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  2. Ed Russell

    G.A.L. Hotspur

    Excellent work - nice to see all that research ending up in a great model.
  3. A great reason to do a build! Your progress is looking great.
  4. Fabulous rescue! I can really empathise with that What? Oh! Noo… feeling as something unforeseen brings disaster on an almost finished work. Per ardua ad astra! Kind regards, Joachim
  5. Thanks Rob... No complaints with the Ammo by MiG paints, Ive been using them for a couple of years. Mostly for my Luftwaffe builds but not exclusively. Though most of this build was done with Tamiya or Gunze.
  6. Beautiful build and finish, as usual. Excellent photography, as usual. But I must admit that I cringe every time I see a photo of somebody holding a newly finished, superior model with bare fingers… Yuck! Kind regards, Joachim
  7. Dave, Great finish, can't go wrong with a sharks teeth grinning at you. Have an old ESCI kit with tons of extras lined up in a future build. Hope that turns out half as great as yours. Happy Modelling Ron VanDerwarker
  8. Beardie

    Fore here, forever

    he's a 'sleekit' character
  9. Great finish and agree with the above. Not enough CBI subject matter. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
  10. Don’t forget the the bunny slippers! Ah! The eccentricities of us Pocher builders, lol
  11. 18 01 2020 Hi all: Just a quick question: I was in local hobby shop and I was browsing through the Airfix selection and, being of a certain advanced age, I couldn't remember which boxings were the new tools released in last few years an which were the older boxings from before Hornby. Is there anywhere where there exists a list of all the Airfix new tool kits? Thanks in advance Liam
  12. What do you do when you've run out of space for paints? Well if you're a modeller, you bust out the cardboard spares and crafting supplies obviously
  13. 18 01 2020 Hey all, I have to say it: Normally I would look to see the positives in the worst but that last episode of Dr. Who in the 'Pleasure Dome' has to be one of the worst they've made using any of the Doctors. It tried really hard to be exciting and logical. And Jodie was excellent but now seems to be limited to running around excitedly, being initially puzzled, then figuring stuff out, more running around and then a message delivered with a sledgehammer. They've got to do better. Give the crew better scripts, better directors and please God!!! better editors please!! Liam
  14. Thanks Wayne. 569 pictures are restored as of tonight. Less than 400 to go. Yawn - Putting my jammies on now..........
  15. Correct James: B. Mk. 2 span 120 feet, K. Mk. 2 span 117 feet, so 18 inches off each tip. Like many aspects of the Victor 2 tanker conversion one driver was to screw as much fatigue life out of the jets as possible so, to that end, the wing tips were cropped to reduce the bending moment on them (many of the “club foot” fittings at the wing roots of B. Mk. 2s had suffered badly, particularly in low-level ops and those that had been subjected to the simulated Blue Steel motor failure “toss bombing” simulation). The alternative, as proposed by Handley Page, of additional wingtip tanks disappeared into history with the company on the grounds of cost and development time as the K. Mk. 1s were rapidly approaching the end of their flying lives.
  16. Day #2 : Last Night I added the rough details to the two figures used old credit card pieces to make a remote for the tug Pilot Mask hose is actually a Guitar String Looks good so far... Now to tackle today.... See ya in a few hours...
  17. I’m really looking forward to the restoration of this thread for all to enjoy again
  18. Today
  19. I spent 2hs today repainting the entire fuselage. It was worth it since the model resembles the real aircraft a bit more. I omitted mottling the tail, since there seems to be no such thing on the real aircraft.
  20. Great results on a classy old kit! I see you're well into Mig acrylics and getting good results. I'm just starting out with them using brushes, but so far I really like them.
  21. That is a thing of beauty! I have an RAF version somewhere in my future...
  22. And it should be awesome! Only one that I get down here is Ottakringer's (spelling, yeh?). Any others you'd suggest? Cheers, Werner. About to be tipsy on IPAs here. Just finished off my second pint - two more pints to go (hic!). I'll save the front compressor face and most of what follows behind it, as it's really useless once the fuselages are glued together. Will just use the kit parts up to the flame holder. Those Amigo Models bits look darn good. Remember that there should be a couple milimetres recess between the engine shrowd and the exhaust ring. The exhaust ring protrudes from the engine shrowd in the kit - dunno how it is with "they're" Amigo Models bits Wish there was a stronger option for the main landing gear tho. Build's looking weekend, Werner, my mate! Yeh, it is... (hold my beer) Unc2
  23. A figure with some real character Simon: that's a face that's definitely lived a life.
  24. I don't know.. some of the hats I've seen some Aussie’s wear in photo’s of the outback would give Texas a run for the $ on hats.
  25. And outsized personalities to match it But Texas gets the prize for hats.
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