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Tobby the Hun

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    RAF Wildenrath, Germany
  1. Hello from Germany

    Hi. It's only a 25 year old 750 Kawasaki ZR. One (sometimes) careful owner, Massive modified, big fun to ride and still fit enough to bring me up to Scotland, via Yorkshire of course (to meet the family). T.
  2. After I've been overtaken by a troop of Scorpion tanks on the M1 a few years ago I fell in love with those little gems. Pretty tanks they are, with incredible engines (to be honest I was half asleep on my bike, but nevertheless they are quite fast). But to build a GREEN Scorpion in Action you have to go back to the Falklands. The AFV Club Scorpy is a modernish one. so you can Ccange some parts to bring it down to the early eighties. Most obvious is the smoke charger with only 3 barrels on each side. The little vignette represents the morning after 2 Para┬┤s epic Battle for Wireless Ridge, with one Corporal clearing an Argie sangar. Could not find figures of that time, so I changed/aged some modern CMK Resins. Maybe gonna swap them, but the idea was, to honour the boys (and girls) of OP Corporate. Hope at least one of them will like it....
  3. Landrover 109 on VCP in Ulster

    Hi David, thank You. The Hotspur is available from Accurate Armour, so ist the Tangi (to Combine with the Hobby Boss Defender Hard Top). Both are waiting in my corner.... Cool stuff, mate. Cheers T.
  4. Landrover 109 on VCP in Ulster

    Thanks Wagtail. Yes, walls are cool. What would we do without them.... ;-) Cheers mate.. T. Thank you Jim.. Ta T.
  5. Alvis Saladin DRAGON

    Hi Wagtail. Thank you. Hope there are some good memories amongst yours. Check out my Landrover 109 on these holy pages, there is some more graffiti to find... Cheers Tobby
  6. Alvis Saladin DRAGON

    Hi Ratch, yes, it is 35, cos I'm 47, so my eyes aren't good enough for 48/72/76 or annything smaller scale. T.
  7. Alvis Saladin DRAGON

    Yeeehaaaa... I found a way to post bigger, better pics. I've learned sommething.... Thanks to the world..
  8. Alvis Saladin DRAGON

    Thanks for the comment. The few british paras I know really look like, errr..., british Paras. Utrinque Paratus!!! All the best. Tobby
  9. VK 3001 Trumpeter

    Hi Pete. Thank you... And yes, it is a picnic hamper. My German tankers are always friendly lads, only marching to the East for nice picnics in the green gras... All the best T.
  10. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Hi Jim, a very clean and interesting build. A pretty little victim for our StuGs. I like the rusty exhaust and the "tailbit" very much. Top modelling! Cheers Tobby
  11. Challenger 2 Scots DG Kosovo

    Hi E. I really like your Chally, the colour finish is stunning. Well done, mate. Cheers Tobby
  12. VK 3001 Trumpeter

    Hi Badder, thank you. I work hard on the pics, but computers are so stupid... Or is it me? Cheers Tobby
  13. VK 3001 Trumpeter

    Thanks a lot, Stix. Nice feedback. Cheers Tobby
  14. Alvis Saladin DRAGON

    Hi Badder, yeah, the bloke looks cool. Over here we call a mustache like that a "porn bar".. Cheers... Tobby