Britmodeller is a site run by volunteers on a server that is powerful enough to provide a quality space for us to enjoy our hobbywithout waiting for things to load. This costs money, and we rely on donations from members to keep our site online.

Please consider making a donation to the server fund if you value Britmodeller as a service, as it's the members that make it happen. Every donation will get a gold bar and a few tweaks to your forum abilities as a thank you.

Anti-Bullying Policy

We pride ourselves on our friendly and open atmosphere, which for the most part is thanks to the majority of members. We are actively anti-bullying, and deal with bullies and trolls harshly to maintain this pleasant atmosphere.


Britmodeller Needs You

Welcome... To the Britmodeller website, a modelling resource with a slightly British slant, which we hope you'll find refreshing.

It's a site for grown up modellers of all ages and abilities, and we pride ourselves on the welcome that we give new members to our group.

Who are we?

In 2007 Mike Williams used his knowledge of the forum sofware he used on his Mountain Biking site (he was a lot fitter & healthier back then) to create a British slanted forum for modellers that just wanted to enjoy their hobby without anyone telling them how they were doing it all wrong, or ignoring anything with an RAF roundel. We grew and grew and have changed the line-up of Mods over the years as people came and went for various reasons, but we're now a large, vibrant site with a superb and dedicated group of people helping to make Britmodeller a good place to be.

Our members are a good bunch of people too, and it's rare we have to moderate anyone for abusing the Polite and Respectful watchwords we base our forum on. We're a family friendly forum too, and profanity is frowned upon, to encourage the new generation of modeller that are the key to the continuation of our hobby, and for our spouses to sell our stashes to when we shuffle off this mortal coil. We're also committed to anti-bullying, so you can rest assured it won't be happening here.

You can see your moderating team here, and in deference to those of a timid nature, we don't have our mugshots in our profiles. From there you can message any of us if you're logged in, and talk to us about any problems or issues you might have, or if you're not a member there's a contact form at the bottom of the forum home page here. If anyone has a problem with the site, the Moderation, or anything related to Britmodeller, we woudl prefer that they aired them with us. If you don't tell us what's wrong, we can't help you.

At the time of writing this updated page, we've just upgraded the forum to the latest version of Invision Power Suite, which is the software that allows us all to come together and meet. We're ironing out a few bugs at the moment, and this page had lost a couple of files, so it looked ugly, and it seemed like an ideal time to do it. Eventually we'll be re-writing the whole Home Page, so I haven't bothered with any fancy graphics, as my artistic capabilities peaked in the 90s with the Amiga and Atari ST!

All the best,

Mike, and your Moderating team, September 2016