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  2. trickyrich

    Saab SH-37 Viggen - big update + resin porn!!!

    I’ve done quite a bit on her, threatened to send her to the naughty corner a couple of time, and manage to break off on of the U/c legs on the 3rdattempt! First off some shots of the new bits….. …….., the new exhaust flaps are nicely detailed but you do loose a lot of this detail when fitted (unless you have them all closed)……. …….., the new ejection seat looks a bit better than the kit one and is noticeably thinner than the Maestro one, so it fits!! It did come with that handle for the top, but after cutting it off I’ve managed to loose it! .... ….., and finally the air brakes, these are so much nicer (though actuators are very fragile, broke and lost on already), I’ve drilled out the holes on the lower ones. So time to glue her altogether! The Air brake insides and Thrust Reverses all went in without issues and they were the only things that did! Joining the rear fuselage sections together was a nightmare, fit was very so so and I had to do it in small sections and clamp it. I should have used CA glue to tack it in place. They recommended that you fit/glue the upper wings last after the rear fuselage section is done….I can see this leading to bigger gaps than are already present. All the joins have been filled with stretched sprue so are a bit hard to see. (the photos aren’t in order as a lot were taken much later, I forgot and was too frustrated at the time!) After a day or so of drying the two fuselage sections were joined, again not a simple task. The thickness of the front fuselage is too great and will give you a nasty “step” to tidy up, so it needs sanding back (lots of test fitting), plus the upper spine end needs to be checked, the cutoff mark is not in the right position. Even after some careful test fitting and adjusting I was still left with some rather large gaps……I must have stuffed up something earlier. Lots of stretched sprue used, so now all the photos and what was required… ....even cut to the right length the spine still had a bad join ...the underside was nasty, I must have messed something up earlier, plus you can't see it her but the profile to each side of the fuselage near the wings didn't match up.... ....just plain horrible, air brake insides are nice...... ......getting the tail area right was the hardest part, it just didn't want to fit (very early on dry test fits showed this was going to be a problem area)... .....and the nose, just the models locating method, so poorly done, you can't help but get fit issues, actually the intakes are/were just as bad... ...all together prior to sanding....and before breaking off main gear! The canards were fitted and surprisingly they fitted quite nicely, not much required to finish here. I’ll fit the control surfaces toward the end, there’s a tool supplied to help set the correct angle. The centre pylon and fuselage pylon, not so nice to fit! Needs some tidy up work! The nose gear has been fitted to take some of the strain off the main gear The intakes have been painted a dark metallic colour, now they sort of look like the insides of the ones in the photos, may mist some more shades in there, fan is almost impossible to see. The new seat is almost finished, looks ok in the cockpit, still not sure if I’ll leave the cockpit open of not. Least now she looks like a Viggen, gee way more work that I though would be required to get her to this stage. Still a bit to go before I can think about painting her. …and for the regular bit of resin porn!!! This just arrived on Tuesday, another resin Sea Fury. No wing fold conversion with it this time, just extra decals for another 6 schemes!
  3. AdrianMF

    Pegasus Miles Master Mk I

    Just to show that this thread isn’t all about comparing lumpy plastic to dodgy references, here’s some sticking together. Under the forest of clamps are the outer wing halves, and the fuselage halves are stuck together: The centre section fit looks like it will be rougher than a hedgehog’s bottom. The cockpit will be inserted from below, and hopefully that can get replicated for the Master III. Regards, Adrian
  4. Phone Phixer

    Revell Tornado GR1, 617 Sqn

    Top job. In proper camo colours too.
  5. Putty Animal

    Lets scratchbuild an FE2b...

    Good advice! It's Anzac Day morning here and a public holiday. The balcony and the compressor becons...
  6. Phone Phixer

    MH-60S Knighthawk, 1/35 Academy

    Very nice, I like it.
  7. Peter Roberts

    Spitfires over Holland May 13th 1940

    66 Squadron codes were initially RB, then changed to LZ. Does anyone know when this happened? Google hasn't been kind PR
  8. Thanks Ced, much appreciated.
  9. Phone Phixer

    Airfix Buccaneer S2B, 16 Sqn, RAF

    Definitely a Bucc. Well done for beating it into submission, great work.
  10. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Lockheed Twins in civilian style

    The Connie/Super-Connie are my favorite classic airliners. Will that get a WIP up in aviation?
  11. Phone Phixer

    Hasegawa Jaguar GR1A, 1/72

    Great job. Very nice finish to that Jag.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Mohawk

    LIndberg Ford Fooler

    Well done sir mohawk
  14. Very nice work Steve. She (and the Walrus) are looking pretty special to me
  15. Mohawk

    Bedford QL

    Well done sir mohawk
  16. That's two of us with a hacked or scammed problem. This computer world with getting more dangerous by the day. By the way my Special Hobby Ju 88C-4 has turned up. It is better than I expected as there decals for three different planes. One of them would have fitted the idea I had as it is. Pity SH didn't show all the schemes on their website. Now I have to decide whether to go for the one in the box or the earlier Aims one.
  17. That’s great progress though. The exterior looks nice and crisp now. It will be a great base to work upon.
  18. Luka

    Spitfires over Holland May 13th 1940

    There seems to be quite some variety as to with which size roundels, codes and serials Spitfires ended up during that year with these quickly changing directives. Apparently, there were also fin flashes in several different styles until December 1940. As for N3035; the more I look at the pic, the more I think this would be quite close to how it would have looked on May 13th 1940..
  19. Phil Evans

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    That looks really good, I reckon I'll see about getting one. The interior should have been silver paint rather than bare metal. It was that stupid stuff that would rub off on your boots really easily and then be a sod to get off your boots. Cheers Phil
  20. trickyrich

    The Last Naval Night Fighter - 25/4 update

    ... it's a Radio Altimeter.... I think... ...update time, not an awful lot to see/show but what’s there has taken quite a bit of work! I finally finished off the cockpit……..and forgot to take a photo before fitting the canopy. The canopy was no fun fitting and I ended up resorting the CA cement to got it to stay in one place. Filled the gaps and when dry started to tidy it all up……..only to find after I removed tape from around it that the canopy has filled up with dust inside!!! The outside was perfectly sealed so it there much be a gap somewhere inside the fuselage, unfortunately there’s no way that canopy will come off now!! I could drill a we hole in the side……. Least the canopy profile is right. It isn’t the clearest of canopies, but out of the 4 supplied it was the only usable one, I tried dipping it in Klear, but it went a funny colour and cloudy??? So had to strip it back, just going to have to live with it. I finally managed to finish off the intakes and they’re fitted after some effort. I found when fitted they have the classic Collect-Aire asymmetrical look! C-A does have a really bad habit if getting things out of wack, it’s not too noticeable so I won’t reshape one of the intakes. As it was there was quite a bit of work to get them to flow into the rest of the body. As seen a bit of filler was required, same with the nose section of the canopy. Probably need to do a touch more filling here and there but am getting to the final cleaning up phase, shouldn’t be too much longer until it’s painting time.
  21. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Dassault Aviation Gb @13 on 12th March

    Hello Patrice... Quick question if I may ? Would an Israeli or USN KFIR count ? They were a derivative of the Mirage ? If not i can do a standard mirage 3, F1, or Mirage 2000. Dennis
  22. Oh dear. Where'd those come from?
  23. Super job on that, maybe the most handsome airliner ever to take the skies. IMHO of course. Your build & scheme do no damage to that opinion at all. Steve.
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