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  2. Stunning build, nice work. Loved following this one. Your weathering is spot on fella
  3. Ow! Who threw that shoe? I’ll try not to... Adrian
  4. Indeed, started the rest of the decals before breakfast this morning and finished after dinner, and I’ve still got quite a few still go on
  5. And about time too! Can I suggest you don’t start by making yet another completely new fuselage for no apparent reason!
  6. Yes I see what you mean. I've missed that. Have read of discussion on this thread which gives the technical background of the need for the extension and how it was done. https://rnzaf.proboards.com/thread/26899/1-48-lodestar-revell-ventura Note there were options on the real aircraft. You do have to be careful which pictures you use as at least two Lodestars now on display have been fitted with replace Ventura wings.
  7. DFLS aircraft are interesting as they offer a fairly rare chance for an F.1 with a smidge of colour. The DFLS comprised two Flights, ‘A’ (coloured red) and ‘B’ (coloured yellow), the spine and fin leading edge being colour-coded accordingly. This a profile of WT648 I crayoned for the recent(ish) Pen & Sword Flightcraft Hunter book (which I thoroughly recommend - shameless plug!). Heaven knows which flight WT680 was in, but you've got a 50% chance of guessing correctly! As @71chally says, colour scheme is gloss Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey/High Speed Silver with a hard edge to the camo pattern. Also of interest is the early practice of painting the individual identity code on the tailcone. This didn't last long as it was a pain in the ar*e when servicing as the (interchangeable) tailcone had to be kept with the correct aircraft or repainted if moved. Note, if modelling an aircraft without link collectors, the cartridge chutes need to be repositioned to their original, one above the other, position in the radio bay doors. I can also thoroughly recommend the Aerocraft spine correction. Mark
  8. Yesterday
  9. Magnificent job on the Demon Adrian. Doesn't look like a 60's model from here.
  10. Well, it's decision time for my Valom DH.91 Albatros conversion (see work in progress thread. Under surface colour: yellow, Sky or aluminium dope?? Votes, anyone? Cheers, GrahamB P.S. yellow is a horrid colour in model paints and I hate the sparkly and sub orange-peel look in most (all/) acrylic metal paints - I cannot get on with these. But... if needs must.....
  11. Their 1/32nd Skystreak went on sale for $160 USD and for the lucky pre-ordered ones, $128 USD, that's not too bad at all when considering what you're getting. If the Viggen is around $250 USD it'll be a bargain!
  12. Well it’s done: It’s very much a kit of its time, not bad for the early 60s. I’m frustrated by its over-simplification, but also by my own inability to make it much better. I have learned a lot on this one though, so I will be resurrecting the Fairey Long Range Monoplane Build. And so my Shelf of Shame is now clear! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  13. Resin kits are getting better and better, and if the masters are made by 3D printing... it'll fit like a glove. I'll be in for one, without a doubt.
  14. Hi John, I don't think you will be disappointed in the kit. From my own "oooh" and "aweing" with my kit, it looks amazing. Take care, Chris
  15. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who has one of those! I imagine it (them!) collapsing, and a crew of first responders having to come and dig me out after my family realizing I haven't been around for several hours... John
  16. I'll have to ask David: "When TV reception was poor did you send someone up to adjust the TV aerial or did you just adjust the whole ship?"
  17. Next comes what will probably be the hardest part. Joining all the individual halves together. I did have to move the the Shoran Observer window forward and fill the original hole with Milliput The underneath will need a bit of work. Instead of filling the gap in the forward wheel bay I'll just completely re-do the whole lot and clean up the crew access. The rear fuselage will need a lot of trimming before I attach the forward and rear pieces. I was hoping to get more done by now but I pinched a nerve n my back doing yard work and have been getting things done in 30 min. spurts sitting upright followed an hour laying flat on the heating pad. It may be a day or two getting the seams all smoothed out before proceeding further. But that's all for now, as always any comments, suggestions or critiques are always welcome.
  18. The Krystal Kleer was an experiment as I've never liked the purple coloured maskol stuff. I might use it as an alternative to the kit windows (already fitted) if they look bad. The cockpit canopy (to be masked) will be added after painting, ideally with acetate, and strip failing that with Krystal Kleer.
  19. Inkscape is open source, a.k.a., free, and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's a vector drawing program, so probably not as easy as a paint program.
  20. Let's see... what would a Forest Service plane carry in the cabin... May be an Argentinian plane would carry this: A pirate's treasure chest? It will be a brilliant idea to bury it in the forest, those silly buggers looking for it in remote islands and sunken wreaks will be deceived! the fools!: Post office mailboxes so the crew can send letters home? Cellphone reception is bad out there in the wild... Since they sometimes have to fight wildfires, a fire hydrant may come useful: Marine Wildlife! Hum, may be not for a forest, unless it's a kelp forest, but planes will not do well in such environment. Sort of damp down there. And in any case, the current administration is cancelling protection and funding for wildlife care, and to National Parks, and to the environment protection in general. We are doomed! I now: nothing like an Alpine Yodeling-Accompanying Band to cheer us up!
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