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  2. Thanks Cliff. She looks a bit ragged up close but from not too far away not a bad effort. I still consider myself a novice builder but thanks to this site and the people within, I am steadily improving.
  3. Hang on a sec... @Greg B was that your 1/48 Kitty Hawk Fitter on the table that I ogled over?? If so... It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Hope you can tell me about it one day. On a side note, I felt the in-flight MiG-29 was the worthy winner in the 1/72 category on the day.
  4. Fishbed

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    I had this discusion with him over these colours (but for a Grant) you can see his thunking here - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/viewtopic.php?f=110741&t=317933&p=1545891&hilit=starmer#p1545891 with silver grey being the top colour in his view. If it was olive drab it would match the unpainted patch where the serial number is (images in link). Must finish the Grant off .......... Tim
  5. Maybe trying the untested on a blitz build is a gamble I’m now thinking but il give it a go
  6. That's actually three coats of H65 on the undersides - I found the plastic hard to cover. Masking has been applied and three coats of H244 (RLM72) are on the upper surfaces (except for the floats), again hard to get a good solid colour all over. The main canopy painting is actually still in progress with the horizontal frames about to be masked. Masking for the RLM73 splinter camouflage is next. It's funny, this ex-Frog kit needs to get finished quickly now so I have a clear run at the ......Frog Squad Model Kits GB. @JOCKNEY and @Rabbit Leader please take Note!
  7. Fishbed

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    No images on firefox or chrome, sorry. Tim
  8. Yes. The elevator (the movable part) will be your guide for clipping the stabilizer tip.
  9. Thank you Stix, I'm glad you like it Thank you
  10. That Piaggio is an interesting subject. The sprues look great. It has inspired me to ask you if you would consider a 1/72 kit of the Fairey Long Range Monoplane.
  11. Don't you worry Pete ! Here's the only Reason why the earth is safe from alien attack !! Received today on FB can't resist !!! Sorry. CC
  12. Yes! Lanny was always a regular at a lot of airshows with his stall wasn't he? Amazing guy and an amazing career. Kurt and Helena sounded like an interesting people to meet. All those stories we had around us back then!
  13. Hi folk's,good progress so far with this great little kit.The cockpit is very nicely detailed and comes up well with a paint,dry brush,kit and a few spare decal's. Once the cockpit is fitted the rest went together in less than an hour,this would make a great kit for the Blitzbuild's here on BM.
  14. Beautiful model; a challenging scheme very neatly done. And it's 1/72!! Take a bow! Meatbox8: the circular feature is called a Peilgerat and its a flush-mounted antenna for the EZ6 direction finding aid. See here: http://pa0pzd.com/airforce/ez6/ Much neater than a DF loop! SD
  15. You could always keep your hand in with the A-Model 144th kit. Generally I stick to the one true scale but sometimes, with larger aircraft and airliners, I can be tempted in to 144th.
  16. It is the 32 kit, so I should clip them, right? Otherwise the movable part doesn't fit in? I decided I'm going for the late build (less complex camo paint, since I'm new)
  17. Ooops. Sorry. Seem to have inadvertently appropriated your message. Anyway, as I said, some cracking artwork. Tanguy and Laverdeure flew these before being sent to Dijon to convert to the Mirage (in the TV series, at least) so the kit gets my vote. My fave TV show in the 70s. Quite pricey, mind you.
  18. Hi Dave Fleming, I can confirm that the instructions actually show you need to trim the top off the fin to fit the broad chord rudder. This means that the overall rudder/fin options remain the same height.
  19. Yep, Eddie's gone, Lanny's gone. We had a guy locally who was a gunner in a Tiger 1, called Kurt Hilpert. Sadly he's gone too. My school librarian Helena Davey flew with the American civilian equivalent of the ATA. Used to ferry B-24s across the pond with just an F/E.
  20. I went away for a bit to do sleeping, and came back to.... what? I have no idea what happened overnight, but might I suggest you all contact your GP for a medication review? I can reach the photo booth today, so I'll post up a pic in a minute.
  21. The photos seem to indicate that the later fin has the correctly enlarged horn balance (and shorter rudder post) but also looks taller than the early one - is that correct? I thought the horn was enlarged, but the overall height remained the same?
  22. A shame that there are so few of these guys left to talk to now. I'm so glad I got the chance when I did. I don't know if you knew him too, but there was also an ex Fw-190 pilot that lived in Suffolk and visited us a couple of times. Can't remember his name unfortunately, but he was an ex POW that never went back home and settled here. His was an interesting accent too. Apologies to the op. I'm going waaaaaaay off topic! Steve
  23. Very very nice. Great model, fabulous camouflage and painting and exceptional photography. SD
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