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  2. Your guess is as good as mine. You need to find good reference pics of the airframe in question. But if you decide to add the pod, I don't think anyone could say if it's wrong or not. So go for it. Looking forward seeing pics of your build.
  3. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Monogram 1/48 Boeing B-29 Superfortress

    I have been mostly idle of late - I can't really explain why. I've tried a couple of other things but seem reluctant to actually finish anything this year. I've put the undercarriage and exhausts on this, but need to do some chalk pastel weathering: I have another Hellcat partly assembled - I've closed up the fuselage and assembled the wings and tail since: I thought about finishing this, but a large number of stupid fiddly bits convinced me to just leave it on the shelf of doom. In retrospect, choosing the wingfold option was a mistake. I hate models with folded wings so really should have seen this coming! I've been tinkering with this: I started butchering some plastic for another sub-assembly of brass. I managed to stab myself under a fingernail with a chisel doing this, so was not really in the mood to do more! The white plastic insert needed to dry properly too before being smoothed over.
  4. Steve86


    Not one but three welcomes, from the UK, to Britmodeller and back to the hobby. Enjoy your return!
  5. CliffB

    Lockheed Twins in civilian style

    Nice to see civilian subjects in the GB, although you'll obviously have your work cut out with these!
  6. CliffB

    Lockheed 12 Electra Junior.

    Nice choice Paul. If you drop Special Hobby an email via their website, they'll probably send you a replacement canopy FOC (they did for me last year). Excellent customer service!
  7. Good to see CA return. Going to wait for their next project, though.
  8. Stalker6Recon

    1/72 YF-105A Thunderchief Conversion

    You know the laws of modeling, by time you are ready to check the molds, you will stumble upon your lost canopies. At least I hope that is the case anyway. She looks gorgeous, I love how the panels have just enough color difference to add reality, an amazing job throughout. Anyone that only sees the finished product, won't believe how chopped up she was before the painting was done! It is a statement, what seems impossible, is possible! Looks great! Anthony
  9. NigelC

    "Hello, I'm Julian ..."

    Thanks - I'm pleased with how it came out, but blimey don't photos show up dodgy seams more than the naked eye? Thanks for having a vada
  10. Today
  11. Stew Dapple

    Fujimi F1M Pete

    Nice job Mike, I don't think the interplane rigging is too thick I've got this kit in the stash, hope it turns out as nicely as yours Cheers, Stew
  12. Surprised that you haven't disappeared under a pile of sanding dust! Your perseverance is paying off. My Angel is a later casting, separate wings and intakes. Not as many bubbles, but some interesting joins to overcome. Great work.. Looking forward to watching this develop
  13. JeroenS

    Airfix Honda 750

    That "body" colour is really nice, is it some kind of bronze?
  14. trickyrich

    Vietnam - 5 to go

    cool, welcome along
  15. John D.C. Masters

    A Tale of 2 Spitfires: the Bride meets the Son...

    Thank you opus999. I hope to finish them up in the next couple of days.
  16. stevehnz

    Italeri 1:72 T-45 Goshawk

    I've got two Italeri T-45s squirrelled away, one of which at least is destined for a sheet of Draw decals CONA scheme (I like the blue tailed one. ) The other in a service scheme. @Creepy Pete, any chance of a scan of those improvements too. I know there is some work required on the wings leading edges. Steve.
  17. Clashcityrocker

    Tamiya Mercedes 300sl

    Lovely work. Nigel
  18. Quang here is another video of the RF-101 in Vietnam: https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675038914_Phantom-II-aircraft_cockpit_F-4_Air-Force-personnel_entry-ladder check the 1:20 mark and you can see a group that seem to be discussing some antennas on the bottom of the fuselage. Jari
  19. Beazer

    CT-133 Silver Star 133542 1/48 Academy

    Primer applied with some more done on the fuel tanks and miscellaneous pieces.
  20. Harry Callahan

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    A great model, but for my taste a bit to clean
  21. Harry Callahan

    Tamiya Mercedes 300sl

    Excellent work, she is a beauty, so amazing model, well done mate
  22. Kevin Callahan

    Italeri 1:72 T-45 Goshawk

    Personally I'm still waiting for Italeri's promised repop of the T-45 so I can do the two CONA planes that Draw Decals does markings for. But it is taking forever for them to get around d to it.
  23. Gene K

    F-4F Hasegawa 1/72

    Looking forward to how you do the ladder so I can copycat!! Gene K
  24. Ed Russell

    Czech this out.........

    Now you can build one
  25. gary from darwin

    M113 STGB

    certainly count me in please
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