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  2. Superb job there Guy. You've turned that old demon into an extremely respectable replica. I like the differential aileron set. I assume the joystick set over to the left of course ........ Terry
  3. Mine should be delivered tomorrow; as a newbie I have few expectations (and not a lot of knowledge about what should or shouldn't be where) so I'll be happy just to get a nice pair of Spits built, I think.
  4. Because if company talk "entirely new product" after which it turns out that the product contains a lot of details from the previous product, the company's statement may not be entirely correct, at least for me. Rivets are fine as for me, but there are more essential moments: And despite the fact that David, who made an excellent conversion, writes about the insignificance of this error, it is, and when compared with the original photo or another model where this error is not, all this will be very clearly visible, that's all. Therefore, it is fair to ask is this bug fixed or not in the new model? B.R. Serge
  5. Tks Steve! I gave myself a day's thought as to whether I should erase the blackboard, I wasn't satisfied enough with this element, it was acceptable but nothing more, and as I don't want to blame myself for not having done the reasonable maximum, I decided to do everything over again as I should have done, it happens to us all, it depends where you place the cursor... That's also the flexibility of 3D printing, it's not good, we rectify, and print again. The railing is lost and the rest of the recovery PE too, but I still have some left, and a bit of paint... And a lot of hours, but this is free... Here's the result, rather encouraging.. I got closer to the floor design in this photo. I designed a ventilation funnel for the forecastle, and a gooseneck. Precise positioning of the tops of the hawsers and gluing. Anchor size reduced by 7%, too big for my taste. That's more like it. You can see the difference in definition between the Anycubic resin and the Elegoo, despite the many hours of use of the printer screen between the two prints and the smaller size . There's no debate..
  6. Alright, we're getting somewhere! I've added all the panel lines (and control surfaces) as well as various detail bits like steps... Total design time is currently around 30 hours. Here's a quick render (first time using renders too!) Still to do; Add exhausts to the fuselage CAD the undercarriage (both floats and wheels) CAD the interior Not too long to go now!
  7. As I think you are aware they are not generally available, BUT there is a rumour about that they may be being rereleased in, I think, November. Graham
  8. Superb work and paint work Jamie, and good to see you overcame the tank issues. I'm not sure if you want me to point this out or wish I wasn't here (!), but it looks like you've fitted the B.6 style starter bullets, which are considerably longer and pointier than the B.2/T.17 type. http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/100_0055.jpg
  9. Hi all, Here's the completed Siemens Schuckert D.III (Serial No. 834 to 8359/17) as flown by Ltn. Joachim von Ziegesar when serving with Jasta 15 during May, 1918. As usual a fully detailed build log, in PDF format, is available to download from my web site (link below), Mike
  10. Just LOVE the b/w photos. And the figures just add to that 'it could be real' feel. Lovely, tidy builds enhanced by some clever photography.
  11. I had planned on photographing this one on a Coastal Kits "Abandoned Airfield" base, but I hadn't realized how long it would take to arrive. It's the first time I've ordered from them, and I now presume they print on demand, which seems entirely reasonable--I should have given my order a bit more lead time. Anyway, it arrived today, so I've edited the original post to add a few more photographs. I'm not sure, but I actually think I prefer the original plain grey background. Maybe that's just me, though. Opinions welcome.
  12. The blue finish used at Latrun on ex-SLA vehicles is too pale and too blue. The SLA colour was darker and more of a blue-gray. This T-54 was not purchased from Russia as stated above. It was provided by Israel as an early Tiran 4. Note the fender jerrycan stowage and rear stowage bin. I was going to convert this vehicle from a Tiran 4 early with interior, but I've just splashed out on this kit instead. I have the Samer Kassis conversion for the turreted APC-55, so I imagine that Miniart will kit that too now.
