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  2. Not sure, the photo is from Wikipedia.
  3. That is very nice work Bob. I don't think that you have gone too far with the weathering at all, it is all well within the bounds of the kind of weathering you see on pictures. The landing gear is looking good too, that reinforcing brass rod is a very good idea by Tamiya.
  4. What a cracker Bob, your model is lovely, great work. I have one to do in the stash and will be very pleased if it turns out as good as your one. Chris
  5. A lot of E Type IRS have been used for Cobra replicas in particular, with many improvements for high torque engines. Jaguar's engineers have done a very good job in the 60's... To reach this stage, some surgery have been done! New spokes wheels are here too... Surgery: Of course the bonnet will be improved... New louvres! Dan.
  6. Thanks guys. @exdraken I sprayed the model with Hataka have glass and because it is too light and metallic I oversprayed the model with ak real colors gunship grey.In several 90% diluted coats.The varnish is Mr.color semiglos.And that is it.Oh and the ram panels are painted in light ghost grey oversprayed with the gunship grey method. Regards,Dragan
  7. If you’re trying to make rigid netting at that same thread pitch I would seriously just go with gauze and impregnate/soak it with thin CA to make it rigid. Building one from scratch the way I did is laborious and almost too delicate to use. Perhaps buy a cheap sieve and cut the netting out of that?
  8. What a fantastic result Matt, you really have achieved an excellent model from this very old kit. I think that your brush painting skills are a lot better than you have let on as you have got a good finish, the decals look to have behaved themselves and settled into place quite nicely. Really glad that you enjoyed the build and the GB, thats what its all about. Hopefully you will join in again if we do a part 2 in the future.
  9. Great model, love the colour, it really sets it apart. Those Lebanese have an interesting array of afv's but it's the blueish colour that make them instantly recognizable. Cheers, Ernst
  10. Very nice Adrian, a veritable silk purse
  11. Nice progress Nikolay, good to see her taking her shaping up Ciao
  12. Hi Roger Will be interested to see this progress, I have no knowledge of the type at all do cannot offer any advice unfortunately. Chris
  13. Ha, I wish!!! The closest I've come to operational SR-71's was hearing their sonic booms overhead when I was growing up in Germany in the 80s (and that was indeed quite often). Everything else is research. Cheers, J
  14. Absolutely the best! Does Fernando Pinto know about this? I should think he owes you a free kit by now.....
  15. Thanks for this. I was looking for a way to make 1/48 scale flight deck netting for the diorama base for a Wasp helicopter (see my WIP over in aircraft). I was going to try to find some net curtaining (need ~2mm spacing) but it's all a bit fancy so this could be the solution I need.
  16. All pretty well covered in the previous posts. The Eduard builds up into a beautiful, slightly long in the fuselage and the wings model. I really like the finesse over the Airfix even though I tend to go for shape and dimensional accuracy as first priority. This was one exception. Wonderful kit to build. A bit of pre-planning on the exhausts and it's no issue. I took a little out of the length of the oleo rod and pinned to get the length more correct and adjusted the torque link. A simple change for a much better look. I would post a picture but these builds are back in Australia. Spitfire anyone? I have heaps of these completed builds with me. Ray
  17. Im not entirely sure, having read @PeterB post the kit was probably more a toy than a serious scale model. It sounds like it was initially made before anything was really standardised in respect to the scales we have today. Thanks Greg, i had to double take as when I initially searched for 1/48th kits it came up, then I looked at the images it said 1/40. Looks an intresting build and given its age fairly well engineered.
  18. I think I left some hints here and there, not necessarily and not solely on this thread ... And I guess it'll suit your taste, 'cause it's gonna be a propeller and in 1/48... Ciao
  19. Lovely crisp frames there Heather, great job Looking rather, er, 'jolie laide' as they say in France.
  20. Looking good and well done for completing after the Stuka GB. My own is 90% complete so I need to do likewise and get my Condor Legion version over the line.
  21. Very nice model! Both aircraft and colour scheme evoking memories of my early interest in aircraft at East Midlands in the early 70's. I have this kit and will follow your advice on the internals to assist in getting the fuselage closed up. Need to decide on decals but the Air Anglia decals you've used look superb!
  22. Fantastic. Wouldn't like to be the helmsman when the cannon was in use...the noise! Stuart
  23. Me too. Anything above 22º and I just want to lie around under trees… must be my inner Lion?
  24. Someone at my local model club had mentioned, the boarding on the Windows was protection from the elements as over time the troops rifles had smashed the windows. He also said there was one bus or vehicle kept red by its new owners ( the RFC) as it allowed them to know they were at the right airfield. I've got a few coffee stirrers lying about I was going to board a couple of the Windows up with, I had the same problem with various linkages on the European tram luckily they were underneath. What size brass rod did you use?
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