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  2. This is going to be one pimped-up Viggen
  3. Ha Ha - I have the exact same kit - that I picked up for a fiver when my LMS closed down a couple of years ago - so go on then - inspire me to pull it out of the cupboard - I DARE YOU Good luck with the build - Steve
  4. LIDL were selling the starter sets for £5.99.may be a few still around.
  5. Wow, four at once, an @Enzo Matrixstyle project Best of luck!
  6. Cockpits done, just going to spray it flat and add gloss instruments once the weathering is dry. Added an Eduard PE set, Ultracast seat, some wire I had laying around for the battery, and some Uschi plywood decals(which you should have a white or yellow undercoat to work properly). Also used some cockpit stencils which was time consuming and does make a difference if you’re looking. Definitely keeps the battery bay busy.
  7. Nice choice John. Is that the Revell plastic?
  8. Okay, Go to the Imperial War Museum website and search for the following photos, "right click and save" CH17401 CH17402 CH17406 CH17407 CH17411 CH17415 - shows right hand side view of fuselage near cockpit, rear side of early camera installation and the HF radio installation - No.II(AC) Sqdn Mustang Mk.I same photo session as timeframe you are interested in. CH17416 FRE14837 - has HF radio installation showing through quarter window FRE14835 - cockpit, camera installation, No.II(AC) Sqdn aircraft for timeframe you are interested in. FRE11499 FRE14880 FRE14909 FRE14840 Those photos are typical for the early Mustangs with No.II(AC) Sqdn from mid to late 1942, especially the early style oblique camera installation with the port quarter window replaced with a sheet metal version with the 'funnel' cut out to accommodate and support the camera lens. One of the photos is a close up of the carburettor intake trunking, you can see from that it is not as 'fat' as that on the A-36 or P-51A. It is not as straight sided as the initial trunking on the AG serialled Mustang Mk.Is, but not as obviously 'swollen' as the A-36 and P-51A trunking - somewhere between the two. The camera and radio installations developed over time, so by about mid 1943 the 'standard' had pretty well been set, with the installation on the Mustang Mk.I being pretty much standardised to the oblique camera with the lens pointing out through a cutout in the port quarter window and the VHF set. That arrangement/installation then largely carried over - well over 90% the same to the oblique installation for the Mustang Mk.IA and then the Mk.II. In the timeframe of the Mustang Mk.IA they started to do some variants and refinements on the oblique camera installation to make it more versatile and also to add the ability for the camera to point out either port or starboard, again carried over from Mk.IA to Mk.II and could be retrofitted to Mk.I - that's geting to late 1943 to early 1944 timeframe.
  9. Think you've already scratch-built more parts than I've ever stuck together on the first day of a GB
  10. I thought those were the engines in the central wing section. The nearest I can think to your arrestor hook problem, is the Sea Vixen: Obviously that doesn't help with the launch.
  11. Hi, My third build this year. A tiny Bucker Bu 133 Jungmeister. This is an advanced trainer and aerobatic machine, used during WWII times also in Croatia. The model is old Heller kit, I had to change tailwheel (to a bigger one), replaced a windscrean to a foil and add some details in engine. In general I followed this scheme however with some my re-interpretation. Machines were said to be delivered in RLM 63 lt. grey (I used Humbrol 64). They had early Croatian markings - the red/white coayt of arms with checkbords. I think that on that photo the wingtips are darker - so yellow. Thene the dark grey (RLM 74 - I used Humbrol 111) snakes were applied And finally, in 1944 new style Croatian markings were painted on the,. Therefore I left yellow wing tips from bottom... This is really a tiny model: More photos: Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  12. Just for you from the rumourmongers thread - Same boxart as their old 1/48 release. Not confusing at all.
  13. Another cool subject Looks to be an interesting selection of schemes on that decal sheet as well.
  14. .here I have rebuilt the tube with cap that is present in the power steering pump ...
  15. I'd forgotten how nice this old kit was and it looks as if you're going all-out to produce a great model
  16. I spent half a day there a few years ago, had the place to myself, my wife spent the time in the cafe and reading beside the beautiful lake, and watching the Canadair water bomber doing practice water pick-ups. A really great museum and you have almost unlimited access to the exhibits, obviously not climbing on them but I was able to get under and behind most of them, Taxis fro Bracciano are reliable but don't try to get one in siesta time.
  17. hi @gingerbob Checkout the gallery we have a completed build already ! cheers Pat
  18. ok guys in the kit have forgotten the oil filter cap, there is no trace even in the assembly instructions. To reproduce it, I started from a pulley ...
  19. If I use the same colour will it not look the same? I agree this black/grey is not black enough.
  20. John you have reminded me of the last time my old office was broken into. They wore gloves etc but it must have been thirsty work as when they were in the office kitchen they helped themselves to some coke drinks from the fridge swigging from the bottles and leaving the empties on the sink drainer................. When I mentioned to the cop that they had helped themselves and not tidied up we both just grinned as he bagged the bottles up. Yes they had previous and yes they had been caught by dna profiling before.
  21. Just realized with a bit of surprise that this Group Build is now LIVE!
  22. Thanks very much Peter My wife had an uncle who flew in bombers out of Wick. I always regret not having the opportunity to ask him about it. i would have loved to have known the aircraft, missions etc. I often go up to Caithness now working on renewable energy projects. cheers Pat
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