  13. Mumbly, that looks in a different league altogether from mine. Also got the rothmans NSR 500 to finish off, that was also started around 10 years ago. just got the seat and fairing to paint. my next fresh project hopefully will be a bit more detailed.. only got about 35 bikes to build
  14. The fuselage sides have been joined. The fit was good but still some sanding to do to get it right. The upper part was easy with open surfaces and only a few panel lines to restore. Panel scribing is by the way kind of new world to me. I have done it before but searching around on the subject it seems it has evolved into a science of its own... Anyway, the lines that should be restored now were simple so for this purpose I just created a quick tool out of my x-acto and a blade from a snap-off knife, which did the job this time. Filled some very small gaps with CA and at some place with Mr Surfacer. Wet sanded and polished (the black is from a marker I used for visualizing, instead of priming). The underside is a different deal due to more complicated forms, especially with all the outlets in the aft. A little surprisingly I have had difficulties finding good reference photos of this area, but it could be explained with that the area is hard to access while the aircraft is on the ground. Anyway, here are the two turbocharger outlets. I think both are too thick in their castings, and there is also a difficult joint aft of the first one. Main approach is to carve out the big intake to make it thinner, and the ugly joint can simply be covered with some plastic sheet instead of trying to sand it. The aftermost outlet (which is dry-fitted here) will I try to replace with a new one from brass sheet or aluminium. Also the three "ribs" are kind of a challenge. I played with the thought to open them up by replacing them altogether with metal sheet, but I realized that would be more or less impossible in this scale without turning to photoetch. I will just file them smooth and align them instead. It might be so that a black invasion stripe will cover it anyway... Hence some small work to do during the coming days. After this it's cockpit time again - the area around the wing will need to wait until the wing is being fitted so that it can be adjusted as a whole.
  15. I have to admit that I am not a reader, I can read and write obviously, but have never liked reading fiction, also there are never enough hours in a day as it is and I would never get anything done modelling wise!!! Besides we have to read so much stuff at work anyway, I just want to do something practical or creative after that, although I have not done any modelling for two whole days now, what is happening to me??? Now I have the mancave set up and running, I am thinking what's the rush now, and now that I am not going to do anymore WIPs I feel kind of liberated!!! Chris
  16. Tks! I ordered from BNA, the prices are good, despite the distance. I have ordered other things from them since then and it arrived quickly no worries, they changed their mode of transportation because of COVID, it's good now, but a bit more expensive for Europe.. For you Steve, no problems ! For Bismarck, i used both of them, it's difficult to tell you who is the best. I took the best from the both. BigE Eduard is the most accurate some time. Sorry Steve, i'm not gonna be able to help you much on this one.
  17. Lovely result, and agree with the above, nice subtle preshade.
  18. Haha thx Keefr22 Im busy with work for the next few days but hopefully I can have ago. Much appreciated for posting them for me.
  19. A real cracker! Lovely detail and lovely paint job! I love these tiny 1/144 aircraft and you do a great job of them.
  20. Hi, Besides Woolies, in Bradford, we had Carters - not sure how they started out as they had a lot of sporting equipment etc downstairs, but on the first floor were model railways and upstairs again were kits. Also WH Smith sold a few. As it was a major trip to get into town my youth, it was a blessing when our local Chemist started selling kits. Mostly Airfix, but I remember him having the Eagle (wall) minature ships a well - when first I went in he had their Ajax/Achilles from the River Plate set next to the "new" in those days Airfix Beaufighter TFX. I bought a lot of kits from him up to and including the F4, but then he lost his licence for "mis- prescribing" apparently and his successor stopped selling kits. Our local newsagent also sold some stratnge kits, can't remember the make but one was a so called "Curtiss Navy Racer" biplane that seemed to be around 1/72. Cheers Pete
  21. Oh, I am re-reading Ursula LeGuin's "A Wizard from Earthsea", and seem to have picked up a trick or two I must confess that although I can read LeGuin as entertainment, I like Gandalf/Tolkien better, though, as her work is clearly too derivative, cashing on Tolkien's success.
  22. If it's getting to the point where we're having to pick over tiny cockpit parts that may or may not be there in what is a very tiny cockpit in 1/48, I think we can safely say it's a good kit! Cheers, WV908
  23. Great work on all three, they look great in the photos in both the Black and white and colour especially with the evening and very sunny day piccies to. Absolutely Splendid. Chris
  24. The Chieftain might have an answer about the propeller: John
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