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Tobby the Hun

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    RAF Wildenrath, Germany
  1. Royal Highland Fusilier in Belfast 1971

    Thanks a lot, Mate. Better that way, I guess in the brick-on-head-competition the squaddie with the Mk IV turtle always wins . Cheers Tobby
  2. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Thank you, mate. My house stands just 2 km from the touchdown point of RAF Wildenrath's runway and I grew up under the Queens Harriers and Phantoms. Spended more then one afternoon standing at the fence watching them coming in. So even if there is not much left of the airfield (just one Hangar and one HAS, married Quarters and NAAFI are still there) I thought RAF Wildenrath would be a good name for my Location. And my dad in law was there with the RAFP, so... All the best Tobby
  3. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Thank you very much, Bill... all the best T.
  4. Challenger 2 in Bergen

    Thanks lads... Challys are soooo cool..
  5. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Thanks a lot, boys. Cheers T.
  6. Another try in painting DPM (and eyes). The kit is from Firing line, called "British soldier Northern Ireland, 1970s" and it comes with 3 heads (one with Fusiliers Beret, one with Royal Scots Tam'O'Shanter, an this one with Glengarry). The figure is amazing, unfortunately my painting skills are way behind... Maybe you like it a bit... Cheers Tobby
  7. My attempt in bringing the old Verlinden Desert Rat into life. Still not happy with the eyes, but I'm learning... Anyway I like the over all look of the figure and the SMLE ist really gorgeous casted... Cheers Tobby
  8. Tiger 1 mid on the train

    Thanks a lot Bob. Yes, it's 1/35, my favourite scale. All the Best Tobby
  9. WW1 Cavalry

    Really impressive work, the trooper's face looks amazing. ALL thumbs up !!! Cheers Tobby
  10. 28mm Celtic Chariot

    Hi Jim, this one looks great! Cheers Tobby
  11. Tiger 1 mid on the train

    Thanks a lot, lads. Highly appreciated. Cheers T.
  12. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

  13. Challenger 2 in Bergen

    Bonjour Etienne, Thanks a lot. The net is made of a German army gauze bandage, "glued" in place with green enamel color, then sprinkled with dried Oregano herbs. That was done before the tank was brushed. After the tank is painted you just paint the net... easy job. All the best Tobby
  14. Challenger 2 in Bergen

    Thank you. Always great to get friendly and polite feedback. Cheers Tobby
  15. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Thank you lads, posting a British vehicle on these blessed website full of ecperts always makes me nervous. So I'm very happy that you like it. Cheers Tobby