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  2. I’m sure you could say something foniklee.
  3. Never, ever do that! I have spent far too long on this one. I think the canopy and roof fix has made a difference, but not as much as throwing it away and buying the AZ kit would! (or even the Pavla, which has its challenges, as Heather demonstrated earlier in this GB) Regards, Adrian
  4. The gap won't cause any serious issues, maybe a bit of stretched sprue to bridge the worst of it and then some Milliput I think. I intend that to be the last job I do today so it can all harden up overnight. From what I can work out the "Madonna's bra" on my machine should look like this, a conical mesh affair: I have an idea that they could be fabricated from some more superfine tea bag mesh. Could be tricky and I will have a further ponder on that concept. So, I think the truncated cones provided by the kit are meant to represent mesh over the engine intakes. Something like this: Well maybe not like that, maybe something like this: Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea. So I felt that the kit inlets needed some modification. I started by sawing off the mounting rings: I then drilled out the inlets, much as abhor imperial measurements I did this with a 1/8" drill: My thinking was to add some engine bullets to the intakes but first I needed something to mount them on. Another piece of black card would fit the bill after I drew a scale drawing of the part required: That was then cut out with minimal wastage: With a bit more trimming and grinding flat the ends of the exhaust tubes here's how it looked when fitted: I then made and fitted some engine bullets using 1.25mm plastic rod: I decided that would need painting before proceeding much further so I got things masked up for that: I also brush painted some matt black on the card before installing the painted inlet part: While all that was going on I also sorted out the missing and lose windows. The bubble window was the one missing earlier, now restored, the adjacent one also fell out, here mounted up on the tool I made to get them reinstated: All a right paint but at least doable. Next the main rotor drive shaft cover, MM Is right this makes light work of sorting out the upper fuselage seam. It does however have this blade aerial moulded in which does not appear on my machine so has to go: Here it is fitted along with the removed aerial: Next I think I will be filling all the seams and I need to get the canopy sorted - quite a lot of work there actually. Bye for now, Nigel
  5. Another one: Dovecraft ultimate clear acrylic craft glue is great for glueing canopies. You can get if from eBay for under two quid, posted.
  6. What scheme are you going to finish it in?
  7. Sorry the gear broke, but the aircraft jack was a creative solution to the problem.
  8. Generally, I'd agree, but there are some very good local craft breweries in the US. I wouldn't touch any of the mass market beers like Miller or Bud though.
  9. spaddad

    Moving to the UK

    There is no such thing as bad beer, only variable availability, you work with what you've got.
  10. I think I’m calling it a night: i have been using Humbrol 93 as an undercoat because it’s more opaque than yellow and close in colour. The blotches on the wings are to darken the yellow that is over white Milliput, and the dark blotches on the fuselage are repairing where I have been sanding to get the canopy to blend and also to restore the crease just below the roof line, which had got rounded off during sanding. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  11. spaddad

    Moving to the UK

    Depending on how old your Nan is you may find she is referring to attitudes prevalent during W.W.2 when it was said the U.S. forces based in the UK were overpaid, oversexed & over here, naturally antagonising the serving British males & the indigenous male population. I think you'll find that those of a xenophobic bent today have far more nationalities to rail against. There are good Americans & bad Americans & in between Americans, the same as in any nationality & I for one am glad that we have friendly relations with America. If you do come over I'd look forward to maybe meeting you at one of our model shows, of which we have quite a lot which is just as well as airshows are now few & far between, cheers, spad
  12. I built my whole diorama from corrugated cardboard, offcuts and cereal packets, so always a fan of cheap alternatives. I use the luxury £1.99 spray cans from QD sometimes, although there isn’t a lot in them. And P38 car body filler is great for filling and shaping. Always keen to keep the cost down
  13. As things stand in the current catalogue, it's a mix and match of interior and non-interior kits. Not everything will come in both versions. The Grant i is currently the only M3 version that will be available in both forms. the M3 Early and M3 mid production will only be available with interiors. Everything else is currently exterior-only: Grant II, Australian Lee, British Lee, M3A5, Lee Late. That doesn't mean that you can't swap interiors into non-interior kits, but that will get expensive. And the M3A5 and Grant II will have different engine compartments. MininArt seem to have no plans to do the diesel engine compartment.
  14. dogsbody

    Moving to the UK

    We have a saying up here in Canada about drinking American beer but proper decorum and forum rules prevent me from posting it. Chris
  15. Another fine entry that's flying together!
  16. Very nice! I've been pondering buying the Takom Grant, but the MiniArt has just kicked that into touch.
  17. Well that's set the bar pretty high beggsy,a real smasher!
  18. Thanks Kirk for your nice words. I'm also learning something new every time about this brilliant technique, which is why I firstly always make a detailed research before I'm building, which is meanwhile like a drug, in this sense I am a junkie ... And thus all progress takes a little longer ... Regarding your nice desire, the Admin of our German Raumcon Forum already had the same wish long time ago, and maybe many others might think so too.
  19. Ooo sorry I thought you meant them all... nice to see the squadron alive again.
  20. Ok this is the progress. Just to show the Do 335 hasn't taken over this project. This is the black base. It is the Black Mr Surfacer 1500. I think I might have a few issues on the bottow of the Engines that need sorting. The top seems Ok.
  21. Rapid progress Dave and she's looking great.
  22. I was just reeling off the types that served at RAF Waterbeach but yes the F3 too. Marc
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