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  3. Thanks for that, this is good news then. Best I read the full article prior to suggesting otherwise. This will be one hell of a kit then. Cheers.. Dave
  4. You and me both mate haven't enjoyed making a model so much for a long time
  5. Good luck Roger, I'll tag along if I may. Cheers Darryl
  6. Sadly, or possibly happily, I believe that it is absolutely impossible to travel back in time, wormholes or no wormholes and I am pretty sure Steven Hawking was of the same opinion. I don't believe it is actually because of the rule that nothing can exceed the speed of light but, rather, it is to do with the need for the universe to operate on a principle of uncertainty and, if time travel to the past was possible, it would violate that uncertainty and spoil the whole game. Time travel forwards in time is perfectly possible and does not violate the principles of uncertainty because the traveller cannot influence the flow of the world by his actions as his travel is purely relative to his own experience of time and does not affect the rest of the universe.
  7. I'm in the middle of some Airfix nostalgia builds at the moment which after a few weeks checking out what's on E-bay and seeing long forgotten kits got me thinking exactly what molds are still in their hands? all those I/12 figures and 54mm stuff,those wildlife kits or the 1/32 cars etc,I'm looking forward to the aircraft releases in the classics range due out,I noted a couple of the large scale Gt Western which I'd love to see re-released and what about the QE2 and Canberra?
  8. To steal a verse from Loverboy, "♪ Loving every minute of it ♫"
  9. Butterflies taste with their feet and have a suction tube for a mouth. Their eyes are made of 6,000 lenses and can see ultraviolet light. On June 28, 2009, the late Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travelers. The next day, he sent out the invitations. "Copies of it will survive in one form or another for many thousands of years," Hawking later said in the documentary "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking." "Maybe one day, someone living in the future will find the information and use a wormhole time machine to come back to my party, proving that time travel will, one day, be possible," he said. Nobody attended Hawking's party. Perhaps some curious future humans will ride the wormhole to Hawking's interment service, which will be held at Westminster Abbey in London on June 15. According to The Stephen Hawking Foundation, time travelers are cordially invited to that ceremony, too.
  10. a Slazenger tennis racket?
  11. From the latest Workbench: Testing the water Visitors to the Airfix stand at SMW 2019 would have been intrigued to see a spectacular hand built model sharing display space with our new Vulcan, one which has a particularly interesting story behind it. Occupying a prominent position initially near our make and paint tables and on Sunday, on the display stand itself, this magnificent 1/350th scale model of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales was painstakingly built by talented modeller Dave Coventry, who was on hand to make sure nobody took too much of a shine to his latest creation and got a little too close. Attracting plenty of interest over the show weekend, this beautiful model was intended to stimulate discussions on two specific points – should Airfix be looking to re-enter the 1/350th scale ship market and if so, which particular vessels would be most popular with modellers? Attracting plenty of interest over the weekend of the SMW show, this magnificent scratch built 1/350th scale HMS Prince of Wales raises the question, should Airfix return to this scale of ship models? With many people assuming that sight of this model signified a clear intention that Airfix were planning to introduce a new kit of a Queen Elizabeth class carrier in the near future, it became abundantly clear over the weekend that there was plenty of modelling appetite for such a development and it proved quite a challenge to temper expectations. Serving as probably the most effective scale canvassing prop we have ever displayed in a public forum, Dave’s beautiful model started discussions we are desperately keen to hear your views on and we would be grateful if you would let us have your thoughts by dropping us a quick e-mail at our usual workbench@airfix.com address. Would you welcome the return of Airfix to the1/350th scale ship model arena and if so, which vessels would you like to see produced. On a slightly more specific note, would you welcome the addition of a Queen Elizabeth class carrier in this scale? With regard to Dave’s latest masterpiece, this is the second Queen Elizabeth Class carrier model he has produced for us in the past five years, with the previous model having been presented to the Royal Navy and on permanent display aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth itself. This latest model was scratch built by Dave, using all the experience he gained whilst building the previous model and incorporating many parts taken from various Airfix kits – we think you will agree, it looks truly magnificent. After its starring role at Scale Modelworld 2019, the model will be placed on display in the Hornby Visitors Centre in Margate, just one of the many attractions awaiting people looking for an interesting day out. It remains to be seen whether Dave’s efforts will result in an Airfix kit version of his impressive carrier, but we certainly look forward to watching developments with interest. We will certainly bring readers details of how our request for opinions on the subject progresses. Now's your chance, guys, let Airfix know what you want!
