if you post elsewhere please put my name to them.
  13. A-4B skyhawk

    here is the link to my Flickr account, you can see all of them here, https://www.flickr.com/photos/22448264@N05/albums/72157687111496085, plus all the other rubbish, and no i am not doing a book, this is to keep my brain active now that i am retired after 40yrs driving trucks.
  14. A-4B skyhawk

    here you go, for your help, 142701 modex 301 CMD LUIZ aircraft.
  15. A-4B skyhawk

    thanks guys, i have the tailspin colour image now which is perfect, the unit was in the tag Dennis, nearly 300 profile of A-4B done up to now and only on VA-72