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  2. I also have plans to build Ice Cold Katy but in 72nd scale. I'm particularly interested in the aircraft that flew from Northamptonshire airfields and have visited most of them. Deenethorpe had a Type 10825/42 parachute store and Romney huts. These remain although the land has returned to agricultural use. Corus also use a landing strip here. There is a Link Trainer Hut in temporary brick 4188/42.
  3. How would you rate this kit regarding buildability? Fantastic build by the way.
  4. Taken from the Tangmere Museum's website, it's a former Swiss Air Force FB Mk.50 (J-1542) painted to represent an FB Mk.4 operated by Number 208 Squadron. Hopefully a more knowledgeable head will be able to identify the differences between the two versions.
  5. Heller (or whoever own them these days) have not long released this Lansen kit with a nice new decal sheet. I’d recommend you try to find this latest style box Stu, unless you happen to find an older one for a good price. Cheers.. Dave
  6. What a shame to see this once wonderful aircraft in such a sad state. I know they can't all be kept forever, but still sad. How many F-4J(UK) remain in any sort of reasonably preserved condition? I remember reading a magazine article about the arrival of the F-4J's in the UK and it said that the remains of lizards had been found in access panels, as a result of their time spent stored in the desert. Looking at the pictures of the aircraft being Reworked I should think that quite unlikely, but a good story anyway. Good luck with the Restoration.
  7. Say what you want to me the Victor is still the best looking of all the “V” bombers. ... I still have respect for the others but thats my opinion.
  8. Also with this aircraft I believe it was called "No Orchid" on FT881 and FX 799 but wasn't called "No Orchid" on the first Kittyhawk FX835 but is it Caroline? under the front edge of the cockpit?
  9. This looks real good. ... Seems like the sister plane to my Orao “white 44”.
  10. I think you mist a spot! Sorry! It's been a long day up here in Northern Canada. Chris
  11. A Very Happy Birthday my friend! Here's to many More!:drink:Cheers!

  12. I wonder if I am blocked from viewing because of my UK IP address
  13. Yesterday
  14. If I remember correctly the heller is blank. I will see what detail I can add in but it will be less hack and more precisely cut if I choose to swap them out. I may sound crazy but I want to see how different they are as in the past I’ve used thick foil to create patterns from parts. But, with one failed hurricane on my hands I won’t make it two
  15. Anybody know anything about ailerons? I'm not used to such modern fandangly technology on my builds (rotors are so much easier to deal with!) Let me explain my conundrum. This photo below shows what Classic provide in the kit. Note how on the upper wing half on the right, the flap, air brake and aileron trailing edges are all perfectly aligned Now take a gander at the two ailerons still attached to the parts tree below. Note how they are considerably longer in chord than the bits I just hacked off. (they are also longer in length but that's another issue) That means that when I fit those replacement ailerons to the wing, the trailing edge of the aileron is going to be further back than the trailing edge of the wing. Color me confused Checking available references internet "plans", all the images show essentially a straight line from wing root to wing tank (ignoring the trailing edge fillet of course) As does this piccie from Tangmere Museum's website (let me know if this needs to be removed). I'm not sure what Mk this one is though. However, perfectly straight trailing edge Now take a look at the photo so kindly provided by @JasonC and look closely at that trailing edge. Would you agree that the aileron extends further back than the air brake and flap trailing edges? This is readily apparent in a photo of a Swiss Venom being serviced I found on Wiki (click here for super high resolution version) Well, I guess I've answered my own question - Jason's photo of the 28 Sqn clearly (to me at least) shows the elongated aileron and not the nice neat trailing edge I keep seeing on all the plans and other photo's of Venom FB4's. It also shows that the aileron does not extend out to the outer edge of the wing as per Classics instructions. One problem sorted and now another. Working at Cedspeed I blasted ahead and glued together the two parts that form the front undercarriage leg. Only to find that the nose wheel is wider than the available gap! Significantly The more I look at the nose leg though the more I don't like it. It's sort of the right shape in places, but I think it's missing important aspects of the detail. I'm currently mulling over several options including but not limited to: scratching completely in brass (though I'd need a milling machine to really make it accurate), scavenging part of the kit part and scratching the remainder from brass (possible weak joints), or printing my own part - the easiest option but a last resort as I'd rather craft something if at all possible. Or something else entirely, who knows? So there we have it - no update for an update back when time permits
  16. I had no idea of this kits existence, I shall not only be watching along I shall be trying to track down one for myself
  17. Outstanding Nikola!!!!! I think you made a great choice in subject matter!!!!! P-61`s are way cool!!!!!
  18. I've finished Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" a few days ago. I found it interesting but with an unexpected theme from a rationalist as Clarke (won't go into details to avoid spoilers). However, it should be noted that in the original edition Clarke put a note at the beginning saying that "the author does not agree with the opinions expressed in the book" and in the Foreword of my edition he said even more in disagreement. After finishing that one, I immediately started reading "Das Klimabuch: Alles, was man wissen muss, in 50 Grafiken" by Esther Gonstalla Yes, it's in German but if you master the language it's well worth the reading. I've been slowly reading it and have already learned something new with each graphic. Cheers Jaime
  19. Hya CC. Are you using the Tamia accent panel line stuff as a preshade? It seems to have worked well. I always airbrush my pre shade lines with regular black or darker shades. The panel line stuff I didn’t use for ages but I started to use it on the Torino but only in the final stages as almost a filter type pass. It’s good but if you clean it off with Tamiya thinners is destroys the top coat as I gloss with Tamiya. I found you fan wipe it away with white spirits. Either way she’s looking good Dear CC. good luck with your other shades. Johnny.
  20. The new year got off to a start which saw Paul Wright, (BPAG Chairman), and myself head out to Manston last Monday to discuss moving ZE360 from its current location, to one more suited to her needs when it comes to dismantling her for transport. After productive talks with the RAF Fire School, a location which had been previously proposed, was accepted. Routes between the two locations were discussed and now BPAG have to prepare a movement plan and risk assessment. After this, some physical work began. The tarpaulin had been blown off in the recent stormy weather and so that was refitted and secured. When the time comes to relocate 360 the outer wings will require to be removed. However the pins are in and it’s hydraulic wingfold. This meant getting into the system, under D101 L&R, which you’ll see from the pictures below is heavily corroded. Sadly this meant cutting out an access, a decision not lightly taken but both panels were going to be scraped anyway. Inboard LE flap actuator access panel. Cut Hatch Work was also started on the removal of the speed brake and the closure panel until lack of light brought the day to a close. Speedbrake and bay LH speedbrake after groundlock removed More soon. (Photo`s copyright BPAG)
  21. Much better is P50 (resin) by Ardpol, though this company vanished from market. Here was nice build of Ardpol cheers J-W
  22. I like the progress you are making on this relatively unknown type. I`ve always wished for a modern tooled version of the Fitter in 72nd scale. Until that becomes reality, I`m going to sit back and enjoy watching this one take shape.
  23. Interesting build. I feel inspired to try one myself. Amazing finish
  24. It's not to big, the wingspan is just over 13" and looks quite small next to my 1/48th He 111. gazza l
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