  12. Microdisney: The Clock Comes Down the Stairs. 'Are You Happy?', 'Goodbye It's 1987' and 'And' were earworms that kept me company while on patrol during night security guarding shifts in the early '90s.
  13. Ah @NigelC I think you might be meaning the Photon rather than the electron. Photons are massless which is why they can travel at the speed of light and are considered/thought to be, quantum 'packets' of energy that exhibit the characteristics of both particles and waves. (Don't me sound brainy!) As to the other one about there being only one electron that is the entire universe, yup that is one theory I have also come across. The crazy thing about this old universe is that there are many theories which sound absolutely insane but are actually as possible as any other theory and can't be disproved by our current level of knowledge. When it all boils down I don't think we have actually gotten very far from the start of our quest to understand the universe so far and it might be that we never will reach the answer to it all. There may not even be a straight answer and, heck, there might even be a 'Supreme Scientist' looking down into our petrie dish and nudging us around and examining the evolution of life throughout his creation. @JohnT Masterful entry there sir! I wouldn't let the Mrs. see it though!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Thanks again all No problem . It took a lot of trial and error since the callout in the instructions were way off
  16. Workbench does say: We also feature images of the two ordnance options to be included with the first release Seems clear enough.
  17. Good evening Time for an update I reckon Painting mostly completed IMG_20191101_154110576 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr time for weathering and decals IMG_20191114_183705949 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191114_183717510 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191114_200006329 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191120_230321001 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr also added the undercarriage IMG_20191117_193401878 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191114_212741566 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr then onto the fine details IMG_20191122_193620078 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191122_193707323 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191122_203537856 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191122_212920812 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr and started to tart up the engines IMG_20191120_225940482 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191120_225947345 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr so heres where we stand IMG_20191122_223458781 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20191122_223513152 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr comments welcome as always thanks for looking in Tim
  18. Fantastic job on this iconic aircraft congratulations. Cheers Pat
  19. Thanks not quite unique but I work on a basis of close enough When I get a new, larger display case that should fit a pair of V Bombers side by side I might try to make it look like each level is a different part of a fictional museum, mostly consisting of aircraft that no longer exist (with a few that still survive most likely). A museum with glass floors of course. That just gave me the idea for the bottom level to be like an outdoors area... I love going all out on the weathering like I did here so maybe.... Maybe I should... Would give me an excuse to build in that style a lot.
  20. I'll share my Miniart building technique. From the stage you have reached I cut the lip of outside face pieces then glue the off cuts inside the lips of the rear face pieces to increase bonding surface. Once there are dry I file the lips flat then glue the outer and inner faces together. One bonus it makes the walls much prototypically narrower. Here's one of my buildings built using this technique - two of their factories joined together. I have raise the height of the left hand doorway to make it high enough for vehicles to pass through. IMG_0756 by tankienz, on Flickr
  21. You're right, it DOES look impressive, and externally at least it looks accurate. I have the Haynes manual for the Panther, and inside there's a photo of the engine bay and the kit looks exactly like it. I just have the decals and tools, etc. to fit and then it's done ) Can't stop looking at it ! )
  22. Great , make it a diorama like it is in somebody’s backyard cheers, Jan
  23. First coat of Gloss Sea Blue on. No panic, thinned Xtracrylix brushed on always looks like this on the first coat. You can also see the filler to fair in the canopy. I sealed the gap first with Krystal Kleer, painted it with the interior colour before some GSB and eventually some Perfect Platic Putty. Will gently sand an polish it tomorrow.
  24. Yes they're old but still buildable. Ive got a heller kit for the Heller group build. Sadly the decals are moldy so I'm searching for spares either P-36, Mohawk, or Finnish Hawk 75. Im considering buying one of these just for the decals. Id still build it of course but use the extra decals for the heller.
  25. Yes it is a shame about the see through decals. By the time you know about it, it is too late.
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