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  2. Well done - great result! I love the finish - really looks the part.
  3. I have got the A Model 1/144 built one in my collection As mentioned for types that size I go 1/144 when poss.
  4. Good afternoon Aaron Thank you for your comment ..but unfortunately no I did not find other photos with D Day stripes .. Patrice
  5. Stunner,what a great example of the old Airfix classic!
  6. That is brilliantly original with an amazing back story and build! BRAVO!
  7. The body has now been painted in the Zero Paints Candy Purple, just need to add the stripes that will be silver, then a final clear coat and it will be finished. Thanks Chris http://www.wardsmodelbuilder.com wardsmodelbuilder@outlook.com Hi Nick, I used Dials varnish and paint remover from B&Q, very simple brings the paint straight off.
  8. This He115 is looking really good. Nice little 'practice build' before the real Frog GB show starts in just over a weeks time. No pressure getting this finished before then, hey Mike? She'll be right! I'm a betting man you'll get there! Cheers.. Dave.
  9. Unexpectedly got a bit of modelling time over the last couple of days so pressed on with the Voodoo. All fairly straightforward, a few bits didn't fit quite as well as they could have but nothing serious. Not far off painting now - need to do a little cleaning up, also need to scratch build a couple of radar warning antennae that were omitted from the nose, then it's masking and painting. Here's how it looks - tailplanes aren't glued on, I'll paint them separately. I'm enjoying this one a lot more than I expected. So much so that I'm neglecting the Hunter (which I'm enjoying slightly less than I expected to be honest). thanks for looking Julian
  10. Superb Spit! Weathering look's fine to me heavy but blend's well without the "patchwork quilt" that can sometime result.I did Zumbach's aircraft last year using this kit and loved building it.
  11. Guilty, thank you for the compliment. The MiG was nice but I preferred others in that category. As I said, the Draken was lovely, I have quite a few in 1:48 to build and its a cracking kit of a cracking aircraft.
  12. Wowsers! That is coming along nicely, really out there with regards to the front. You will have to do a double take to ID the van from up front, really cool!
  13. Looking good! @TEMPESTMK5 Did you manage to track down any more photos with D-Day stipes?
  14. So finished my Bronco A34 Comet. Minus 1x canvas mantlet cover. No dramas at all with the kit. Straight out the box build apart from a metal gun barrel. Painted with Vallejo. Used mig and 501 oils and pigments. Figure is from Alpine. Any comments or constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking.
  15. Once that clock starts at midnight on Friday there is no time for research so make hay while the sun shines as they say. Cockpit colours and layout, which RLM 79 for this version and red or schwarzgrün spinner etc, bit of history of the aircraft and Fw Franz Elles and his wing and ready to get cracking
  16. Not made any progress with the camouflage colours yet. Decided it made more sense to add all of the undercarriage struts and doors as they are all going to end up neutral grey. They are now glued in place and undercoated. And look! It's not a tail sitter Tonight is hopefully the night I get to crack on with neutral grey, then tomorrow before work get the masking done... Aaron
  17. Thanks Steve. Keen eye you have there! I did indeed mix it up The horizontal stab is what the elevator is attached to, and the vertical stab is what the rudder is attached to. Cheers Jimmy
  18. What were you bidding for Mike ( @Ventora3300 )??
  19. Indeed, more progress this morning; the branch track bed is all but fully secure now - just a tiny bit still to do where it runs onto the bridge over the pond: Weather permitting tomorrow, I should be finishing off this section of track bed! Thanks for watching
  20. As promised, here's the first fix of the canopy, which just needs a little glue removing where it's oozed out, and maybe a bit of filling around the front of the windscreen. Otherwise it fits really snugly, which is nice An overall shot of the completed airframe minus wheels of course, which are winging their way to Scotland at the moment I now need to decide on a colour scheme. Do I go with the ones in the box (which I probably should), or should I do that green/white distemper one I liked and adapt it to the Flugel of the Trieb?
  21. I would personally give these a miss as they are not very accurate. The fairings on each sidelook a bit too big, long and not shaped correctly, and positioned a bit too high they also look a bit too long to my eye. The surface looks very rough, the real weapons were very smooth and shiny! If you are using them for a TSR 2 they would be painted overall white at that time period not green which happened in the mid 1970's. Selwyn
  22. I haven't done one of these for ages so what better way to knock one out than in a blitz build.
  23. Dave, that sounds like an excellent local swap meet you have - I wonder if the supply of these old kits (unmade) will ever run out! Not in my lifetime hopefully. The 'face to face negotiations' way of picking up these old kits must be a joy - I'm still fizzing after putting in a bid on ebay for an old kit, for which it appeared I was the only interested bidder, only to have some person appear and outbid with 2 seconds to go (must have been that auto-bidding software that is available). Grrr! Anyway, roll on June 1 for this epic GB - happy modelling to all.
  24. Me too. It's such a pretty scheme for the aeroplane, The aftermarket decal makers are asleep in this one.
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